Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Years Ago

Exactly 2 years ago today, Ryan and I went to Planned Parenthood to get a confirmation on the pregnancy test I had taken the day before. She gave me the due date of March 27 and told me all of my "options". She told me I was her easiest patient.... uhhh, thanks? Today also marks the day when we told all of our parents the news. Then Ryan and I walked to the park. Hardest day ever. To make things even better, it was Ryan's step-mom's birthday. Uhh, happy birthday Jamie :)

I guess Aden felt like celebrating that. I went to pick him up and Lizzie goes "I think he pooped" I put my hand there and then moved my hand to his back and lizzie says "I'll check". I pull my hand away and there is just poop. Everywhere. All up his back, all over my hands, all over Lizzie's hands. We took him upstairs and Lizzie disposed of the most disgusting diaper Aden has ever had. We had to dunk him in the tub it was so bad.

So thanks Aden, Mommy loves you too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ryland Peters & Small

When AJ was still a little bean, I received a gift from my mom's friend Robin. It is a pregnancy journal and is a place to write down every little ache or pain you have, any sickness you may feel that week, and any thoughts you have about the baby. It is divided into tabs; preparing for pregnancy, care and classes, preparing for baby, the 1st, 2nd, and third trimesters, labor and delivery, and the new arrival. When I was pregnant, I literally looked forward to every new week so I could write more about my growing baby. There are usually just a few sentences each week but it's still so great to see how I was feeling and what I was doing. I stuck doctors info in there, ultrasound pics in there, contact info in there... everything.

I loved it so much that when I ran into Ryland Peters & Small's baby journal, I just had to get it. The way the baby journal is set up is a little different. It still has tabs: preparing for you, the new arrival, early days, growing and changing, mealtimes, trips and outings, celebrations, and your favorite things. But it gives you more writing room and more places to put your thoughts. I like the fact that it's not so much pictures as it is writing. We have tons of pictures- but we didn't have anything telling us how much he weighed each month and when his milestones occurred.

Sadly, Aden has completed both the pregnancy journal (well, obviously.) and his baby journal. This was a super bummer to me until I came across Ryland Peters & Small's Mother & Toddler Journal. I'm super excited to get this one started. In this book the tabs are : everyday, new experiences, and celebrations. For example, in the 'everyday' tab, you fill out the month, date, and year at the top. Then it says, "today I went to:" and there is a spot for a picture. Then it says "And when I got there, I:" and it gives you writing room to explain what you did. On the next page it says "Here's a picture of what I ate for lunch:" (then a picture) and then there is a place for me to write any notes I have about the day.

It's aimed toward older toddlers to fill out with their mom but I am making it one for me to fill out alone until Aden is old enough to do one with me!

Pooltime Delight

Yesterday, Pippa and I decide to take the kids to the pool since it was so nice out!

Well as always, some things went wrong.

-I got mixed up and went to the wrong pool and had to find the other... my gas light was on. Aden was sad we had to get back in the car and leave the pool he wanted to get in.
- When we finally got there, another baby had pooped in the pool and everyone had to be cleared out so we were waiting (luckily not for too long) in the hot hot sun to get in the water.
- While in the pool, I was sitting in it and Aden was on top of me. Well he got a little too excited and started jumping up and down making it look oh so wrong. There was a lot of laughter.
- Getting out of the pool and walking to our stuff in the grass, I stepped on a bee. Whenever I get stung by a bee, the entire area swells up really badly. All the way up to my ankle was swollen.
-Aden took no naps. Not one nap all day. It didn't get really bad until we got home and he was fussing about everything. Just whining. Constantly.
-Before we went to the pool, Aden and I were brushing our teeth. As I was rinsing off the toothbrush, all of a sudden he runs out as fast as he can. I run after him because I know exactly where he was going. Aden started yelling "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" headed towards the gate that is placed right above the stairs. Before I can catch him, he throws his entire body weight against the gate as hard as he can. The gate falls, Aden falls with it, and I yell "NOOOOOOOOO!" and try to grab him.

He was fine but it definitely scared him. He's done this about 3 times so i'm hoping that maybe THIS time he learned it.

But probably not.


Friday, July 23, 2010

The magic of sitting

While in Minneapolis, Aden discovered something....

The magic of sitting down on a chair.

