Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AJK loves popsicles!

This morning while I watched Aden play, I realized that he does the CUTEST things and I never want to forget them. What's the best way to remember? Write. It. Down.

1. Aunt Lizzie takes the rings from the rock-a-stack and puts them on Aden's head and has done this since Aden was 3 months old. Well now Aden apparently thinks that EVERYTHING goes on his head and everyone else's head too. Just recently, he was sitting in the hallway with the toilet paper roll tearing off pieces of toilet paper, licking it, and sticking it on his head. He puts my sunglasses on his head, his blanket on his head, and anything else that he feels would look good there.

2. If you looked up "boy" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Aden. He is SUCH a stereotypical boy.
-He loves trucks, boats, cars... anything with wheels.. and he knows what to do with them. He takes them to the hardwood floor and crawls while he pushes them along.
-He eats and eats and eats. When he isn't on a hunger strike, he will eat for as long as you allow it. He isn't picky with food.. in fact, the only thing I've found he really doesn't care for are scrambled and hard boiled eggs. Trust me, I have tried multiple times and he is just not diggin them.
-He gets disgustingly dirty. Bath time is every night but sometimes I don't think that's often enough. Luckily, the child loves baths, otherwise it'd be a nightmare. It takes at least 2-3 scrubs to get the 8 layers of dirt off of his feet and hands. For example, it's only 9am (bath time is at night because let's face it, who wants to go to bed sweaty and dirty) and Aden already has globs of syrup in his hair from breakfast.
- He can "hit the rock"
-When we ride in the cozy coupe, Aden rests his left
arm on the side of the car. S-T-U-D.
- He can throw a ball like nobody's business. Seriously, this kid has an arm. If he gets above 5'2" he might be able to play baseball or football. That's a big if though.
- He seems to have some kind of fascination with the carbon monoxide detector and the wine cabinet...

3. He loves to be outside. He cries to be out there and cries when he has to come back in. Now I just leave the door open so he walks inside himself when he is ready. He doesn't care if it's raining or sizzling hot outside- he just wants to be outside.

4. I have never seen him as happy as he is at the pool. Not the baby pool- a real pool. He sticks his face in the water, he jumps up and down, and he gives tons and tons of kisses. During rest period, he loves walking around the pool visiting everyone and touching people's feet (yes I know, so gross and VERY awkward)
5. Aden has become super cuddly. That started about 2 months ago. He will come up randomly and hug me or give me a kiss and then just run away. He will cling to me if he is sad (he used to just push me away and could only be calmed down by sitting on the floor by himself just looking at me)

6. Aden loves being the center of attention. It became obvious at his 1st birthday party when there were 30+ people and he was just showing off. We call it "performing". It usually consists of some screaming (happy screaming when his little vein in the side of his neck pops out), running back and forth, fake falling, fake laughing, and then laying down on the floor.

7. He's a talker. Even though he only knows how to say a few words- baby, doggie, kitty, mama, dada, ball, bye - he babbles ALL day long and has a "conversation" with whoever listens. Yeah, he's a Peterson.

8. Speaking of "Doggie", that is Aden's favorite word... probably because he pronounces it so clearly that everyone can understand what he's saying. If no one is responding to his babbles, he just throws out a doggie and listens to everyone "ooh" and "ahh" about it.

I think one of the best things I have ever seen him do was last week at the pool. We were at the pool and I decided to give him a little treat and got him an orange sherbert push up pop..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aden's Dad

If any of you have noticed, I rarely- if at all - talk about Aden's dad. This, however, does not mean he isn't in the picture. I don't mention Aden's dad, Ryan, because my blog is only my side of the story. Every story has two sides. It wouldn't be fair to tell only one.

So I will stick to the facts.

This past quarter Ryan had AJ Monday 1-7 (varying on when he got out of class) and Wednesday 1-7. During these times I went to the library and studied or ran errands. He spent one of those days at my house with Aden and on the other he would take Aden to his house. I took AJ to Ryan's dad's house (where Ryan is living) on Friday nights at about 5:30 and Aden stayed until Saturday after dinner.

During the summer, Ryan will have AJ tuesday night and all day Wednesday, and Saturday at 12/12:30 until Sunday at 12/12:30. Aden will be going on vacation with me to Georgia (yes, driving) for 6 days at the end of June. He will be flying with me to Minnesota mid-July, and he will again be driving with me to Georgia in August.

Next quarter will be difficult, seeing as I am starting my veterinary technology program and Ryan will be moving in with some friends in a house on campus. Aden won't be allowed on campus but Ryan will watch Aden for a few days a week at his dad's house.

Ryan has done a good job balancing work, school, and Aden.

And that's all I will say about that.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Not that this rainy weather is at all like summer is supposed to be...

But anyhow, I finished my classes!! 100% on my project, 94% on essay 3 (125 pts), 97% on my final exam essay (75pts) and 92% on my physiology final exam! Great way to end the school year!

