Thursday, May 27, 2010

90 degrees & a 14.5 month old

Aden's new thing is he ALWAYS wants to be outside. When I go to let the dogs out, he will literally go and stand and sob by the door. When we go inside and he isn't ready, he will sit down, shake is head no, and cry.Therefore, we have been spending most of our days outside. Today it hit 90. It was hot. We were outside for about 10 minutes when I just had to come in, it was too sweaty. Well of course Aden started screaming. I then had the brilliant idea to get the baby pool out! I never thought i'd HAVE to do that in May, but whatever. I got our suits on (I actually
just put a little swimmer diaper on Aden. We weren't trying to impress anyone with cute suits) filled up the pool, got a towel and some toys, and we headed out.

Too bad for me Aden didn't much care about the pool. He'd get in every so often to cool off and splash me but he was way more interested in walking down the burning hot sidewalk and climbing in his cozy coupe. I, however, was looooooving the baby pool. Baby Pool = awesome excuse to have a baby.

At about 2:15, Aden decided he was done and was ready for a nap. I took him in and he fell asleep in about 5 minutes. I made some lemonade, got my physiology notebook, and headed back out to the baby pool. Yeah, that's right. I sat in the baby pool for an hour with my lemonade, studying physiology. I looked like an idiot. But hey, I got some tan lines and it was SO relaxing. This will definitely be happening more this summer. Possibly tomorrow (high of 87 or something ridiculous)
Also, you know what else isn't a fun game? Pulling all the clothes out of every reachable drawer. I do laundry enough as it is, folding and putting away shouldn't need to be done 5 times a day every day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


... is Aden's new word for kitty. probably the cutest/most embarrassing thing ever. He can also say "baby", "mama" (only when he is mad though), "dada", "doggie", "bye bye" and he can shake his head "no". I actually really enjoy the fact that he can shake his head no -I know i'll HATE it when he actually says no- but if I offer him something, he just shakes his head to let me know that isn't what he wants. It gets thing solved a lot quicker.

He also has mastered turning around and standing up in his HIGHCHAIR. Yeah, we are stopping that. He now must be buckled in 100% of the time. Too bad, so sad.

Aden is absolutely obsessed with being outside. He will look out the door or w
indow and throw a fit, he will cry when you take him inside... it's crazy. Don't get me wrong, I love being outside, especially with him, but I have things that need to get done inside (Cleaning, laundry, making food) and plus- it is HOT. Today the high was something ridiculous... I think around 90 degrees? I don't want my poor little ginger to get burnt! We've already pulled out the SPF 50 on numerous occasions.

Monday is memorial day! I am really going to try to get my homework d
one early so that I can go to the memorial day parade with Aden (we went last year, he was asleep for everything but the fire trucks at the end. It was just him and I but it was still a memory for me). And then after, I'd love to take him to the Worthington Pool. He absolutely loves the water so I'm hoping the pool will be a go. It is gonna be crazy sitting in the mom area by the baby pool. You totally know that i'm going to be laughing at the middle schoolers on the grass thinking that they are so awesome and big and bad. I got de-pantsed there. Top of the hill. Bathing suit down to knees. 8th grade. Wow. Bad memories.

ANYWAYS. That is my plan for memorial day. We'll see how it works out. Lately, nap time has been from 9- 11 am (What a blessing). So we might only be able to do one of the two, seeing as he doesn't sleep anywhere but in his crib and in his car seat occasionally.

Oh. P.S... here is that I-get-dressed-and-do-my-make-up-and-hair-sometimes-thing
Monday May 24

Tuesday May 25

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My idea of a Saturday night

7pm- Aden Joseph comes back home!
7:15- Aden, Mommy, and Nana go for a walk around the block with Aden ridin' dirty in his cozy coupe
7:30-8:15- Aden and Mommy play in Aden's room and exchange numerous hugs and kisses
8:15- Mommy gets Aden all cleaned up and puts Aden's pajamas on. So fresh and so clean!
8:20- Aden poops (seriously. he only does it with me. EVERY single time)
8:30- After a diaper change, a bottle, and "Love you Forever" with Aden repeating "baby" and pointing to the cover about 100 times, it is Aden's bedtime. Mommy puts away all of the books and toys right where they belong
8:35-9:00- Aden makes various banging noises and screeches getting his leftover energy out
9:02- Mommy hears Aden's giggle one more time before he turns on his crib movie, sticks his thumb in his mouth, and falls asleep.
9:00-11:18- Mommy works on physiology completing the notes for the week before, a quiz, and starting a weekly assignment.
11:20- Mommy takes a nice long bubble bath and unwinds before the hectic day tomorrow

Helloooooooo weekend.

Hi, I'm Ellyn and I'm addicted to my camera

So, as we all know... I have a LOT of pictures of Aden. I mean A LOT. I'm sure people get SO fed up with seeing pictures of him pop up on their facebook newsfeed (if so.. too bad. delete me) and are thinking "why in the world does she take thousands of pictures of her son?"

Answer: Sooner or later, Aden will grow up and figure out that I had him realllllly young. I never want him to think that he was the m-word and I want him to see how much he was wanted and how much he was loved. Now that I'm older, I LOVE looking at pictures of when I was growing up and remembering the times when I was little so I figure someday he will love it too. And embarrassing him in front of his friends by bringing out the baby pictures will always be fun.

