Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is HOT! Even though I would rather be in 105 degree weather than ever be the slightest bit cold, it's a lil' sticky over here. Poor Aden was sweating through his baseball outfit so I chose his jammies to be a light onesie and some socks. I like seeing his chubby thighs hangin' out anyways! 

Last night was incredibly hard. He slept from 11 to 2 and stayed awake until 5:15. I tried just about everything to get him to bed. finally I laid him on his boppy, stuck a pacifier in his mouth, and he went to bed. Of course I had to wait a good 25 minutes before I could move him so he wouldn't wake up in the process. Then of course he awoke at 7 to eat again. The GOOD news is he slept from 10:30 to 12:44. Yes, I slept until 12:44. So shoot me :) 

He just had a plain old fussy day today. Took a couple 15 min naps but that's about it. I had to wash bottles and do all that fun stuff so I just put him in his bouncer and brought it under his favorite light fixture and pointed it out the window. He kept crying for like 5 seconds and then he'd see the light fixture and stop. He did that until I was done with everything. I wish he would just find his darn thumb!

In the afternoon he just would not stop so I turned on Salt-N-Peppa's "Push It" and laid him on my bed and just danced around for 15 minutes. He LOVED it and it was a great work out for me. I'm sure I would look like a complete idiot if someone were taping me but hey, it worked and that is all that matters. 

I have made two new promises to myself. One is that I will stop eating pizza for every meal. We have those frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza's in our freezer and I pretty much eat those all day. My excuse is that it's fast and easy but I know that other things are faster and easier to make. The second is that I will learn to cook actual food. I can cook pasta and simple things like that but I can't cook meat. Seeing as Ryan and I are both big meat eaters (especially steak) I should probably learn to cook some. I have a cook book and I hope that soon I can find the time to practice. Ryan- you're gonna have to help me out with that! 

I really would like to lose another 5 to 10 pounds. I'm nowhere close to being bikini ready and I plan on going to Georgia this summer. Everyone says "Oh don't worry you JUST had a baby" but I know that I could work a lot harder to get this 'overhang' to go away! I DID work out when I was 6 and 7 weeks pp but then it just kind of... died off. Aden started being awake more and more and it was harder to find the time. He also stopped sleeping as well after his 8 wk growth spurt so I've been extra tired. My goal is to go on more walks and just do some crunches. It's not much but it's more than I've done before. Before I was pregnant I never had to work out or anything and I was a 00. I even wore a 14 slim in abercrombie kids pants. I don't hope to be THAT skinny but I'd just like to be... toned. I guess when I was pregnant I shouldn't have lived off of pizza, pasta and popcorn. I did drink a TON of water though and ate lots of veggies. Well, I guess I pretty much ate everything in my path. 

Here is where I am with my weight:
Before Pregnancy: 93 pounds (gross)
2 Days before I delivered: 156 pounds (again, gross.)
6 weeks pp: 115 pounds 
10 weeks pp: 106 pounds

* I guess its not that I need to LOSE more weight. Just the belly now. I can't suck in for the rest of my life!

Anyways- just hung the picture of Aden and I up in the nursery. I really want to get some done with Ryan, Aden, and I to hang in both Ryan and I's room and the nursery. 

Here's some pics of Aden in his cute little Daddy's Rookie outfit and some in his jammies. 

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  1. next time i come back i will gladly take some nice portraits of the fam if you want. :)