Saturday, July 11, 2009


Aden is officially 4 months old as of July 7th! What an old man!! 

July 4th- Aden's first! We went to Grandpa Fred and Grandma Jamie's for a cookout and to watch fireworks. Aden had been up ALL day and wouldn't go to sleep and just got fussier and fussier as the night went on. We left at 9:45. No fireworks for us :( Next year will be better though! (Hopefully)

July 6th- Aden had been SCREAMING before taking his bottle. It would take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to soothe him before he would eat. And yes, he WAS hungry. I took him into the doctor to just check things out. It wasn't our normal doctor because he was out for the week due to his wife having a brand new baby! Anyways, this doctor told me he is eating too much (6-8 ounces every 3 hours) and I should only give him 6, if that, every 3-4 hours. Um, NO. First of all, you cannot overfeed a baby. Second of all, it's not like he is obese. Third of all, look at his parents. We aren't the biggest people ever. Fourth of all, SHE can come over and try to only feed him that much and see how that works out. I will feed my child when he is hungry. Enough said. Aden weighed 14 pounds 5 ounces. His real 4 month check up (which was delayed a week) is on Monday. We'll figure out percentiles then! Turned out Aden had a sore throat. We gave him tylenol a couple times and now he's back to his old self!

July 7th- Aden is 4 months old! Pippa, Adriana, Aden, and I all went to the pool! Aden got in a little bit but it was freezing! We just sat under the shade for a couple hours and then left. So exciting :)

July 9th- My mom babysat Aden while Ryan and I went to Shadowbox with Fred and Jamie! It was so fun and I had a delicious pepperoni sub!

July 10th- Ryan and I went to see Bruno! It wasn't as funny as Borat and pretty vulgar in a lot of parts but it still made me laugh out loud A LOT! Ryan got me a HUGE bucket of popcorn... on accident. What kind of movie theater only has one size of popcorn? 

July 11th- Ryan left early this morning to go to Tennessee with his bff Ryan. (I know, Ryan and Ryan hahaha) So for another week (all last week he worked 9-5 and was sick on top of that) I'm doing the mom gig by myself! I will be so happy for him to come back. On top of that, Aden has been the fussiest little monster lately. He just refuses to take naps! What up with that! 


  1. Karmyn stopped taking naps at around 4 months too. It lasted for about two weeks of having to deal with a fussy baby but, this week she's gotten back on schedule.

  2. ellyn aden is adorible! and i heard bruno was pretty bad in the sence of language!