Monday, August 30, 2010

Following the leader

(may 09)

(July 09)
You know that REALLY annoying song from Peter Pan? The following the leader one?

Just incase you don't...

There. Now this will be stuck in your head for another 5 years.

Anywho, Aunt Lizzie started holding onto one end of Aden's blankie and he would follow her around (this makes for a great secret leash). We took it a step farther by singing "following the leader" and now it's his favorite game. He will even HOLD YOUR HAND while you lead. Big step for AJ. He's a no-touching kind of guy. A manly man.

Well one day I caught Aden standing behind Ted (the bigger one of our two dogs) and grabbing his fur. It didn't take me long to figure out what he was doing... he was playing follow the leader! If Ted didn't feel like walking Aden would push him forward a little bit to get him to start moving. He makes sure to get my attention so I can sing the horrible song along with him.

Aden is learning more words everyday but would rather scream like a banshee instead. He can say "choo choo" which comes out more like "dooo dooo". He refuses to go down the stairs like a baby. He stands up and waits for me to come hold his hand so he can go down each step standing up. I think he falls down the stairs less when there isn't a baby gate up. Every time he takes a step he goes "OOF!" like it's a struggle. Such a drama queen. He also gasps every time I open something or give him he is amazed. Hilarious!

Our days haven't been to exciting lately. They usually consist of whining by the pantry door all day (no i'm not starving my son. he just tries to eat all darn day), opening and closing the sliding door, and walking inside and outside over and over again. There is also a lot of going up and down steps. Totally his favorite activity at the moment.

Aden is eating less now but i'm pretty sure it's just because he doesn't want to sit in his highchair for longer than 5 minutes. This morning we were out of yogurt... talk about a tantrum. Apples & Waffles just don't cut it.

Since school started back up, my mom and my sister lizzie are back at work. Sometimes it gets lonely here with just Aden and I but it always seems like there is so much to do. Grocery shopping, School supply shopping (because yes, I start back up full time- 4 classes- on Sept 22), picking up various prescriptions at CVS, picking up snapfish photos, getting gas, doing laundry, making breakfast, lunch, and snacks, trying to put AJ down for a nap, attempting to pick up the house after Aden destroys it (my dad calls it Tropical Storm Aden), Emptying/refilling the dishwasher... we keep busy.

I still have errands to run today..taking Aden's old winter clothes over to aunt shelly's and grocery shopping (I swear we do this once or twice a week. Something always runs out). And I still need to clean out my car.

One thing that's been super "off" this summer is that I have just been exhausted. I'm a planner and a go-getter usually so it's super annoying just being exhausted all the time. I mentioned it at my doctor's appointment last week (it was my first doctor's appointment since I my junior year of high school and my first with a non-pediatrician. Seriously, I went to the practice Aden now goes to up until I got pregnant. I was then rejected) so she asked me more questions and then took some blood. That definitely took me back to the days in the antepartum unit when I had to get my blood drawn multiple times a day. They drew so much of my blood that at one point they had to take it from in between my knuckles. It got to the point where
I could watch them insert the needle and watch the blood. I didn't even care anymore. So anyways, I'm just waiting on those results to see if I need to take iron supplements or what (something else I had to do while I was pregnant) and hopefully that will help with my energy level. I am really going to need it in a few weeks.

Aden now wakes up between 6 and 7 am instead of 4 and 5 am. It's great but man, if I could just push it back to 7:30 or 8am, I would be in heaven. It's probably really unlikely seeing as he hasn't slept that long since he was 7 months old, but a gal can dream right?

Oh Aden, I love you.
See? Look how tired I look here!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You know you're a mom when....

1. You feel some kind of urge to wear bad clothes.
I've always been a jeans and t shirt kinda gal but after Aden I have this need to wear ann taylor loft and mid-rise pants. My excuse of my terrible wardrobe? I'm a mom. Duh. I think it gets worse in winter when you NEED to wear comfy WARM clothes and apparently they don't make such things that are good looking as well. So what if i'm wearing purple corduroy pants? They feel good.
Exhibit A:

See? They aren't THAT bad when you have a longer shirt on.... right?

