Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today was GREAT!!!!! We had "diapey day" today. This is when Aden stays in only a diaper for the majority of the day. Not only does he LOVE it, but he looks so cute too! He was so happy today. At 5:00 he ate 6 ounces, at 7:00 he ate 7 1/2 ounces and at 9:00 he ate 5 ounces. Man, he is so chubby. He also had a pretty big present for me in his diaper so I think he was trying to fill up the empty space in his belly :) 

Since we had such a fantastic day today, we will be doing diapey day at least once a week. At least during the summer.. 

Yesterday I decided to put some J & J lotion on his SUPER dry forehead and he got an allergic reaction! WOW did I feel like a bad mom! I have used it before on his forehead when he was younger and he had no problem! I don't know what happened! Isn't it supposed to be the mildest lotion you can use?! I guess he'll just have to deal with his dry forehead... :( Luckily the rash went away by this morning! 

Today he has a blister or something of the sort on his pinky toe. It doesn't surprise me seeing as he is always kicking and rubbing it against the carpet. I put him in the jumperoo today and it started bleeding!!! Ryan says it's just a "battle wound" but my poor baby! I stuck a band aid on it.. I think I'm supposed to do that? He didn't cry or anything.. I don't think it bothered him.. What a man! 

Father's day was fun for Ry.. Lame for me! He got to go golfing! Lucky Duck! Then we had a cookout with the Bartelt's! 

That's all for now! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oops I did it again...

So it's been 12 days now since I've posted. My bad. Lots has happened in 12 days! And by the way, I actually posted that last entry on the 4th. Not the 5th. Being a stay-at-home mom has taken a toll on my brain. I'll be glad to get back to school! Anyways, in the past 12 days I have:

1. Traveled to and home from Minnesota with little Aden. We went the 6,7,8 and returned the 9th. It was good to see my grandma and aunt and uncle. The trip was kind of a downer though, we visited my grandpa's grave and a lot of other people's graves.. most of whom I didn't know. It was in the 40's and 50's in Minnesota the entire time we were there! What a bummer! I never thought I'd want to go back to Ohio for it's weather!!! The day we went to the cemetery it was cold, windy, and rainy. Aden only had two hoodies! The first night there we all went to chile's.... I had good food! except I threw all of it up in the parking lot. Darn quesadillas! Being sick is NOT an option while traveling with a small child. I felt terrible that whole night but never threw up again. I kind of have a tendency to eat as much as I can in a short period of time... I should stop that probably. We drove past the Mall of America... It doesn't look as big as it used to. Probably because I was 7 last time I went! My dad and I drove around to where he lived when he was little. It was fascinating! I looked at LOTS of old pictures of my grandparents, great grandparents, great GREAT grandparents and of course my dad. He was a little scientist. The way back we had a longer lay over than expected but hey, at least we got home. On the way there the dumb security man said "you know, you're only supposed to have as many bottles as he'll eat on the flight". I had 6 bottles. We had a layover. What would I have done if it was longer than expected?! Jerk! I shoulda told him off! 

2. I introduced Aden to his jumperoo! He LOVES it. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier! He hops and smiles and is amazed by the lights. I also introduced him to his exersaucer. That one is a little big still and he just slumps over like he is tired. He likes the toys though! He has got some strong little legs! Maybe he'll be a runner like his dad! I'm hoping he doesn't take after me and at least has SOME athletic ability. I'm also hoping he'll emerge from the 10th percentile in height. 

3. Took time off for myself and went to a pool party with Ryan! We brought Aden during the day (It was Ryan's best friend Ryan's graduation party. I know. Too many Ryan's) and they even had a little baby pool for him. Aden was more into being social than he was into the pool. We made a last minute decision to leave Aden with Grandma Angie from 7-11 so that I could get a break. Aden has been extra difficult lately and always wanting attention/entertainment. I figured I deserved a break. especially after that trip to Minnesota. I even wore a two piece! No, it wasn't at all flattering but HEY! I'm proud of every mark and curve that my little boy gave me! I'm a mom. Get over it :) It was so nice actually acting my age for the first time in a LONG time. Being social was nice too. 

4. Moved chubbo Aden into size 2 diapers, 6-9 month onesies and 6 month sleepers. Thats twice his age! Onesies run kind of small though! And he is too long for the sleep n' plays. Yes, TOO LONG! WOOOO growth spurt! I haven't moved him into 6 month shorts/pants/outfits yet because he pretty much fits in those. It's getting harder by the day to squeeze that little diapered tooshy into those shorts though. I've decided that there will be no more clothes buying on my part. He doesn't need to wear outfits. He can wear onesies everyday. It IS fun to put him in those micro-mini t-shirts though :) So yes, this is my decision. To only buy the necessities. He will only wear these clothes for a matter of months! 

5. ADEN HAS STARTED TO SLEEP IN HIS CRIB. One night daddy put him in there... I was dead tired because yes, I have been sick... and he slept until 3:00 a.m! He won't sleep the whole night through yet, usually just 9 or 10 to 3. Last night was such an improvement. He slept 9:30 to 12 in his crib and woke up just to eat, not to snuggle. I put him in his crib after he was fed and he slept until 3. THEN he wanted to snuggle. I don't mind at all though. He's my snuggle bug! I'm sure I won't be saying this when he is 7 and wanting to sleep with me so I'm trying to break the habit. He has done this all on his own though! No crying needed! After I get over this being sick business, because YES I'M STILL SICK, I will try harder to keep him in there. I just need the sleep now! 

