Thursday, February 25, 2010

A-Man's New 'Do

Well let's face it, Aden had a pretty horrible haircut for awhile. The first haircut was good! The second... well, it looked a little like a bowl cut... BUT props to his dad for attempting! It was too short to "fix" it so we had to wait it out. On February 23 I decided to take Aden to Cookie Cutters, a place just for kids... Aden LOVED it. Well, as much as a baby can love a haircut. They had tons and tons of DVD's to choose from so of course we picked The Backyardigans. I even had her gel his hair up in a faux hawk! He got a certificate and a balloon, which he absolutely loved. He looked so cool in his pink floyd shirt, faux hawk, and nikebook shoes!

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