2. No matter how much rhythm you previously had, you cannot resist the "mom dance".
It's true. I was a ballet dancer for years and years and I think I was a good "regular" dancer. Now I can't seem to get any other moves down other than bopping awkwardly up and down with my mouth open (it's a peterson thing) and arms flailing. I seriously tried hard to go out dancing and I'm pretty sure I just embarrassed myself. It's okay, I told everyone watching that "IT'S OKAY, WE'RE MOMS"

3. When you pass a mom/dad with a child you automatically give them one of two looks.
You either give them the "I totally know what you are going through" sympathetic look or the "been there done that, thank god i'm out of it" smirk. No conversation needed. Just a sympathetic look. Or, the best is when you see a mom with a newborn and your kid is having a tantrum and she gets the "Oh shit that phase is coming" look.

4. You can't call anyone the right name. Ever.
I swear, even with just Aden I can never call him the right name. I'll end up calling him Teddy or Ryan or Frankie... turning "ADEN STOP THAT" into "TED-RY-FRA-ADEN STOP THAT"

5. You replace regular words with kid-friendly words- no matter how goofy they sound.
I now understand why my mom used - and still uses- the words potty, creep, and jerk. I swear we weren't allowed to say "I need to pee" until we were in high school. I don't necessarily say "potty"...yet... but I do say things like "lovey" and "snuggle" and "doggie". And apparently i've developed some kind of accent because I find myself saying "mummy".

6. Your car reeks of horrible children's cd's that you listen to even when your kid isn't in the car.
Veggie Tales bible songs are forever implanted in my poor brain and it feels goooood. Laurie Berkner is one of my favorite kid artist's and I voluntarily play by myself. But come on, are there any songs that are even semi-appropriate on the radio? Aden doesn't even need to know about break breakin' hearts or being a little freak and especially not how to dance like a stripper.

7. Shower time is what you look forward to the most.
I would say that bed time is #1 but if anyone isn't aware--- kids don't always sleep through the night. Either they are teething or sick or have become aware that things are going on that they aren't a part of. Who wants to go to bed knowing they have to wake up (and stay up) in a couple hours? Shower time, however, is like a mini spa retreat. You can just stand there for as long as you like (with a monitor in the bathroom with you of course) and enjoy yourself. Any bathroom time is precious. The bathroom is my favorite place of all time and I will hang out in there for hours... no lie.

8. By the end of the day, you always have a stain somewhere on your clothes.
It doesn't matter how many outfit changes you do in one day. Even if you are wearing an outfit for 15 minutes, you will get pooped on, vomited on, spit on, food flung on, bled on... SOMETHING.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AJ's New Shoes

Okay so past vent=over. I left Sunday to go to Cedar Point with my Uncle Blake and my cousin Brandon. We stayed until Tuesday morning and it was amazing.. despite the fact that I woke up for no reason at 7:30... Guess I don't know how to sleep in anymore..?

We rode all the good rollercoasters... mama el even rode top thrill dragster.
Millenium Force on the left and Top thrill on the right.

That mini "break" from reality was seriously what I needed. Poor Ryan had a great time waking up at 5:30 am with AJ. BUT guess what?! Aden woke up at 7 am today!!!!! It was amazing! I woke up feeling completely refreshed. I'm guessing that the "no-sleep stage" is far from over but that one night was fantastic. No tylenol, no teething tablets, no rocking to sleep.. nothing. Amazing!

Anyways, I've been looking for shoes for AJ for about 2 weeks now. He has really short, really fat feet. We went to stride rite to look but I didn't see any shoes I was absolutely in love with and lets face it, I am not spending $50 on shoes I don't love. They also put him in a size 5 wide... the size his sandals are that are giving him blisters because they are so small. I felt kind of pressured there so we just left.