Not just any chair of course, something that is small, that he can sit down on by squatting and then just stand up and walk away. He mastered this skill on a small wooden rocking chair that at his Great Grandma Peterson's house.

Sadly, when we came home, Aden didn't have a small wooden rocking chair anymore. So what did he replace it with? a small red shape-sorting box. How that is the equivalent of any kind of chair or stool, I will never know. I don't know why he chose the box instead of the stairs or a pillow or something that normal people sit on.

Aden will spend 15-30 minutes looking at the box, turning his back to it, squatting, realizing he isn't in the right spot, turning to look at it again, turning his back to it, squatting, realizing he isn't in the right spot, etc. Usually I just stick it right under his bum when he squats so at least the cycle ends. The shape sorting box can be anything for Aden. A shoe, a hat, a resting place, two shoes... basically anything but a shape sorting box.


"dat? dat? dat?"

This is what I've been hearing for the past 3 days. Aden seems to be more and more curious everyday and "dat" is how he figures out what things are. Outside he points up in the sky or to the tree and simply says "dat?" and I tell him what "dat" is and what "dat" does or is used for.

This is one of the moments i've been dreaming about since I became pregnant. I get to teach Aden more and more things everyday and he kind of actually understands now. He looks at his picture books and I say "Aden where is the banana?" and he will point to the banana! (or whatever he feels like pointing to.) The whole pointing thing is pretty new. He pointed for awhile and then stopped pointing and just started flailing his arms violently when he wanted something. I'm enjoying the pointing because when he starts having a breakdown I simply say "Aden, what would you like?" and he goes to whatever it is he wants (usually to
the pantry to point to graham crackers). If he doesn't breakdown and have a tantrum and nicely points, he usually gets what he asks for. Unless of course it's right before dinner.. then when I say no or try to redirect him, he just throws himself on the floor and screams. Can't wait for terrible twos.

The whole "I want to be outside every single minute of every single day" thing is still going strong. I swear, I've never seen a kid just walk under a hose and stand there while the water is pouring down their head. Aren't kids supposed to avoid the water at all costs and scream when they are put into the pool?

This morning I discovered a nasty rash on the top of Aden's back and on his neck. Nana thinks it could be heat rash but it seems to be in an odd place? It doesn't seem to bother him so we might just wait and see if it clears up.

Besides the temper tantrums, which are getting better, things are going well. Ever since we got back from Minnesota he has been crying every time I put him down for a nap and then leave the room. I'm not sure if it's because we got back Monday and then he went to his dad's on Tuesday night and that confused him or what. Aden will be spending the weekend with me just to get back on a regular schedule. He has been moving from house to house so much that I think he just needs to stay in one place for awhile. I'm so excited that I don't have to go a night without him until next tuesday! But I also know that Tuesday will come faster than I think :(

I think lately that both Aden and I are going through separation anxiety from each other. For about the past month I have cried every time I drop him off at Ryan's. I know that Aden is in good hands, I just miss him when he is gone! And knowing Ryan, Aden will probably come back with a tattoo or his ear pierced one of these times! Just kidding Ry!

I'm already getting nervous for this fall. I have been taking 3 classes each quarter and this quarter i'm taking 4... Vet 101 Vet 102 Vet 114 and Humanities 111 (which is a pain in the butt). Vet 101 and Hum 111 are completely online and then vet 102 and vet 114 are monday and thursday evenings (which I don't have a babysitter for yet). It's going to be a big workload but I will only have to take one more general class (communications 200) and then it will be all vet classes varying from 2 to 3 classes a quarter. If I can just make it through this one quarter I will be forever grateful!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minneapolis, Minnesota

My dad, my mom, Aden, and I decided earlier this year to take a trip to Minneapolis to visit my grandma and attend a family reunion. Aden and I could choose whether or not to go and seeing as my grandma is not getting any younger, not going wasn't really an option. She deserves to see her great grandson every chance she gets!

We left on Thursday July 15 a little before lunchtime. Going through security is seriously a pain. Do you know how hard it is to take your shoes off, a 16 month old's shoes off, fold up a stroller, and load everything on to that darn conveyor belt ALL WITH ONE HAND. And then walk through the checkpoint and unload everything trying to move as fast as possible to get out of the way for the other people.

