Friday, May 15, 2009


Today was such a rough day! Aden was up a lot last night so I got a total of 4 hours of sleep. Thankfully we took a nap together from 10 to 12 which saved me from going insane! He has been wanting to eat every hour but only eats 2 -3 ounces in his 4 ounce bottle! Waste of formula AND no long naps. Frustrating. 

At about 3:30 we went to my old job to visit some friends. We didn't stay so long due to his fussiness and to the fact that his shoes kept falling off. It was HOT out today so he got to wear some shorts! This is totally lame but I'm seeing how long I can go without doing his laundry. Not because I'm dirty or hate doing it (because laundry is my favorite chore, no joke!) but because he has so many gosh dang clothes and i'm just curious. So far it's been since Saturday March 9. We are running low on pants so good thing it was shorts weather out! 

Aden has been fussy 90% of the night. Won't take a pacifier, won't eat hardly anything, won't sleep. A lot of times he does this right before he drops a big load. He has to build it all up and then BLAM! at 2 in the morning I get a huge stinky present. Ahhh motherhood. At one point in the night I laid him on his tummy time mat on his back on my bed and just laid there holding a pacifier in his mouth with one hand and closing my eyes. That worked for about 10 minutes. Aden's dad, Ryan, finally came over today and is downstairs holding him. I can hear Aden fussing so lets just see how long this lasts. 

Well, off to wash bottles again. WORST CHORE EVER. and possibly the most annoying. Then maybe i'll shower! It's funny how showering is a luxury now. It's my most cherished time of the day. Not having to do it with a baby in the room in a swing is even more rare! I'm hoping tonight is better but by the piglet-like squeals I'm hearing, I doubt this will be easy. Oh well. Cherish the moments while they are still on your side.

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