I started looking online and turns out... short fat feet = expensive shoes. And hard to find too. Ryan and Erika told me to look online at They have EVERYTHING. Of course the "wide" shoe selection is smaller than the "normal" shoes but whatever! I ordered 2 pairs of shoes, 1 5.5 wide and 1 6 wide. He still has room to grow in the 5.5W which is really nice.

Here are the 6W shoes...
Saucony Boys Baby Ride A/C So spiffy, I know.

And here are the 5.5W
Of course they look WAY cuter on AJ.

Aden loved them. Right when he put them on he started stomping around like a maniac loving how much noise he could make. He was actually WALKING in these shoes instead of running. I took a video just to show how much my 17 month old looks like a 5 year old. He is all grown up! (minus the pooping in his pants- we are working on that)

Please excuse the lame mom commentary.

We have a very busy week this week... Zoo today with Pippa, Preston & Adriana.. Tomorrow Drew and Kaiden come over, Friday Ryan and I are going to Lancaster again for more family time and an end of the summer potluck, Saturday we have a end-of-summer cookout hosted by Aden's awesome godparents, and Sunday we have a birthday party @ the splash pad! I kinda like busy weeks once in awhile!

Did I mention that Daddy got new shoes for his 20th birthday (that's right, Aden doesn't have any teen parents anymore! wooo!)

Lookin good papa kiger!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I need to vent.

Omg. I have no idea what to do with Aden. The past 5 nights he has been up at 5:00 or 5:30 and then last night woke up at 4. I know it's not his teeth because I go into his room, calm him down and he is fine. The second I leave he starts screaming bloody murder. Last night when he woke up at 4, I did this for an hour until I finally brought him into MY bed. I haven't co-slept since he was 4 months old and I don't want to start.. We both need our space. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to put him down for a nap.. no matter how tired he is. He fights naps like it's his job and I have no idea what to do. It doesn't matter how late at night I keep him up, even if he falls asleep at 9 pm he'll still wake up at 5:30.

He screams and whines all day and hits me too. He can't just sit and play with toys, he runs around like a maniac and doesn't know how to calm himself down. I can't take him shopping anymore without a TON of snack options and even then it doesn't work and he starts crying. I can't put him down anywhere because he takes off running. I am so lost. He completely ignores every "no" I say and doesn't seem like he understands any discipline. He has temper tantrums constantly and throws himself on the ground. It's been progressively getting worse and now that he wakes up during the middle of the night, I have no patience. I have no idea what is going to happen when I have school because I can't take this now even when i'm not studying. I'm not going to be able to get anything done.

Today is Ryan's birthday and i'm leaving at 1ish to go to cedar point with my uncle blake and my cousin brandon. I feel guilty for leaving Ry on his birthday and even worse that i'm leaving him for 2 nights with Aden who can't control himself and won't sleep at all.

I don't know what to do. I am completely lost.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Reading Corner

Aden absolutely loves his room, and so do I. Since we live with my parents, we try to keep his toys contained mostly to his room. He has some in the basement (which hopefully will be more usable in a few months) and some in the family room (just little ones). He plays in his room a lot every single day. Both AJ and I's favorite spot is the reading corner.

The reading corner is where the rocking chair & ottoman (thanks Santa) and the bookshelf are. Next to the rocking chair there is a white side table where Rupert lives. *Rupert is Aden's bear that looks exactly like Rupert, Stewie's bear from Family Guy, hence the the name..thanks to Ry.

On Aden's book shelf there are all sorts of books. Dr. Seuss, Goodnight Moon, too many alphabet books to count, Eric Carle.... everything. I could spend hours in bookstores picking out books for Aden. Some of them are board books, but a lot of them are just normal picture books. They might be meant for "older" kids, but I enjoy reading them to AJ now... even if he just walks around the room while I read. I recently got some new books that Aden and I absolutely love.
Aden is crazy about "Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes". It's about a jazzy cat who has white shoes but keeps stepping in piles of things that turn his shoes a different color. He is still happy with whatever color his shoes are. It even has a song. I think I read this book like 3 times a day at least. When Ryan read it to Aden it turned into more of a fast-beat techno kind of song.. gooooo dad!

