Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new month

September is here! In 6 short days my little boy will be 6 months old! Say whaaaaat?! I think this year skipped a couple months because I have no recollection of April, most days of May, June, or the beginning of July. Either I have mommy amnesia or I was cheated by 2009! Though I loved being a mommy to a brand new baby, there are many pros of being a mommy to a 6 month old too!
1. They can stay awake for more than 20 minutes at a time. I swear, no one tells you that for the first 6 weeks your baby does NOTHING. I would even try to wake Aden up sometimes. It did not work. 

2. Solids! Aden loves baby food. AND it smells a lot better than nasty formula. The only thing Aden really dislikes is bananas. He obviously didn't get his dads love of bananas! He likes peas more than them. How is that even real?

3. Toys. Instead of just laying there staring at you vigorously shaking a rattle in a desperate attempt to get a smile, they interact! Aden loves to play with rattles, teething toys, and anything hard to bonk himself in the face with. It's also a great distraction if you want to empty the diaper genie and not get stale diapers on yourself.

4. Smiling and Laughing. Aden just thinks everything is funny now. It makes me feel good about myself to know that I can make him laugh so often. I must be a laugh riot!! 

5. Sleeping through the night (STTN). No longer am I up every 3 hours walking up and down stairs getting bottles. Aden has STTN for awhile but the past week he has gone through sleep regression, which APPARENTLY is pretty common around 6 months old. No one tells you that either. 

6. Personalities. Aden has developed his own little personality. He is an active little guy who just wants food. I believe he got the active part from ryan and the food part from me. Hmmm, I guess his personality isn't that complex yet, but it is getting there. 

But there are some cons to my little guy growing up as well.

-1. Personalities. This is a pro AND a con. He is quite feisty and always wants to be entertained. I only have 2 hands and one brain! 

-2. Teething. Chewing, drooling, spitting up, fussy, ahhhh the joy of teething. And it's only the beginning :)

-3. Moving. Aden is attempting to bring his knees up to his belly to attempt to crawl. Luckily, his attempts have failed. Hopefully they will fail for a bit longer. He can roll though! He can roll into doors, he can roll off changing tables, he can roll off pretty much anything. The only time he CAN'T roll is at night in his crib. He rolls on his belly, gets stuck, and then cries for someone to flip him back. Smart kid.

-4. Being Clingy. He ALWAYS wants his mommy. As cute as he is, it gets hard during the day. At least I've developed some serious guns for lugging around a 17 pounder. Which brings me to the next negative...

-5. Weight. You heard me right folks. 17 pounds. And not getting any lighter. The clothes just aren't as cute and adorable as they were when he was a 7 pounder. But still, they are just as addicting to buy. It does not add up. And diapers sure aren't as cute either. I get pretty sick of seeing that damn dancing Elmo on my son's toosh everyday. At least when he was in size N, 1, and 2's I got to see some variety of the sesame street characters. Come on Pampers, step it up.

-6. Poop. The force put into pooping by a newborn, not so much. The force put into poop by a 6 month old, LOTS. It's always when people are over too. "Ellyn, is he okay?"..."Yeah he's fine, just his poop making noise".  There have also been numerous accounts of him passing gas in his crib and him laughing about it. Boys are so gross.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. I guess they better seeing as I have no say in the matter. I will for sure be having a 6 month "photo shoot" on Sept 7. He is getting his vaccines on Friday, lets all hope that I survive these. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Teething Woes

Why has the time come so early? My little boy is only 5 1/2 months!! Of course he starts teething right when my mom and sister go back to work! The past 5 mornings have been HORRID! It ends with me rocking Aden to sleep sitting up (laying down hurts more when teething) and me slowly creeping over to put him in his crib, where he sleeps for a max of 20 minutes. We have been using the Cry It Out method regularly (he is at the age where we know if he is hungry, lonely, tired, or just bein a fuss pot). He actually even takes a pacifier now. He "chews" on it to make his teeth feel better.. I'm pretty sure he has figured out that chewing on your thumb is not the best feeling. 

We are stocked up on Orajel, Orajel Overnight, Tylenol, and Teething toys but we have only used the teething toys. I just don't feel comfortable loading my little guy up on medicine everyday. I know that this too shall pass, medicine or not. Plus this is only the beginning. I want to save it for the BIG stuff :) The teething toys seem to work very well. We have a dragonfly with wings that he loves to chew on, cold or not. We don't really freeze the other toys because they about freeze his little hands off!

So yes, my perfect little napper has now become a fiesty little monster! I can usually get him to take a long nap of 1 hour and then a couple 20 minute ones. He goes to sleep a little later (usually 8) and wakes up a little earlier (6:30). When before he would sleep until 9, now he sleeps until 8. And that is after an hour of yelling and talking to himself in his crib. 
Lucky for me, it is the weekend. Ryan has been very very helpful. 