The flight there was perfect timing. It was right after lunch (2pm) and was only 2 hours. Aden ate a cheese sandwich (cheese, bread, and butter.. don't judge) and some nilla wafers and that about held him over. Before he fell asleep, he decided that thousands of feet in the air was the perfect time to fudge his huggies. The airplane bathroom isn't exactly an ideal place to change a nasty diaper but the smell was spreading faster than I had thought so I had to act fast. I squeezed out of the middle seat with my huge diaper bag and walked down the skinny aisle, bumping everyone's elbow's hoping they understood.. I don't think they did. I laid aden down and moved as quickly as possible all while Aden was screaming (it sounded like we wer
e going through some kind of wind storm in there) and quickly made my way back to the seat. It could have been worse.

We stayed at a hotel where Aden had his own crib and we had a dishwasher and fridge. It was great! There is only a one hour time change but that was hard for Aden to adjust to, and honestly, I didn't really MAKE him adjust to seeing as we were only there Thursday- Monday. I kept telling my mom and dad how nice it was because the hotel room was pretty much baby proof. There were no magazines to throw everywhere, no clutter anywhere. I threw some toys on the ground and by gosh that was good enough for AJ!

Going to Grandma's was pretty hard just because he became obsessed with throwing her magazines and newspapers on the floor. He did put on quite a nice show for everyone one night.

The family reunion was about 2 hours away in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Aden was NOT loving the car ride. On the way there he screamed for the last half and hour. This lakehouse we went to was just absolutely gorgeous. Aden LOVED the lake and the sand. There were other kids about his age there and I thought it was tremendously funny that their mom would set a chair in the water and the boys would just sit there. Aden on the other hand, was throwing the chair in the water, running away from me, sticking his mouth and nose in the water, standing on the chair, jumping.. basically anything BUT sitting or standing still. One little boy even sat on
his mom's lap while he ate. Say whaaaaat?!

The trip back from Cumberland was even worse. Tornado Sirens were blaring, my poor dad couldn't hardly see the road, and aden was screaming louder than ever. During the last 15 minutes I just kept saying "Aden please, please stop. I'm so sorry. Please stop. PLEASE!" Needless to say that didn't work. But we DID get back to the hotel safely. Aden didn't go to bed until 10pm that night (11pm Ohio time). He did however, manage to wake up at 5:30 every single morning.
While we were traveling we of course didn't have the dogs with us and I think Aden was disappointed, seeing as that is the only word he REALLY knows. Everything became doggie. Mama became doggie, duck became doggie, tree became doggie, kitty became doggie... Everything. Well one morning we were awake at 5:30 and I was just so darn tired that I turned on the TV. The tv didn't have nickelodeon or disney or anything like that so as I was flipping through the channels, I came across the Puppy Bowl. For anyone who is not familiar with this, it is a tv special, aired right around when the super bowl is. It's a big box type thing, made to look like a football field. They toss a bunch of puppies out there and are filmed playing. For HOURS. Whenever someone poops on the field they have a referee come out, throw a flag on the "play" and pick up the poop. It. Was. Ridiculous. But also, just what Aden needed. He sat there for about 30 minutes saying "doggie" over and over and over again. And I just sat back and kept saying "yep, that IS a doggie".

The flight back was earlier and I knew that meant trouble. We left the hotel at about 7:30, ate breakfast at the airport, and our flight was at 10. Aden fell asleep just as we sat down on the plane. Perfect right?! Wrong. There was some maintenance that needed to be done to the plane and then we had to wait in line to take off. Aden woke up crying right as we took off. I tried my best to keep him entertained but he was just so frustrated and tired that he couldn't help but cry. Lucky for us, there was a 19 month old girl in front of us who was just as loud.

Overall, I'm really glad we got to go, no matter how hard it was for me. I think we are done traveling for the summer now! Mom needs a break!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aden vs Wild

Aden has become quite the nature lover. I wish we had a huge fence in the front yard around the driveway so I could let him run free. Instead he just throws balls, brooms, bats, golf clubs, and anything else he can find into the street. It's a great game... for him. I, on the other hand, am sweating my mom shorts off (yes, mom shorts. Mid rise. size 2. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to wear coochie cutters while chasing a child? very.) trying to corral this
kid and keep him out of the street. Once I get him out of the street the new challenge is trying to make sure he doesn't eat bugs, sticks, or rocks off of the driveway. His new favorite outdoor activity is placing his hands in the potted plants, pulling out as much dirt as possible (making the biggest mess that he can, of course) and taste testing the dirt. Dis. Gusting.

