Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vent of the day.

Have you ever been out somewhere and you KNOW that everyone is talking about you? For the past year and 9 months, It seems like I have been at the top of everyone's gossip list. I know what is being said, and it's pitiful. Yep, I'm a young mom. Yep, i'm 19 and have a 1 year old son. Yep, i'm still living with my parents. Yep, I'm going to school and YEP, I'm single. And guess what? It could happen to you too. But it didn't.

Think before you judge.


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  2. Well, this may seem funny and random since I dont know you very well and only really know you through Michael, but I always read your blog because I am fascinated how you could be such a wonderful mother and a student at the same time. I can barely get the student thing down all the way. So props to you Ellyn, I could never do it and neither could any of those people judging you :) Aden is lucky to have such a wonderful mother!