Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays, Pools, and Pictures!

This week has been so busy! Wednesday, Aden's 'friend' Adam, who is 7 months old, came over along with his mom Sarah! It was great to visit with her and see how much Adam has grown! That night, we went to Fred and Jamie's house to celebrate Fred and Ryan's birthday. Jamie always gets this angel food cake smothered in cool-whip icing for when I come over! I LOVE it!!! On Thursday, Aden and I went to Pippa's to visit with her and Adriana (5 months). Adriana and Aden were so cute together and are really starting to notice one another. It's so funny to see how different boys and girls are! On Friday we had Ryan's old babysitter, her son, their old neighbor, Angie, and Kaitlyn over. It was nice to meet them and watch them play Wizards- a game that I do not understand at all! Saturday at 4 we had Angie, Fred, and Jamie's family pictures. They were nice enough to include Aden and I, like we are really part of the family! The pics turned out great! Sunday we went down to Lancaster to see the Kilbarger side (Angie's side) and we celebrated Ryan's birthday. And of course, Monday was laundry day, bake Ryan a double layer cake day, and cleaning day!

Aden has been doing great on his baby food so far! He is on peas this week and oddly enough, he loves them! I think this big boy just likes food! He is also a really clean eater! He 'wipes his mouth' with his bib a lot. It's a complete fluke but it keeps him clean so I love it!  We switched it up to oatmeal and pears instead of oatmeal and prunes. Both help with digestion but prunes didn't seem to be doing enough. I might start giving him straight prunes, not mixed with oatmeal, or maybe some diluted apple/prune juice. We are going to start using a sippy cup in the next few weeks! 

Aden also has been changing up his schedule! For awhile, he'd take 3 long (1-3 hour) naps. Now, conveniently right when I get sick, he is only taking 2, sometimes just 1, long naps. He'll take a couple 10-20 minute ones but let me tell you, entertaining an active baby all day is not so easy! Thank goodness for the jumperoo! He will stay in there anywhere from 15-45 minutes! He also is starting to really like his exersaucer but hasn't caught on the fact that he can't jump in there, though he tries very hard. What is nice about having an active baby is that he tires himself out so much that he has to be in bed between 7 and 8. We do the whole solids, bottle, bath, book, bed. The other night he woke up at 3:30 and was just kicking around in his bed. I didn't dare go in to check on him because I knew he'd want to play! I listened on his monitor and he kicked the button to turn on his "movie" 3 times! After the third time he fell asleep on his own and slept until 7. I was so proud!  

Aden also takes a bath in the big tub now. Being 17 pounds and all, he didn't quite fit in his tiny blue tub and used it as a horizontal jumperoo. Bathing him in the big tub is REALLY hard. HE squiggles his little toosh around and flops his arms and kicks his legs. The hardest part is getting under those little neck rolls. It is so worth it though because after the bath, I get to carry him like a baby into his room. That is THE only time he allows me to do that, and it is my favorite! 

Ryan has been working 9-5 Monday through Friday. It gets lonely around here and will get even MORE lonely when my mom and sister go to work (My mom starts tomorrow, my sister starts Monday) This weekend Ryan and I are planning to have at least one day together! His friends are all leaving to go to college so i'm sure he'll want to spend some time with them!

It makes me sad that this summer is coming to an end and even sadder to know that my once 6 pound 15 ounce little baby is now a 17 pound 5 1/2 month old baby. I love that he is learning new things everyday but I miss when he was so so little.

Oh dear, I must cut this short, I can hear his feet banging on the sides of the crib....

So long summer....

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  1. I don't have the video skype, but maybe we can chat someday when we are both home on a week day. I used to hate when I was living at home and everyone would go back to work! (Somedays you want to be alone, but sometimes you need someone to hang out with!)