Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween, Batmitzvah's, and more teeth

Well let's face it, I have failed miserably in the month of October. This is only my second post the entire month! Maybe I'll post one tomorrow too- but probably not :). So where to begin?! Aden Joseph is finally sitting up. He has his occasional tips, like the one yesterday where I just wasn't fast enough to catch him... I had a pillow behind him but of course, he decided to fall forward. The bump was ALMOST gone until he hit his head with the baby monitor that he was playing with. *safe toy to play with, I know, but I was unaware of the fact he was holding the monitor.

Speaking of inappropriate toys, Aden plays with the weirdest things and I have no idea how he gets them. One day he was in his exersaucer and there was a sock of his on the floor.. completely out of reach, or so I thought. I left the room to grab something and came back and the sock was in his mouth. What the heck! I have also found him stuffing his face with Ryan's socks and my underwear. Both clean thank goodness. I was appalled.

Something exciting happened today! I got formula on sale for $19.97 instead of $22.49! How awesome is that?! I stocked up on 3 containers, even though we had 3 left at home. He'll be on this stuff for another 4 months. 6 containers will last... hmm, maybe 3 weeks? Most likely less than that. I also got Pampers on sale for $18.97! We made the big switch to Cruisers (even though he is not cruising. Unless you count rolling) instead of Pampers Baby dry. The baby dry worked until I bought a case of them and noticed the outside had changed. Well I guess that isn't all that had changed because Aden would wake up in the morning with his PJ's just soaked. Poops were messy, Diapers were soggy, it just was not a fun period of time. I used as many as I could but I just had to stop. Cruisers are doing much better. Powder is a must though because it does NOT "wick away" like the swaddlers do. Good old swaddlers. I miss those soft guys.

On to the excitement! Aden went to his first Bat Mitzvah! He had the CUTEST little outfit on, complete with dark gray corduroy pants, a long-sleeve white button down oxford shirt, and a red, light gray, dark gray, and white striped sweater vest. Sadly, I forgot the camera. Aunt Lizzie had hers so maybe we can get some from her! Aden was great. He lasted from 10-3 and was happy the whole time. We knew it was time to go when he started fussing. We knew it would just get worse. And it did. Of course, right when we got home Aden was all happy and cheerful and wanting to play. What a faker.

HALLOWEEN! WOO! Aden's very first trick-or-treat was on Thursday (why was it on thursday and not on saturday like normal places do?!) He was dressed as an Astronaut with A. Kiger printed above one of the badges. It was such a nice night. Ryan and I just walked around the neighborhood. We decided to opt out of the candy. Next year we'll get candy and sneak some from Aden. Apparently baby didn't think it was that fun because on the walk back, he fell asleep.

I believe babies should come with warning labels. Who would have thought teeth come in 2-3-4 at a time?! I was NOT aware. As of now, Aden has two bottom teeth in, 1 top tooth almost coming through, another bottom tooth a little behind the top one, and another top tooth behind that. I think within a month they all would have poked through. At least Aden has been a happy camper about it! No longer do I have my fuss-all-the-time baby. He is so happy almost ALL of the time. He loves to sit and play with me or the dog. I don't even know what we do all day. He doesn't really take naps.. hmm maybe I should pay more attention. It's been nice out lately so we have been on lots of walks. We went to the pumpkin patch, the park, and played in the leaves. All would have been much better if there weren't so many darn bees.

How terrible is it that I am already "christmas browsing"? Because I think not very. I am mostly browsing for Aden. Not that he'll even care what he gets or doesn't get, just so that I have toys to entertain myself with.... I can only learn so many songs on the baby einstein piano. It only has 5 keys!

My sister is coming! My sister is coming! Erika is coming home Nov 9!!!! Whoopie! Man I need human interaction. We do quite a bit of online chatting about Cafe world though.

School is kicking my butt! I'm on schedule and everything but with a medical terminology midterm coming up... I'm a little nervous. I scheduled my Winter quarter too! I am taking Radiology, Cultural Diversity online (it's required....), and Human Anatomy both online and in class. My in class lectures are 8:00a.m- 12:50 pm on, wait for it....... SUNDAY morning. ahhhh life. And yes, mom. I am aware that I will need to learn the bones in the human body. Thank you.

If I think of something exciting, I'll post tomorrow

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