We also really enjoy "The Sleepy Little Alphabet". It's kind of like chicka-chicka boom boom but funny. Who wouldn't laugh at o & p upsetting the potty and u taking off his underwear?!

Of course there is "The Napping House"... such a classic. But I still think it's odd that the young boy sleeps on top of the granny. Does his mother know about this?

I discovered an author, Todd Parr, who writes lots of awesome books like "It's Okay to be Different", "The Feelings Book", "Do's and Dont's", and "The Family Book"...which tells about how all families are different. Of course there isn't a page that says "Some mommy's get pregnant at 18 and live with their mommy and daddy's..." maybe I should write Mr.Parr.

One of the funniest (and most random) book i've ever read is called "SkippyJonJones". It's about this cat who goes on these crazy imaginary adventures in his closet. In this particular book, he turns into a mexican chihuahua on a hunt to defeat the Bumbelbeeto Bandito who is stealing all the frijoles (beans). So ridiculous. So hilarious.

We Love Books!

The Hitting Problem

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Props to AJ

Aden's vocabulary is increasing like crazy! It seems like everyday he is learning more and more words and understanding what I say more.

At 17 months and 3 days he understands:
-Upstairs, downstairs, outside, graham crackers, what do you want, kisses, hugs, high five, hit the rock, gentle, come here (I know he understands this one because I'll say it and then he looks at me and runs away), car, bye-bye (as in, are you ready to go bye-bye?), throw the ball, NO (actually i don't know if he knows "no" or just the tone I say it in), bath time, take your pants/shirt off (i'm not even kidding), all done, "Where is ____" ( he won't say it but he will look at the person you are asking him to find, shoes/ "go get your shoes", banana, milk
He says:
-Doggie (he uses this word for most things, it's his default word). He now says "doggie" if I say "woof woof".
-Mama (more like a maaaaaaam and uses it if i'm annoying him by not feeding
him fast enough or just if he is being a wieny-whiner.
-Dada (he says it when Ryan goes to get him from his crib. so precious)
-Byeeee (he says it when someone leaves, when we are about to leave, or if he sees a car. He just calls cars "bye's"
-Tree. Aden pronounces this "tee" as he points to them. Plants also = tee's.
-One, Two, Three. Well, kind of. He can only say the three and that comes out "tee". For example "tee, tee, tee" and then he throws himself on the bed.
-Teddy. Teddy is our bigger dog and he is a barker. When he barks I usually yell "TEDDY!" Now, whenever Aden hears Ted bark he goes "DEE!! DEEEEEEE! DEEEEE!" We can blame that one on me. My bad.

Aden puts everything on his head...still... thanks to aunt lizzie. It ranges from bowls to
sunglasses to juicers.

When Aden is ready to eat, he will do some whining and then walk to his highchair and try to wheel it over to you. His favorite things right now are graham crackers, any kind of fruit and yogurt. He can spoon feed himself a whole bowl of yogurt without making too much of a mess. He always tries to take everyone else's fork until I give him his own to eat with.

Aden only drinks milk and water from sippy cups. Juice is a pretty big treat and he gets it once or twice a month. He loves milk so why give him anything else!?

Aden eats whatever we eat and sometimes I don't cut it up for him. He likes to eat sandwiches, bean burritos, pizza, and fruit just like everyone else. He doesn't like them cut into little pieces, he wants to do it by himself. The only things I have found that he won't eat are eggs (any kind) and smoked salmon. He is a hungry hungry hippo... possibly why I gained 70 pounds while pregnant...

Aden has never been a cuddle bug but it getting better at the whole "showing affection" thing. He typically won't kiss anything but plants and the dog but occasionally he'll lean in for a head bump. Sometimes he'll be in a cuddly mood- like today I sat down on the floor and he ran up to me with his arms spread wide and gave me the best hug ever- and sometimes he won't want anything to do with anyone. If you are sitting indian style on the floor, he will turn his back to you, do a few backwards steps, and plop right into your lap. He won't sit long, but it's his way of showing he's cool with you.
His favorite toys are Scout (a green dog that "knows" your name, favorite food, and favorite color and sings songs involving all three), Books (any kind. He will spend an hour looking through books and bringing them to me), Busy ball popper (most annoying stupid toy ever. It pushes plastic balls up into the air and plays horrible, loud music), and his little stool.

