Monday, September 28, 2009

Worst. Morning. Ever.

Aden woke up at 6 this morning, an hour earlier than normal. He then went back to bed and slept until 8:45. Nice, right? WRONG! Whenever he sleeps in it's always a terrible day. His nap schedule gets all screwed up which then screws up his eating schedule and makes him a very very very grumpy Gus. I get up, make him breakfast (oatmeal and pears) and let my 50 pound golden retriever mix, Ted, outside. He has been hunting this darn mole or gopher or whatever it is outside for about a week now. The thing keeps tunneling below him. To try and catch him he has been digging up the entire yard... including the part with rocks.  

Anyways, I guess I kinda... forgot about him in the yard. I was trying to feed Aden! Usually he is out for 5-10 minutes then comes back in. WELL an HOUR AND A HALF later (10:30) I hear Ted barking  to come in. I let him in and TRY to wipe off his feet but the dirt was caked on an inch thick! Aden is crying upstairs in his crib because he is overtired so I take Ted up into the bathroom to give him a bath. I tried just rinsing his paws off (I had forgotten the shampoo downstairs) and I THOUGHT that everything was clean. So when he jumped out I though "okay, no biggie he is fine". WRONG. So very wrong. Luckily the bathroom door was closed. Mud was EVERYWHERE. On the floors, on the walls, all over the rugs, on the cabinets and of course all over the bathtub. I lock him in the bathroom to go downstairs to get dog shampoo. By this time Aden is just furious and screaming for attention. I have to pull the exersaucer out of his room, bring it to the hallway in front of the bathroom, and set him in it. All with one, VERY dirty, hand. 

I finally get Teddy all nice and clean when I hear Aden's grunting noise. Great. I wait for him to finish and then take him in to change him. Huge poo. Huge. Luckily not too messy. On to the bathroom. I stick Aden in his exersaucer again and fill the sink with pinesol. I remove all the rugs that are covered in mud, water, and Frank (the  6 pound yorkie)'s pee. Apparently during the process he got scared and just needed to pee somewhere. I then get on my hands and knees and just scrub until the bathroom is sparkling clean. By now it's 11:45 and Aden still has not taken his nap. I decide to attempt to rock him to sleep. It works!!! 

I load the washer with the soaking wet, muddy towels and rugs and then eat my lunch of pizza rolls, pickles, and cucumbers.

Now that I look back, it could have been a lot worse.. so I guess I'm....lucky??

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