Today was a sad day.. he discovered the birdbath. I knew this day was coming, I just didn't know it would be so soon. We spent about 20 minutes doing laps around the birdbath as I was trying to prevent hands, feet, heads, rocks, brooms, etc. from falling in. Sadly we had a casualty. That broom might never be the same again.

I now seem to understand the whole "kids-on-a-leash" thing. I can't even imagine what this plane ride to Minnesota on Thursday is going to be like.

Yeah you read right. We are taking a 16 month old on a 4 day vacation to Minnesota. For a family reunion. Now i'm guessing that I'm going to be the only one with a young child there and there will be lots of cheek-pinching and "back when my kids were young ...."

We took AJ last year to MN when he was about 3 months old. It was super easy because he just slept on my lap the whole time. I can't imagine this plane ride, even though it's only two hours. I'm just going to apologize to everyone at the beginning of the flight. I can't believe I'm going to be one of THOSE moms with the "out of control kid". Maybe I should to like a PSA about how he is a normal toddler and just doesn't like to sit down.

Why didn't anyone tell me that things just get HARDER as they grow!?
Yeah, he was totally leaving me a package.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Broken Family.

The past couple of weeks I have been realizing something. Aden will grow up in a "broken" family. Ryan and I both love Aden to death and would do anything for him, but for some reason, we just couldn't keep our family together.

It's taken me awhile (about 6 months) to realize what this means. Aden will never get to have his dad come home from work and play with him while his mom cooks dinner. There will never be one big happy christmas with mom and dad sitting on the couch together. Not even once. Aden will have to watch his mom and his dad go through having their hearts broken and seeing girlfriends and boyfriends come and go. We are broken. No child should have to witness this.

This is the absolute number one reason I think teen/young pregnancy should be prevented. Broken families.

Aden already has to travel between 2 houses. He is a mere 16 months old.

I've got to say that Ryan and I do try our best. We discuss discipline, talk on almost a daily basis, and try to let Aden see both of us together, getting along... not bickering. Just the other day when Ry dropped Aden off back home, he gave him a bath, I got him dressed, Ryan held him and his blankie, and I read a book while Aden turned the pages. It brought tears to my eyes.

A lot of times I ask myself what I did wrong. How I could have fixed things. The absolute truth is, neither of us were ready for that serious of a relationship and neither of us were ready for a family.
I love Ryan not just for giving me a perfect, beautiful son but for who he is. I can tell him anything and he will either make me laugh or comfort me.
I always said that people made an excuse that their relationship didn't work out because "they changed" and I'd say yeah, but the challenge is to grow and change together. I guess I failed that challenge.

I now have a different, scary outlook on dating. I don't want Aden to see different people go in and out of his and his mom's life. I don't want him to see his mom be disrespected and I definitely don't want him to see his mom's heart get broken. It's not his responsibility to make sure I'm happy, it's MY responsibility to make sure he is happy. There is nothing I want more than to have a huge happy family and a white picket fence, but maybe that just isn't in the cards for me.

We shall have to see. In the meantime, all I can do is give Aden as much love and attention that I can.

The heat of summer

As of yesterday, Aden is 16 months old. Apparently this age = wanting to be outside every single moment of every single day. Outside is fantastic but not when it is 95 degrees, super humid, and there is an air quality alert.

The sprinkler has become our best friend... along with the baby pool. Aden absolutely loves water. He will stick his face directly in it (scary) and come up laughing. When the sprinkler is on, no matter how cold it is, he stands directly in front of it so it hits his face and belly. I'll take a video once my camera charger and extra battery come back from Georgia (mommy accidentally left them there. ooooops!)

AJ also loves helping me out with chores. Yesterday I was folding laundry and Aden took all the unfolded clothes out of the basket and placed them on the floor and then put them back in. He repeated this about 5 times before deciding to take the clothes into my room for me. What a big help...?

Basically, the point of this post is- sometimes I want to run far far away.

but not really :)

Red White and Fail.

Last year, Aden didn't make it until the 10 o'clock fireworks because he had a baby breakdown (at only 5.5 months I really didn't want him to watch fireworks because it was so loud.. I just wanted him to fall asleep so I could peek my head out and watch a few. I ended up watching various sets of fireworks on the drive home.) I thought this year, since he is older, we might get to watch a few this time. Aden's normal bedtime is between 7pm and 8pm. Therefore, this was a fail.

