Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aden Has Tooth Number 1!

That's right! My little boy has his very first tooth! There isn't much to see right now, just a little white bump. It is a sharp little guy though! When I took him to the doctors a couple weeks ago they tried to tell me he wasn't teething. HA! Mothers Intuition: 1. Doctor: 0. I swear it wasn't there this morning! He has been terribly fussy all this week. Actually pretty much all this month. I put some orajel on his tooth and was darn proud doing it! I pulled teething rings, mesh bags, cold compresses, spoons, and rupert out for him to chew on. His favorite was the cold washcloth. mmmm cold washcloth. Aden isn't really all that into fruit (weird huh?) so the mesh teether with frozen peach inside of it didn't go over too well.

I'm starting to branch out a little bit and give him different things. We started on stage 2 foods! He has only had the Apple Blackberry, which he liked at first but not so much anymore, and Mango. He hates mango. I also gave him some Gerber Puffs. They are kind of like cheerios except they dissolve quicker in your mouth, making them a good beginner food. They are banana flavored, which he also hates, but he did manage to swallow a whole one. He was not too keen on the aftertaste though. There was definitely some gagging. 

He is trying so hard to crawl but being 18.5 pounds (yes, I weighed him again and he gained almost a pound and a half. I'm pretty sure I'll be returning his winter wardrobe for the next size up) he just cant get those chubby legs to go! He is also saying new sounds! His favorite is "ba". Today he was in the jumper "talking" and saying "bababab ga baba gaga AHHHH" No idea what he was trying to tell me. He is also really in to clapping. Or should I say WATCHING people clap. I have a feeling that he will not have a quiet childhood. 

Ryan and I will both be starting school next wednesday. Scary stuff. I have class Tuesday nights and Saturdays and the rest is online. Not too bad except one of them is Organic and Biochemistry. Ryan will work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and go to school Tuesday, Thursday, and online. I am also trying to volunteer at the Franklin County Dog shelter at least once a week. I went last week for my first time and loved it! I even get to watch a surgery! AND I'm trying to scrapbook. Being a good mom and doing all this at once will for sure be a challenge but I know I can do it!!!!!

Off to bed for now!

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