Basically, I never want to NOT remember something when he was little. I don't want to grow up and think "I wish I took more pictures". Therefore, I will continue to take thousands upon thousands of pictures of my little red-headed AJ and you will all either continue to love them or continue to be annoyed.
Speaking of pictures, I am doing great at wearing real clothes. Remember how from December 08 through November 2009 I pretty much stopped caring? Totally stepping up my game here people. To prove that- there will be at least a weekly post of just me on photobooth, rockin it out. Kind of like a 365, only not exactly because a) I cannot go 365 straight days taking pictures of myself and b) just, no.

SO here is me today, Saturday May 22 at 5:30 pm.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mama got a brain

Looks like my 6 hour study sessions on Monday and Wednesday and my 4 hours of sleep a night has paid off so far! I took a huge physiology exam yesterday and I got an A! Unbelievable!!! They tell you to expect at least a grade lower in physiology than you got in anatomy. I guess I just understand physio better! Everyone know their blood type? give me some a and b antigen solutions and a blood sample and i'll tell you in 4 minutes. Because yeah, i'm that bad ass.

Also we have had two big essays in my essay & research class. I'm pretty good at english- writing is something I obviously like to do- but this class is completely online and requires a lot of time for its 5 assignments a week (at least). The first essay I got a 94% on... that was the essay about Colonial Hills. This essay was actually an annotated bibliography and the average grade of the class was 30 out of 100 (oh. my. god.) I got a 90. Because I didn't put them in alphabetical order (oops). But still, it's an A. Only one more essay to go and I'm done for the quarter!!

We are in week 8 right now and there are 10 weeks of the quarter. And THEN guess what?! Summer! I can't decide whether to take one online class (humanities) it's my last basic class I have to take and i'll either take it now or at the very end of my program. Luckily, I have taken every general and basic class that is required in my program (hooray for going to school pregnant) so I have eliminated an entire quarter and a half, and the most classes I will ever have to take-if I so choose- is 3 a quarter.

Anyways, moral of the story is- go to school. Seriously, if you don't have a kid- or even if you do- GO to school. You can pick anything you want! I can't even imagine how cool it is to just study whenever you want! I feel like if I didn't have a kid, I would totally be beastin school right now.

AND yes, I still kind of have a life. Not a typical "go-out-6-days-a-week" college life, but a steady balance between AJ, school, and friends. I have every friday night "off" and saturday until 7. It doesn't always mean I do something though. Sometimes I seriously need to relax. I don't care if everyone else is going out- i'm freaking tired.

So.... GO TO SCHOOL. If Pippa and I can do it, and do it well, then i'm pretty sure most people can.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The WALKING post

I guess I haven't made one yet! That's right, about 2 weeks ago Aden started walking. He now walks like a pro and prefers it over crawling. He was so used to being in his walker that he tip-toed for the first few days. Killer work out. Try it. He also tried to go WAY too fast, and still tries to. There is a lot of falling going on.
It's the cutest thing ever when he comes up to me and gives me a huge hug randomly. It becomes awkward when he starts going to town on my leg. I always tell people it's just him "exploring his body". That should work for another 5 years or so right?

It is kind of nice having him walking. We hold hands and walk down the sidewalk, he runs into my arms, he chases me.. SO cute. He has always wanted to be on the move and now that he is, he really entertains himself. He just walks laps around the house ALL DAY LONG. Of course he wants my attention 100% of the time and throws a tantrum if i'm not watching him, but it's still way better than having him cry all day.

Remember the jumperoo? That thing was fantastic. Good times. Good times.

So I GUESS what I'm saying is, even though I miss the days when my 7 pound baby slept all day in my arms, I like Aden walking. Crazy, I know.

Re-sleep training.

How many times does one have to train a baby to sleep? Seriously, I thought we did this when he was 4 months, 6 months, 8 months... I mean REALLY.

A.J. (Mommy is the only one allowed to use this nickname.. don't try.) has been waking up at 5am and 4am to have his bottle. Well here is the problem with that.

1) He is 14 months old and OBSESSED with his bottle. He would drink 50 ounces of milk a day from his bottle if I let him. Big boys do not drink from bottles.
2) He is not even hungry. It's like a comfort thing with him. It is like his pacifier.
3) I AM TIRED. I am sick now and have been staying up 1am or later and when he is waking up at 4am and 5am screaming... yeah you can imagine how well my sickness is going. Do mom's get sick days? Please?
4) HE is tired. He just screams bloody murder. Last night was the worst it has been for awhile. He screamed 4am-5:30am. I cannot breathe through my nose and my head feels like it's going to explode from pressure. He has a cold as well and is probably teething (because seriously, when is he not??) and that really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

So tonight I am challenging myself. NO bottles in bed. (Yep, I started that, my fault, it was a moment of weakness and it WORKED) Tonight I will take him out of bed, no matter what time, and sit with him with the side table on while he drinks a bottle.

LORD I cannot even attempt to explain how hard being a mom is.

On the bright side, I get to sleep in every other Saturday morning for as long as I want! (Well until 7pm when Aden comes back) Since I had Physiology last Saturday at 9am, I get to sleep this saturday! wooooo hoooo! Then late-mommy's-day pedicures with my most favorite momma Pippa.