We spent the whole day at a cookout and we were planning on leaving at about 7 or 8 and going to another house where we would walk to watch the fireworks. By the time we left the first cookout, AJ was pooped. He hadn't taken a decent nap all day and his eyes were closing every 5 seconds. We took him home and put him to bed.

There is always next year right?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some favorites

Every night and a lot of times during the day, I read to Aden. Sometimes we sit in the rocking chair together, sometimes we sit on the floor together, and sometimes I sit and read while he does his own thing. I thought i'd take some time to mention some of AJ's favorite books. (and my favorite as well)

1. Love You Forever
This book is one of our big readers. We read it at least twice a week. Every time I pull it out, Aden points to the little red-headed boy on the cover and says "be-be" (baby). This is mostly a nighttime book, when he sits on my lap with blankie and sucks his thumb as I rock us in the rocking chair. I love this book up until the part when man grows up and gets his own house and the mom breaks into his new house to rock him to sleep. Cut the umbilical cord lady.. he is 35. Imagine having her as a mother-in-law.

2. On the Night You Were Born
Aden got this book for his second Easter from his Nana and Papa (my parents). It's one of those "the whole world revolves around you" books.. My favorite pages in the book are the first one :

"On the night you were born, the moon shone with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered,
'Life will never be the same.'
Because there had never been anyone like you... ever in the world."

and the last page
"Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn
on the wonderful, marvelous
night you were born"

3. First 100 words by Bright Baby
Aden got this for his 1st birthday and absolutely loves it. His favorite thing to do is turn to the animal page and point back and forth between the cat and the dog and say the appropriate name "kitty" or "doggie"

4. Julius the Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes
This one is fairly new (within the last month) but definitely one of my favorites to read. Lilly is such a jerk! I love reading in my snobby- girl voice,
"'I am the Queen.' said Lilly. 'And I hate Julius.'"
This is definitely a midday read when Aden walks around doing his own thing. It's a pretty long book!

5. Water Water Everywhere
Aden's godparents (the amazing Charla Rae and Bill) got Aden this book when he was just a little guy! It was an instant favorite and is a diaper bag must-have. I can recite the entire book without looking once. Here I go. (I SWEAR, the book is in the nursery where Aden is sleeping and I am at my desk. No peeking going on)

Water, Water everywhere, water near and far. Let's use our hands and feet to count how many kinds there are.
Great vast oceans, tiny tears, soft clouds ripe with rain. Bubbles blowing, bursting, POP! A wondrous wet refrain!
Waterfalls with misty breath, whisper as they flow. Frozen water turns to ice and flakes form out of snow.
Sun-kissed meadows sparkle bright, with early morning dew. There's even water in your bath, splashing over you! (insert visual of octopus playing in bath tub)

I'm SURE there are more but like I said, AJ is asleep and there is no way in heck i'm going in there to look at more of our favorite books!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Georgia Cabin Trip 2010

Aden and I are back from our latest adventure-- driving 9 hours to Blairsville, Georgia for vacation!

Here are some facts.

-The trip from Columbus to Cabin is 9 hours
-We drove my 2001 Jetta Geoff.
-Geoff has no cruise control
-Mommy gets very car sick (aka I need to drive)
-We had my 13 yr old nephew, Aden, Erika, me, a dog, and all of our luggage in Geoff.

Recipe for disaster correct?

Not at all!!!

We had plenty of room, my leg never went numb from pressing on the accelerator, and Geoff performed miraculously. Even better? Aden had no crying fits. On the way down, we stopped 3 times, allowing everyone to stretch their legs. On the way back, we left at 5:40 am and got home at 1:4o pm. We stopped ONE time. We call that TEAMWORK baby!

You know what else? 5 hour energy is dangerous. I drank two and felt like a)I was going to vomit and b) my eyelids were going to fly off because I was blinking so fast.

When we were on vaca Aden refused to eat anything but blueberries, pringle sticks, and graham crackers. I seriously thought he was turning into a picky eater on me and was gonna get sick! Luckily the day we got home it went right back to normal healthy food with graham crackers only as a midday snack.

The trip was fun but I am so glad to get back to air conditioning, normal sized bugs, and somewhere where the nearest building is not a taxidermist.