Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5/25/09- Happy Memorial Day!

Happy (late) Memorial Day to all! Aden had a really rough night on Sunday night, allowing me to get about 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Probably because he slept all day! Somehow we managed to make it to the Worthington Parade at 10 being fed, changed, awake, and happy. Good times. Aden slept through the drums and cannons but woke up when the sirens started. He loved being outside! I got to talk with Teresa and Kristin.. friends since kindergarten! It's not often I get to do that! 

Uncle Blake and Cousin Brandon left yesterday at about 12. Aden was sad to see them go, he is once again outnumbered. We had a nice cookout yesterday with Daddy, Charla Rae (Aden's godmother), Nana, Papa, and Great Grandma Jeanne! Ryan was such a help and took care of Aden while I did the whole bottle washing stuff. 

I promised Ryan that I would start watching more movies with him ( I hate movies so much) so he brought over Valkyrie. I love learning about WWII so he picked the perfect movie! It was really interesting but pretty much everyone gets executed. I mean, you knew it was coming, seeing as Hitler wasn't assassinated, but still. They were SO close!! 

Great day to spend with family! Plus, Aden looked so darn cute in his little hat! 

**P.S. Jon and Kate Plus 8 made me cry! I feel so bad for their family!

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