Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 month Vaccines

So yesterday, May 12, Aden received 5 vaccines!! 2 shots on his right thigh, one shot on his left thigh, one shot on the back of his left arm and a nasty looking sugary drink that protects against rotavirus. I can't even remember the names of all the ones he received! I know there was whooping cough, rotavirus, DTap... thats all I know! I felt so bad because before we went in to get the shots Aden was so smiley and happy and fell into a deep sleep! He even started laughing in his sleep! Aden has been a little fussy but not in need of any tylenol. He slept pretty terribly last night.. 12 to 2, 3:30 to 5. But then he slept 5:30 a.m to 10:15!!! I feel refreshed today! He has been a bit fussy but nothing I can't handle. He weighs a whopping 11 pounds 7 ounces. (50th percentile) and is 21 1/2 in (10th percentile..oh dear, he is a Peterson) Dr. Brown said nothing to worry about, he'll grow a lot in these next coming months. For being only 6 pounds 15 oz at birth, he is pretty much a big fat man. The picture is taken right when we got back from the doctors. He looks so sad and confused :( poor guy!

Aden is asleep in Nana's arms right now! So precious! I wish it wasn't raining outside or I would take him out for a walk! Stupid Ohio weather!!!

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