Thursday, June 4, 2009


I should probably make more creative titles for my blog but hey... I forget dates really easily and this way I can keep track! 

Aden was a little monster all day. He slept until 6:00 a.m. From 6 he usually sleeps until 9 and then takes a nap until 12. Then is up for the rest of the day. Nice right? Well. Not today. I'm not sure what exactly was in that brain of his but wow. It was awful. He woke up at 6 and ate. He fell back asleep until 7:40. He decided to eat again. At both feedings he ate 3 1/2 ounces.. waste of a 5 ounce bottle I tell ya! From 8 until 12 he screamed bloody murder. He did not want to eat. He did not want to be put down. He did not want to walk around. I even called my mom at work! The one day Ryan wasn't here this week just HAD to be the worst! He ate again at 12.. this time an entire 5 ounces.. and then screamed until 2:30. Finally he (and I) fell asleep staring at the fan. I slept until 3 but he slept until about 3:45. Poor exhausted little guy. 

Lizzie and Emily Bartelt came over around 3:30 or so! Lizzie is in from New York and made Aden the cutest wittle hat, booties, bib, blanket, and burpcloth! I'm not even kidding. She KNITTED them. I wish I was somewhat creative like that. I only have a picture of him in the hat now but I will post other pics asap.... you know... When I download all the zoo pictures from last week :) 

Tonight Angie, and her friend Cathy Spicer came over! It was nice because I got time to pack for our trip to Minnesota on Saturday! We are only going from June 6th and coming back on June 9th but I basically packed his life :) His little clothes, diapers, and ready-made bottles (Just easier for a short period of travel but HELLA expensive! 6 8-ounce bottles for 10 dollars? Rip off) are taking up 90% of my suitcase. You never know how much he will spit up that day!

Tomorrow is the cookout at the Bartelts! Woop woop! Is it sad that i'm already excited over the food? All I eat is string cheese and carrots. Sometimes I get pasta... I get excited about these things. 

Also, is it a bit OCD that I am worrying about Aden not being able to take a bath for 4 days while in Minnesota? He is a really messy eater and gets formula crusted in really weird places. Not to mention his little fat rolls get so sweaty! Maybe I will take my bathing suit bottoms and take a bath with him. There we go! Problem solved. 

In minnesota I will be sure to take many pictures of the damn cats (they are really big brats) and the collages of bows all over the house. Grandma is way into that kind of thing. I wonder how much QVC we'll watch when we're there. Grandma doesn't go anywhere but church. Poop. I was hoping for the Mall of America :( We used to go there when we were kids. It's so awesome! I got my ears pierced there:) It was a total impulse decision. 

I'll try to post tomorrow. You are lucky I did it today! I'm about dead! 

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