Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today was honestly pretty lame. Aden USED to sleep from 10 to 6. Then it went to 11 to 5:30. Now it's just bad. He was up at 12, 2, 5, and 9. Yes, I know this is good for most babies but going from 8ish hours of sleep to this is no fun! He slept next to me on the boppy last night.. A step up from the night before when he would only sleep curled in my arm. I'm gonna try cribbin' it tonight. Let's just see how this goes!!

Since it was rainy we pretty much laid in bed until 11. He ate 6 whole ounces (usually its 3 1/2 to 4 1/2) so he was ready to play! He is so entertaining in the mornings and loves to just smile and kick. I have no problem with watching him for an hour! After his feeding at 12 he was super fussy so I laid him in his bassinet and said "ok Aden, play!" Probably not the best mothering tactic but he laid in there for half an hour just kicking and staring out the window. What an intellectual! During these morning outfits he managed to spit up on 2 outfits. I ended up just leaving the second one on. No harm done! 

When Nana got home we took about a 2 mile walk.. okay maybe 1 1/2 mile walk.. to Amber's house to see Hannah! Hannah is SO much tinier than Aden. Makes me miss the days when I could hold him in one arm while feeding him without getting a cramp! This is pitiful but I was pretty exhausted. Maybe I should start eating right again instead of eating like I did when I was pregnant ( I had the appetite of a starving man). 

Oh and in both these pictures he is sleeping. Don't think this is what he does all day, it's just the only time I have a free hand to snap a quick picture. 1st one is his first outfit and 2nd is his second of the day. 

Well, off to give Aden his bath! 

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