Monday, August 30, 2010

Following the leader

(may 09)

(July 09)
You know that REALLY annoying song from Peter Pan? The following the leader one?

Just incase you don't...

There. Now this will be stuck in your head for another 5 years.

Anywho, Aunt Lizzie started holding onto one end of Aden's blankie and he would follow her around (this makes for a great secret leash). We took it a step farther by singing "following the leader" and now it's his favorite game. He will even HOLD YOUR HAND while you lead. Big step for AJ. He's a no-touching kind of guy. A manly man.

Well one day I caught Aden standing behind Ted (the bigger one of our two dogs) and grabbing his fur. It didn't take me long to figure out what he was doing... he was playing follow the leader! If Ted didn't feel like walking Aden would push him forward a little bit to get him to start moving. He makes sure to get my attention so I can sing the horrible song along with him.

Aden is learning more words everyday but would rather scream like a banshee instead. He can say "choo choo" which comes out more like "dooo dooo". He refuses to go down the stairs like a baby. He stands up and waits for me to come hold his hand so he can go down each step standing up. I think he falls down the stairs less when there isn't a baby gate up. Every time he takes a step he goes "OOF!" like it's a struggle. Such a drama queen. He also gasps every time I open something or give him he is amazed. Hilarious!

Our days haven't been to exciting lately. They usually consist of whining by the pantry door all day (no i'm not starving my son. he just tries to eat all darn day), opening and closing the sliding door, and walking inside and outside over and over again. There is also a lot of going up and down steps. Totally his favorite activity at the moment.

Aden is eating less now but i'm pretty sure it's just because he doesn't want to sit in his highchair for longer than 5 minutes. This morning we were out of yogurt... talk about a tantrum. Apples & Waffles just don't cut it.

Since school started back up, my mom and my sister lizzie are back at work. Sometimes it gets lonely here with just Aden and I but it always seems like there is so much to do. Grocery shopping, School supply shopping (because yes, I start back up full time- 4 classes- on Sept 22), picking up various prescriptions at CVS, picking up snapfish photos, getting gas, doing laundry, making breakfast, lunch, and snacks, trying to put AJ down for a nap, attempting to pick up the house after Aden destroys it (my dad calls it Tropical Storm Aden), Emptying/refilling the dishwasher... we keep busy.

I still have errands to run today..taking Aden's old winter clothes over to aunt shelly's and grocery shopping (I swear we do this once or twice a week. Something always runs out). And I still need to clean out my car.

One thing that's been super "off" this summer is that I have just been exhausted. I'm a planner and a go-getter usually so it's super annoying just being exhausted all the time. I mentioned it at my doctor's appointment last week (it was my first doctor's appointment since I my junior year of high school and my first with a non-pediatrician. Seriously, I went to the practice Aden now goes to up until I got pregnant. I was then rejected) so she asked me more questions and then took some blood. That definitely took me back to the days in the antepartum unit when I had to get my blood drawn multiple times a day. They drew so much of my blood that at one point they had to take it from in between my knuckles. It got to the point where
I could watch them insert the needle and watch the blood. I didn't even care anymore. So anyways, I'm just waiting on those results to see if I need to take iron supplements or what (something else I had to do while I was pregnant) and hopefully that will help with my energy level. I am really going to need it in a few weeks.

Aden now wakes up between 6 and 7 am instead of 4 and 5 am. It's great but man, if I could just push it back to 7:30 or 8am, I would be in heaven. It's probably really unlikely seeing as he hasn't slept that long since he was 7 months old, but a gal can dream right?

Oh Aden, I love you.
See? Look how tired I look here!

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