He spends his time walking in and out of the house, he just learned how to open the sliding screen door. He loves water, dirt, flowers... anything you can find outside. He can spend 5 minutes stepping on a crunchy leaf.

Having a toddler is SO great, but so tiring. Bedtime gets later, Morning comes earlier, and Naps are few and far between. Yes, sometimes I want to lock myself in my room and not come out for a looooooong time, but those moments pass and before you know it, it's bedtime and by morning, you miss them already.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Camping" and such

So we made it through the "camping" experience. I'm referring to it as "camping" because the whole fam was divided into 3 CABINS WITH AC. I literally felt like I was in a hotel.

Ryan, AJ, and I got there at about 2:15 on Tuesday. we immediately changed and went to the pool. It was SO hot. Aden just spent a few hours walking around the baby pool acting like he was going to run in, and pointing to the birds saying "dat? BA!" Things got a little wild when he started chasing the wasps around yelling "ba! ba!" No sweetie, I'm sorry. Those are not birds.

Since Wednesday is technically Ryan's day, he got to get up early at 6:30 when Aden woke up :) They went directly outside after eating a banana and milk. We again went to the pool- but had to leave because we heard thunder- and again he ran around scaring the jeepers out of everyone. We were about 2 hours south of columbus and none of the rain and other terrible weather hit us. It was great!

While there, Aden of course found something completely random to play with.

( SnugRider Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller - Graco  - Babies"R"Us

Crazy looking right? Well it's supposed to be a stroller that you set an infant car seat in and then you have the basket down at the bottom. Aden decided he just liked sitting in the basket. He literally spent so much time in there. He fell asleep in it on multiple occasions. When he wasn't riding in it, he was pushing the stroller himself. Forget all those toys I brought... this was so much better!
So by now I bet you're wondering... where's the good story? Well no worries because here it comes. AND it's the best kind... a poop story!

While Ryan was taking a shower, I was getting changed in the bedroom where Aden's pack n play was. Aden was just minding his own business and talking to himself when all of a sudden, mid-blabber, I hear this GIANT burst of air come out my little boy. You know how you can tell by the sound if it's juicy or not? (Ok, I know.. so gross) Well it was a juicy one. While my shirt was over my head I yelled "DUDE are you serious?!" before I could even see anything. Luckily for me, it was somehow all contained in his diaper. We almost had to evacuate the cabin though. Aden can be one smelly boy.

Overall, We had a fantastic time as a family. It is so much more fun and so much easier to have Ryan there too. You could tell Aden was ecstatic to have both of us to show off to. If he got bored with me, he'd go to Ryan.

Last night, Ryan, Aden, and I met up with Pippa, Preston, and Adriana at the Dublin Irish Festival. We got there at about 6:30 and stayed until 9:15... way past AJ's bedtime (7-8) but we had so much fun. Aden stared at the Irish step dancers forever. He had no idea what was going on. By the time we got home (about 10) AJ still wasn't asleep. One thing that's been rough on us lately is the sleeping. He goes to bed fine at night.. usually about 8 and wakes up between 6 and 7. The problem is, he hasn't been taking any naps. He gets overly grumpy and when I put him in bed, it'll take about an hour for him to fall asleep and then will take a 30 minute to an hour nap. Well yesterday before the festival he woke up at 6:30am, took a nap from 8:45-11:30, then took ANOTHER nap from 2:45-4:00pm. It. was. amazing. I figured since he slept so much that he wouldn't sleep in or take naps. I was so wrong. I WOKE UP BEFORE ADEN DID. At 8:00. I can't even remember the last time that happened. I know for a fact it hasn't happened once during summer. He woke up happy too! He left about 10:30 to have his "dad" day and I guess he fell asleep at Noon and woke up at 2:40.

