Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AJ's New Shoes

Okay so past vent=over. I left Sunday to go to Cedar Point with my Uncle Blake and my cousin Brandon. We stayed until Tuesday morning and it was amazing.. despite the fact that I woke up for no reason at 7:30... Guess I don't know how to sleep in anymore..?

We rode all the good rollercoasters... mama el even rode top thrill dragster.
Millenium Force on the left and Top thrill on the right.

That mini "break" from reality was seriously what I needed. Poor Ryan had a great time waking up at 5:30 am with AJ. BUT guess what?! Aden woke up at 7 am today!!!!! It was amazing! I woke up feeling completely refreshed. I'm guessing that the "no-sleep stage" is far from over but that one night was fantastic. No tylenol, no teething tablets, no rocking to sleep.. nothing. Amazing!

Anyways, I've been looking for shoes for AJ for about 2 weeks now. He has really short, really fat feet. We went to stride rite to look but I didn't see any shoes I was absolutely in love with and lets face it, I am not spending $50 on shoes I don't love. They also put him in a size 5 wide... the size his sandals are that are giving him blisters because they are so small. I felt kind of pressured there so we just left.

I started looking online and turns out... short fat feet = expensive shoes. And hard to find too. Ryan and Erika told me to look online at They have EVERYTHING. Of course the "wide" shoe selection is smaller than the "normal" shoes but whatever! I ordered 2 pairs of shoes, 1 5.5 wide and 1 6 wide. He still has room to grow in the 5.5W which is really nice.

Here are the 6W shoes...
Saucony Boys Baby Ride A/C So spiffy, I know.

And here are the 5.5W
Of course they look WAY cuter on AJ.

Aden loved them. Right when he put them on he started stomping around like a maniac loving how much noise he could make. He was actually WALKING in these shoes instead of running. I took a video just to show how much my 17 month old looks like a 5 year old. He is all grown up! (minus the pooping in his pants- we are working on that)

Please excuse the lame mom commentary.

We have a very busy week this week... Zoo today with Pippa, Preston & Adriana.. Tomorrow Drew and Kaiden come over, Friday Ryan and I are going to Lancaster again for more family time and an end of the summer potluck, Saturday we have a end-of-summer cookout hosted by Aden's awesome godparents, and Sunday we have a birthday party @ the splash pad! I kinda like busy weeks once in awhile!

Did I mention that Daddy got new shoes for his 20th birthday (that's right, Aden doesn't have any teen parents anymore! wooo!)

Lookin good papa kiger!

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  1. Aden looks soooo handsome!!! I love a bright white pair of new shoes! LOVE! Good taste, Mama!