Today we went on a family outing! This is rare due to his working 9-5 (getting home at 6) and mowing and errands and such on weekends. We went to Dick's sporting goods, Red Lobster, and TJ Maxx (his favorite store). His goal was to not spend any money since he had gift certificates to all those places, but due to the $30 meal he purchased at Red Lobster... that goal went out the window :)

Aden is interested in all food but his own! He reached into the butter sauce today while out to eat---a true peterson at heart. He has been eating less than usual, which is of course a first time mothers' worry. I am thinking of calling the doctor tomorrow. Which means laundry day would be bumped back to tuesday, Which means grocery day would be bumped to Wednesday. I don't think I can wait that long for laundry so maybe I'll call Tuesday if this persists. I just want to make sure that it IS teething and not an ear infection. Worry worry worry. 

On Saturday I went to my Vet Tech meeting! They accept 65 people to the day program and 25 (150 apply) to the evening program. I obviously can only enter the evening program. Last year I applied  and my first try, i was 8 on the waitlist. I asked the lady if there was anything I could improve upon and she said that it was just because she had people who had been trying since 2005 to get in. Last year they had 40 people drop out. This year, 5. All is well though because I will be getting some general classes out of the way so I can have an even lighter workload. It will also give me time to volunteer at the zoo and humane societies! I will be applying again next March, let's hope for the best! 

Well I must be going now. I can at least use the last couple hours of my Sunday to relax!!! Maybe not... Aden is still fussing in his crib. Dang those teeth!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays, Pools, and Pictures!

This week has been so busy! Wednesday, Aden's 'friend' Adam, who is 7 months old, came over along with his mom Sarah! It was great to visit with her and see how much Adam has grown! That night, we went to Fred and Jamie's house to celebrate Fred and Ryan's birthday. Jamie always gets this angel food cake smothered in cool-whip icing for when I come over! I LOVE it!!! On Thursday, Aden and I went to Pippa's to visit with her and Adriana (5 months). Adriana and Aden were so cute together and are really starting to notice one another. It's so funny to see how different boys and girls are! On Friday we had Ryan's old babysitter, her son, their old neighbor, Angie, and Kaitlyn over. It was nice to meet them and watch them play Wizards- a game that I do not understand at all! Saturday at 4 we had Angie, Fred, and Jamie's family pictures. They were nice enough to include Aden and I, like we are really part of the family! The pics turned out great! Sunday we went down to Lancaster to see the Kilbarger side (Angie's side) and we celebrated Ryan's birthday. And of course, Monday was laundry day, bake Ryan a double layer cake day, and cleaning day!

Aden has been doing great on his baby food so far! He is on peas this week and oddly enough, he loves them! I think this big boy just likes food! He is also a really clean eater! He 'wipes his mouth' with his bib a lot. It's a complete fluke but it keeps him clean so I love it!  We switched it up to oatmeal and pears instead of oatmeal and prunes. Both help with digestion but prunes didn't seem to be doing enough. I might start giving him straight prunes, not mixed with oatmeal, or maybe some diluted apple/prune juice. We are going to start using a sippy cup in the next few weeks! 

Aden also has been changing up his schedule! For awhile, he'd take 3 long (1-3 hour) naps. Now, conveniently right when I get sick, he is only taking 2, sometimes just 1, long naps. He'll take a couple 10-20 minute ones but let me tell you, entertaining an active baby all day is not so easy! Thank goodness for the jumperoo! He will stay in there anywhere from 15-45 minutes! He also is starting to really like his exersaucer but hasn't caught on the fact that he can't jump in there, though he tries very hard. What is nice about having an active baby is that he tires himself out so much that he has to be in bed between 7 and 8. We do the whole solids, bottle, bath, book, bed. The other night he woke up at 3:30 and was just kicking around in his bed. I didn't dare go in to check on him because I knew he'd want to play! I listened on his monitor and he kicked the button to turn on his "movie" 3 times! After the third time he fell asleep on his own and slept until 7. I was so proud!  

Aden also takes a bath in the big tub now. Being 17 pounds and all, he didn't quite fit in his tiny blue tub and used it as a horizontal jumperoo. Bathing him in the big tub is REALLY hard. HE squiggles his little toosh around and flops his arms and kicks his legs. The hardest part is getting under those little neck rolls. It is so worth it though because after the bath, I get to carry him like a baby into his room. That is THE only time he allows me to do that, and it is my favorite! 

Ryan has been working 9-5 Monday through Friday. It gets lonely around here and will get even MORE lonely when my mom and sister go to work (My mom starts tomorrow, my sister starts Monday) This weekend Ryan and I are planning to have at least one day together! His friends are all leaving to go to college so i'm sure he'll want to spend some time with them!