Could it be that now that he is 17 months (Exactly as of today) he has grown out of the fussy no nap stage? Maybe a growth spurt? I can only hope. I have no idea how I will get any homework done if he doesn't take ANY naps during the day.

Speaking of school, I have had so much paperwork to fill out to be in the vet tech program. On Thursday I went to get my required TB test and my Tetanus Booster... Tdap. (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis).. um apparently I forgot how much the booster sucks. I got it done and was completely fine until that night when I couldn't even sleep on my right side because it ached so bad! I even took ibuprofen (if you know me you KNOW I hate taking any kind of medicine. After Aden was born I took advil for 2,3 days and that was it) I feel like a giant wuss.

Anyways, I'm about to send all of the paperwork in and then after my mandatory "learn how to get yourself out of a kennel in case you get locked in" session on Sept 18, I'll be ret to go! Looking at my textbooks, I started to get kind of freaked out and to be honest, a little grossed out, but I'm definitely one of those people who once they see something once, it's completely normal. I dissected HUMAN cadavers. I can totally do this... bring on the dog intestines.

And yes, I will be working with rats, snakes, rabbits, cats, name it.

But guess what? That's totally okay because I, Mama Ellyn, am on the Dean's list for Spring 2010. Take THAT human physiology.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Must Everything Be A Weapon?

This whole mother-of-a-toddler thing is really hurting me. Literally hurting me. Aden uses EVERYTHING as a weapon. From plastic golf clubs to bubble wands to wooden blocks- which by the way were the worst thing I ever got him. He can hurl those things across the room and you don't even see them coming. Pointed edges are painful.

I understand that he is "exploring" but when he starts pounding my head with a drumstick (also another "fun" present gone wrong) that is when the exploring has gone too far. No one needs to know what skull-drumming sounds like. No one.

My poor parents though- I do my best to prevent Aden from banging his red plastic helicopter on the ethan allen coffee table, I really do. I try to take things away the moment the banging gets violent but after awhile he is left with zero toys to play with.

Speaking of taking toys away, temper tantrums have been taken to a whole new level. He now slams his body as hard as he can- without inflicting TOO much pain- against the floor and does the weirdest pouty-face/fake cry combo in history. It is so hard not to laugh. I'll be honest, discipline is not my strong point. I ignore Aden when he does this and I don't even look at him. It works well but is still so frustrating when he does it day after day after day.

I'm a seriously patient person... send me to a retirement home and I will enjoy myself for hours. But today I found myself sternly (and loudly) saying "NO!" Aden looked at me confused and I go on to (sternly, but not as loudly) say to my 16.5 month old son "You are being absolutely ridiculous right now and I'm not putting up with this!" You know, because he understands all of that..? Definitely not one of my finer points of parenting but I needed to get that out I guess. Don't worry, it was followed with lots of hugs and kisses after he changed his attitude.

Whenever I talk to my dad about Aden being absolutely nuts, he likes to remind me of the time when Aden took the plunger from the bathroom, ran as fast as he could down the hall preparing to launch the plunger down the stairs. It was like a game of extreme darts.

Tomorrow, Aden, Ryan and I are going camping with Ryan's dad's side of the family. I feel so lucky to even be able to tag along! I went in mid July of 08- Right after I got my tattoo, and right before I found out I was pregnant. We just spent the day there and it was so fun and relaxing. We even saw a domestic dispute at the DQ! Remember that Ry?

Anyways, we are just going from Tuesday morning until Wednesday night. We both figure one night is enough for AJ. I'm beyond excited to see the Kiger family and spend time with them. Ryan has one of the best families EVER. It's like a party every time we go to Lancaster. Which I'd like to do VERY soon to visit the Kilbargers! How would you feel about that Angie? Cathy? Debbie?

I'm sure I'll come back with a good story or two-- probably not as exciting as the poop-on-the-airplane story, but you never know. I'm going to TRY to take lots of pictures, but things get distracting so I can't promise anything...