Sunday, August 23, 2009

Teething Woes

Why has the time come so early? My little boy is only 5 1/2 months!! Of course he starts teething right when my mom and sister go back to work! The past 5 mornings have been HORRID! It ends with me rocking Aden to sleep sitting up (laying down hurts more when teething) and me slowly creeping over to put him in his crib, where he sleeps for a max of 20 minutes. We have been using the Cry It Out method regularly (he is at the age where we know if he is hungry, lonely, tired, or just bein a fuss pot). He actually even takes a pacifier now. He "chews" on it to make his teeth feel better.. I'm pretty sure he has figured out that chewing on your thumb is not the best feeling. 

We are stocked up on Orajel, Orajel Overnight, Tylenol, and Teething toys but we have only used the teething toys. I just don't feel comfortable loading my little guy up on medicine everyday. I know that this too shall pass, medicine or not. Plus this is only the beginning. I want to save it for the BIG stuff :) The teething toys seem to work very well. We have a dragonfly with wings that he loves to chew on, cold or not. We don't really freeze the other toys because they about freeze his little hands off!

So yes, my perfect little napper has now become a fiesty little monster! I can usually get him to take a long nap of 1 hour and then a couple 20 minute ones. He goes to sleep a little later (usually 8) and wakes up a little earlier (6:30). When before he would sleep until 9, now he sleeps until 8. And that is after an hour of yelling and talking to himself in his crib. 
Lucky for me, it is the weekend. Ryan has been very very helpful. 

Today we went on a family outing! This is rare due to his working 9-5 (getting home at 6) and mowing and errands and such on weekends. We went to Dick's sporting goods, Red Lobster, and TJ Maxx (his favorite store). His goal was to not spend any money since he had gift certificates to all those places, but due to the $30 meal he purchased at Red Lobster... that goal went out the window :)

Aden is interested in all food but his own! He reached into the butter sauce today while out to eat---a true peterson at heart. He has been eating less than usual, which is of course a first time mothers' worry. I am thinking of calling the doctor tomorrow. Which means laundry day would be bumped back to tuesday, Which means grocery day would be bumped to Wednesday. I don't think I can wait that long for laundry so maybe I'll call Tuesday if this persists. I just want to make sure that it IS teething and not an ear infection. Worry worry worry. 

On Saturday I went to my Vet Tech meeting! They accept 65 people to the day program and 25 (150 apply) to the evening program. I obviously can only enter the evening program. Last year I applied  and my first try, i was 8 on the waitlist. I asked the lady if there was anything I could improve upon and she said that it was just because she had people who had been trying since 2005 to get in. Last year they had 40 people drop out. This year, 5. All is well though because I will be getting some general classes out of the way so I can have an even lighter workload. It will also give me time to volunteer at the zoo and humane societies! I will be applying again next March, let's hope for the best! 

Well I must be going now. I can at least use the last couple hours of my Sunday to relax!!! Maybe not... Aden is still fussing in his crib. Dang those teeth!

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