Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember When...

Is it just me or are is EVERYONE pregnant?! Seeing everyone pregnant reminds me of 6 short months ago when I was still growing my little bean. If I could do it again (Okay, I'm sure I could but not in the next 5 years please) I would actually get dressed and wear make-up and attempt to look good. The first trimester I was just too exhausted to do anything and the Third trimester I had gained 60 pounds.... Spandex and sweatshirts were my life. When I go to my OB I always look at how adorable all the pregnant women look and think to myself "WHOA! They actually got ready for the day!" If I had known that getting ready after the baby came was a 3 hour process, I would have done it a lot more. I wish I would have shown my belly bump off more. It was winter so that was kind of hard to do, but hey, why not show it if you got it! It's funny because all I wanted was for my belly to grow and grow and then after the baby I'm just wanting it to bounce back to normal. Not happening. Showing off your baby bump? Adorable. Showing off your post pregnancy flab? Not so adorable. It probably doesn't help that my wardrobe fits a 12 year old girl....

I would read books to my belly during the day. LONG childrens books. I should have read more because little did I know that Aden wouldn't be able to sit through only 5 pages. It was so much easier to take care of Aden when he was in my belly. The best part was I KNEW he was protected. I didn't need to worry about what type of formula to give him, when to give him solid food, SIDS, swine flu (yes, I am an anal First time mom). I miss that. prepping for the baby :)

Of course, I am only focusing on the good parts of pregnancy. I guess I forgot to mention the acne,  being congested for 9 months, feet and ankle swelling, lips getting thicker, nose getting wider, itchy belly, being kicked all night, being tired all the time, waking up to go to the bathroom 5 and 6 times a night, stretch marks, leaking, and being so nervous and anxious you don't know what to do with yourself. BUT besides all that, I miss pregnancy. 

That being said, I think I like being a mom more! Especially when it's to the cutest little guy ever.        

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