6.I have started to semi-workoutish. After the whole seeing my body in a two-piece, even though I am proud of my marks and curves, I wouldn't be upset if they just... went away :). I'm only 105 pounds (104 on a good day) but there is still a lot of business that I wish wasn't there (my overhang in the front). Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT WORKOUT. I always try, but after a week I just stop. It's no fun! Plus now, who has time to go to the gym/put in a tape and do pilates or yoga or cardio party. Aden has been super fussy and he seems to love to watch people move around. So I turn on my music (Usually salt n peppa "Push It" or possibly "I like to move it" and even "It's Tearin up my Heart" by N'Sync) and just dance. This goes on for as long as 45 minutes. I don't just dance, I tear up the dance floor! I have to close the blinds though so the neighbors don't watch... they might be jealous ;) I want to have Ryan record me doing this because I am 104% sure that I look like a complete idiot. But hey, it makes Aden happy, and it makes me (hopefully) skinny!!! So yes, I like to move it move it. Someday you too will dance like an idiot to please your children. Just watch.

7. Aden started sucking his thumb. I see braces in the future.

This has been my life the past 12 days. This is so long I promise I will remember to post more frequently! Have a good night!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I should probably make more creative titles for my blog but hey... I forget dates really easily and this way I can keep track! 

Aden was a little monster all day. He slept until 6:00 a.m. From 6 he usually sleeps until 9 and then takes a nap until 12. Then is up for the rest of the day. Nice right? Well. Not today. I'm not sure what exactly was in that brain of his but wow. It was awful. He woke up at 6 and ate. He fell back asleep until 7:40. He decided to eat again. At both feedings he ate 3 1/2 ounces.. waste of a 5 ounce bottle I tell ya! From 8 until 12 he screamed bloody murder. He did not want to eat. He did not want to be put down. He did not want to walk around. I even called my mom at work! The one day Ryan wasn't here this week just HAD to be the worst! He ate again at 12.. this time an entire 5 ounces.. and then screamed until 2:30. Finally he (and I) fell asleep staring at the fan. I slept until 3 but he slept until about 3:45. Poor exhausted little guy. 

Lizzie and Emily Bartelt came over around 3:30 or so! Lizzie is in from New York and made Aden the cutest wittle hat, booties, bib, blanket, and burpcloth! I'm not even kidding. She KNITTED them. I wish I was somewhat creative like that. I only have a picture of him in the hat now but I will post other pics asap.... you know... When I download all the zoo pictures from last week :) 

Tonight Angie, and her friend Cathy Spicer came over! It was nice because I got time to pack for our trip to Minnesota on Saturday! We are only going from June 6th and coming back on June 9th but I basically packed his life :) His little clothes, diapers, and ready-made bottles (Just easier for a short period of travel but HELLA expensive! 6 8-ounce bottles for 10 dollars? Rip off) are taking up 90% of my suitcase. You never know how much he will spit up that day!

Tomorrow is the cookout at the Bartelts! Woop woop! Is it sad that i'm already excited over the food? All I eat is string cheese and carrots. Sometimes I get pasta... I get excited about these things. 

Also, is it a bit OCD that I am worrying about Aden not being able to take a bath for 4 days while in Minnesota? He is a really messy eater and gets formula crusted in really weird places. Not to mention his little fat rolls get so sweaty! Maybe I will take my bathing suit bottoms and take a bath with him. There we go! Problem solved. 

In minnesota I will be sure to take many pictures of the damn cats (they are really big brats) and the collages of bows all over the house. Grandma is way into that kind of thing. I wonder how much QVC we'll watch when we're there. Grandma doesn't go anywhere but church. Poop. I was hoping for the Mall of America :( We used to go there when we were kids. It's so awesome! I got my ears pierced there:) It was a total impulse decision. 

I'll try to post tomorrow. You are lucky I did it today! I'm about dead! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Whoopsies!! I haven't updated for awhile! It was a busy weekend and I'm still being lazy and recovering. Let's begin shall we?

On Saturday 5/30 Ryan finally graduated from high school! Aden and I got to go the the graduation which was lucky. (At Watterson they only provide you with 4 tickets per student so getting more people than that in is a long shot). It was really a miracle that Aden and I were both up, fed, dressed, and out the door by 8:30. That kid is a mind reader I think. He always wakes up at the perfect time! He was so good during the ceremony. I had to take him out to feed him but luckily I just missed all the boring stuff... You know, the parts where the principal say "soar like an eagle" 500 times in 4 minutes. Right after that we went to Ryan's house for his graduation party. It was fun seeing everyone there! We even got to see baby Charlie who was 4 days old! He is so little! It's hard to believe Aden used to be that tiny! 

We haven't done anything important for the other days... nothing I can remember at least. Today Amanda came to MY HOUSE to do my hair and teach me how to do it. How lucky is that?!? Now I'm a platinum blonde ready to party! ...If party means get spit up and drool in my hair. OH Aden has begun to teethe a bit I believe. He's had really rough days lately and is chewing on his pacifier and teething rings. He has 3 white bumps on the bottoms of his gums. Where does the time go!? First teeth, then college! Oh no!

Aden, Nana, Papa, and I are heading up to Minnesota to visit my Grandma, My Uncle and Aunt, and My grandpa's grave. He passed away when I was pregnant with Aden so I wasn't able to get up to the funeral. We are going on July 6 and coming back the 9th. It's not a long trip but I still have to pack Aden and I's entire life. You never know what you'll need!!! I'm hoping this whole crying ALL day will pause for the days we are on the airplane. I'm sure the people on the flight will love to have a teething baby aboard. 

Aden also went from 6 p.m to 6 a.m without eating last night. I was a little concerned but my mom said it was ok. Good old Nana!! He woke up and ate 7 ounces. I mean, that's gotta count for something right? 

That's all folks!!!