Aden had his 15 month well check-up on Monday. Dr.Brown was pretty happy that Aden is off bottles completely, eating all solid food (and has been for like 4 months), feeding himself, not drinking any juice (besides when I give a little to him once in awhile for a little "treat"), saying some words, and of course he is super excited that we are still rear-facing! And AJ got a little surprise at the doctors office-- his daddy showed up! Aden is 23 pounds, 5 ounces and 31 inches tall. Now in the 50th percentile for weight!! He started out at the FIFTH percentile. I think Ryan cried a little bit from being so excited. Aden also got the Chicken Pox and the Measles vaccine. No reaction! Not even really fussy!

We are trying to make it out to the pool today but taking Aden alone is a freaking chore and ends up being more work than it is fun. Plus it has seriously been raining for like a week straight. Not exactly pool weather.

OH! And guess what!! My sister is coming home! She gets here June 17! AND my nephew (big 8th grader now) is coming to visit too on June 23. We leave for Georgia on the 24 but when we get back I promised him we'd do the whole movie/zoombezi bay/ zoo/ bake a cake thing. He'll be here for awhile so I need to find some things to entertain him!

Eh, I dont feel like writing any more. Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Almost there!

Aden's 15 month (omg, I know) well check-up is on monday! Guess what that means. Vaccinations. Luckily Aden usually doesn't do bad at all.. no fever or anything... but oh my gosh those combined with teething... this might be a trainwreck people.

I'm kind of bummed out because our pool opened last Monday (Memorial Day) and it has been so nasty and rainy out that we haven't been able to go! Hopefully we can get some pool time in this week.. I'm done with this rain! It is JUNE.

I finished everything for Physiology (6 days early I might add), Everything for English- we had a final essay that was do, evaluating ourselves and what we learned over the course. What I really wanted to say was "I learned that peer editing a paper via internet is a big fat joke and whoever peer edited my last paper should probably never give advice anymore" but. I didn't. Anyways, the only thing I have left now is a powerpoint and then class on tuesday. Yes, I finished my paper evaluating the primary tension in the Breakfast Club. Did I mention I despise Molly Ringwald?

So basically, My summer will start on tuesday. And I will be oh-so-happy for the next two months. And then I will be even happier when I start Vet Tech in the fall!

Sometime soon i'll be coming up with a summer goals list. I know I have a lot that I want to do, but I can't think of what.

You know how I said I take a lot of pictures? Well today I started and finished filling up a huge black picture album. 12-15 month album. I may need to cool it. Maybe not. We'll see. Summer might get picture- crazy.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I just love love love spending Sunday's at home in the morning with my little guy. Remember when I had horrible, awful anatomy 8am-12pm on Sundays? Talk about a horrid class. Maybe I will make a special breakfast! Today when he got home from spending time with his dad, I gave him a few bites of french vanilla ice cream. Surprisingly, he loved it. It was his special treat!

And look! I got dressed again! How sad is it that I am seriously proud of myself for getting dressed. Wow.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Veterinary Technology, Here I Come!

WOO WOOOOOOOOO I got into the Veterinary Technology Program! Not ONLY is it the program, but it is the evening program, which only accepts 25 students per year! I wanted to do the evening program because clinicals (working at an animal hospital for a class getting experience) are 5pm - 12am Thursday-Saturday instead of 9am-3pm. I would have had to put Aden in daycare and not really been able to spend a lot of time with him- something that I really didn't want to do. Plus, clinicals at night get you the real good action... mostly emergencies, only a few check ups. I will probably see some really gruesome stuff but if I can fondle a dead person, I believe I can put some intestines back in a cat.

SO, lucky for me, I finished all of my basic and general classes required for a vet tech degree (I have no idea what I would have done if I didn't get into the program) and from now on will only be taking vet classes!!! First three on the list are Animal Nutrition, Laboratory Animal Medicine, and Client Relations. I wish I could get some of them done in the summer (yeah I'm seriously THAT excited) but sadly, none are available until Fall.

Right now I'm working on finishing up Spring Quarter. I just finished writing my essay on the movie, The Breakfast Club (MAN I will be glad to be done with these basic classes) and so all I have left is a Reasoning Skills Test for Physiology, Physiology class on Saturday, and a Final Essay for Essay&Research. I took my final exam for Physio yesterday and I got an A!!!! That class was super super interesting and probably one of my favorites so hard, even if it did require 16 hours of studying a week plus a 4 hour lab.

So come on Aden, bring on the teething.

And yeah, I totally feel like fifteen months is an appropriate age to start putting girly stuff on your son. P.S. He cried when I took it off for bath time. I've got good taste. Just sayin.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One after another

Yeah, Now I remember why I hate teething so much. 2 or 3 canine teeth are making their way through. It has been baaaaaaaad. Last night just as I was falling asleep Aden woke up SCREAMING. Nothing helped. I gave him tylenol and held him and rocked him while he arched his back, kicked, and hit me. I think I just kept singing backyardigans over and over. After I finally got him calmed down, I put him back in his crib. He started screaming again. I knew he just wanted attention this time so I had to let him cry it out for a few minutes. Man, I forgot how much I hate CIO. It did work though and he slept this morning until 7.

Secretly, I'm really glad his dad has him for a little bit today a) because i'm worn out b) because he will wear Aden out for sure c) because Aden won't take his morning nap. All of those things together equal bad news bears.

I really don't understand why Aden feels the need to have 15 teeth. Completely unnecessary.