Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleep Regression and bath time fears...

Aden is now 7 months old!! He eats 3 solid meals a day and about to 45 ounces of formula (it's decreasing slowly now) and eats stage 2 foods. He has been so happy lately but the past few nights have been hard!

Since Tuesday night, Aden has decided that he is deathly afraid of bath time. He is fine until I set him in the water. He screams like I have never heard him scream before. Last night I got into the tub with him which didn't seem to help at all. What DID help was turning him towards me and away from the faucet. I noticed he seemed to be staring at it. We didn't have a bath tonight but next time I plan to try covering up the faucet with a washcloth and seeing if that helps. It makes me so sad to hear him screaming like that and not know the cause. I can't just STOP giving him a bath though! He is a boy. and stinky! 

The past 3/4 nights he has been waking up at 4:00 a.m. I know he isn't hungry, he only will eat 1/4 of the bottle given to him. He is learning that mommy will come get him when he cries...what a smart boy! Anyways, last night he woke up AGAIN and I let him fuss it out. He was back asleep in 7 minutes. He woke up at 6:00 a.m for a bottle and then went back to sleep until 9 A.M!!!!! He hasn't done that in a good long while! It was a nice Sunday treat for both Ryan and I!

School is still going well. I found out on my first day of chemistry (4 hour lab on saturdays) that we only have class 6 times during the quarter! And guess what?! We are done with the first three!!! Now I don't have to do another lab until Nov 7th!! In all honesty though, It is kind of a nice break, even when I do miss all the football games. And chemistry labs are way more interesting than taking notes. Medical Terminology is getting more complicated but I think I have it under control for now. Just a lot of memorization! Calculations and Dosages... well... here's an example of one of our questions: Convert 1/4 into a decimal. 
No I'm not joking. It's a nice "refresher" course though and is only once a week. No complaining there! 

On Friday, Ryan and I decided to go to the Watterson (where we went to school) vs Desales game. We hadn't gone to a game yet and this one is a big one! Aden stayed home since it was so cold and rainy! It was probably a good thing that he did because my car got towed. Yes, that is $140 down the drain :( 

We'll just end on that note.

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