It makes me sad that this summer is coming to an end and even sadder to know that my once 6 pound 15 ounce little baby is now a 17 pound 5 1/2 month old baby. I love that he is learning new things everyday but I miss when he was so so little.

Oh dear, I must cut this short, I can hear his feet banging on the sides of the crib....

So long summer....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Time flies.. 8/3/09

Where has the time gone? I remember last year when I was barely pregnant. Fast forward to this year and I have an almost 5 month old who is eating veggies and playing with toys!!

Yes ladies and gentleman that's right, Aden has begun the solid food adventure. Around 4 months we tried cereal and he obviously wasn't ready. We started oatmeal at 4.5 months and he took it, but didn't love it. Just these past 2 weeks he has been introduced to both carrots and sweet potatoes (we are doing orange veggies first). More on this later...

My nephew, Chris, came July 13 and just LOVED his baby cousin. He always asked to hold him and talk to him and play with him. And let me tell you, entertaining a 12 year old and a 4 month old is hard work. Lots of boggle, scrabble, and root beer floats. Energetic child. 

On July 26, Aden, Ryan, and I made our way down to Blairsville, GA. The trip down was not bad at all! We left at noon and arrived at 8 p.m. Aden slept horribly the entire time there, due to loud doors and oh yeah, the noise of 17 people and 2 dogs. He was so tired that the first time I gave him carrots, he fell asleep sitting on Aunt Lizzie's lap. Poor kid! We had a wonderful time and I went white water rafting! Thats right, Mrs. Boring went white water rafting. That water was 54 degrees. And it was cloudy and raining. I can be tough too :) Ryan got to go golfing twice! We split up the responsibilities really well and we each got some relaxation time. I even got some color! Ryan made his first set of bottles and also washed them too, since there is no dishwasher there. The family was great and always helped when he was crying. They took care of Aden for a little so Ryan and I could go out for a little boat ride. It was cut a bit short due to some lightning. We left Georgia on July 31 at 9 a.m. The trip back was just awful. Hearing a screaming baby for 8 1/2 hours (the trip back was 30 minutes longer due to "rubberneckers" as Ryan calls them, who like to look at accidents on the other side of the road and create traffic) is not my cup of tea. I was carsick, hungry, hot, and had possibly the worst headache I have ever had. There was some crying on my end too. But hey, we survived! 

Since being back, Aden has been sleeping for hours at a time during the day. He has also developed a new feeding schedule. In the mornings he eats oatmeal and prunes (for his digestive system) and in the evening he eats carrots (well, now sweet potatoes) He actually moves towards the veggies and smiles and eats 1/2 the container! He would eat more but I limit him a little. Along with the oatmeal&prunes he eats 5-6 ounces of formula and along with the veggies he eats 6-7 ounces. Every mother chooses to introduce solids in a different way and at different times. Some babies are ready at 4 months while others are ready at 6 months and some mothers even choose to wait until after a year. This is what I have chosen:

                                  We started at almost 5 months on orange veggies. We did carrots for 6 days. Now, we are on sweet potatoes. We will be on sweet potatoes for the rest of the week. Next week, we will start with green veggies.. peas one week, green beans one week, and avocado another. After green veggies we will start fruit! We chose to do fruit after veggies because many pediatricians suggest that if you start fruit before veggies, many babies will reject the vegetables because they are not as sweet and do not taste as good. We are using gerber organic (who really knows how "organic" it is) 1st baby food. Gerber has different stages (1,2,3). the first stage is for babies who are able to sit with support. Second is babies who can sit up and I believe third is for babies who can pull themselves up. I'm not sure about the third stage so don't quote me on that. We will end up starting fruit around 5.5 months. 

**This is just MY plan on solids, I do not speak for any mother but myself. **

My nephew just left today, back to Arizona. He starts school August 10! So early! Speaking of school, in Georgia I got online and registered for my classes! I will be taking Organic and Biochemistry, Dosages and Calculations, and Advanced Medical Terminology. I am taking the Hybrid version of Organic&Bio Chem which means I will do most of my work online and go to an actual class one day a week. My class is on Saturday 4pm-750pm. My Math class is actually at the Dublin center and is only on Tuesdays 6 pm to 750 pm. My Adv. Med Terminology class will be completely online. This schedule works out great for me because I can still stay home with Aden. I am thinking about going back to work at the cleaners one or two days a week, but we'll see how that goes. Jobs are scarce lately!

Ryan is camping for the day and will be going to Orientation for college tomorrow! THEN his birthday is coming up on the 15th. What do you even get a 19 yr old dad? Ideas?