Monday, August 2, 2010

Must Everything Be A Weapon?

This whole mother-of-a-toddler thing is really hurting me. Literally hurting me. Aden uses EVERYTHING as a weapon. From plastic golf clubs to bubble wands to wooden blocks- which by the way were the worst thing I ever got him. He can hurl those things across the room and you don't even see them coming. Pointed edges are painful.

I understand that he is "exploring" but when he starts pounding my head with a drumstick (also another "fun" present gone wrong) that is when the exploring has gone too far. No one needs to know what skull-drumming sounds like. No one.

My poor parents though- I do my best to prevent Aden from banging his red plastic helicopter on the ethan allen coffee table, I really do. I try to take things away the moment the banging gets violent but after awhile he is left with zero toys to play with.

Speaking of taking toys away, temper tantrums have been taken to a whole new level. He now slams his body as hard as he can- without inflicting TOO much pain- against the floor and does the weirdest pouty-face/fake cry combo in history. It is so hard not to laugh. I'll be honest, discipline is not my strong point. I ignore Aden when he does this and I don't even look at him. It works well but is still so frustrating when he does it day after day after day.

I'm a seriously patient person... send me to a retirement home and I will enjoy myself for hours. But today I found myself sternly (and loudly) saying "NO!" Aden looked at me confused and I go on to (sternly, but not as loudly) say to my 16.5 month old son "You are being absolutely ridiculous right now and I'm not putting up with this!" You know, because he understands all of that..? Definitely not one of my finer points of parenting but I needed to get that out I guess. Don't worry, it was followed with lots of hugs and kisses after he changed his attitude.

Whenever I talk to my dad about Aden being absolutely nuts, he likes to remind me of the time when Aden took the plunger from the bathroom, ran as fast as he could down the hall preparing to launch the plunger down the stairs. It was like a game of extreme darts.

Tomorrow, Aden, Ryan and I are going camping with Ryan's dad's side of the family. I feel so lucky to even be able to tag along! I went in mid July of 08- Right after I got my tattoo, and right before I found out I was pregnant. We just spent the day there and it was so fun and relaxing. We even saw a domestic dispute at the DQ! Remember that Ry?

Anyways, we are just going from Tuesday morning until Wednesday night. We both figure one night is enough for AJ. I'm beyond excited to see the Kiger family and spend time with them. Ryan has one of the best families EVER. It's like a party every time we go to Lancaster. Which I'd like to do VERY soon to visit the Kilbargers! How would you feel about that Angie? Cathy? Debbie?

I'm sure I'll come back with a good story or two-- probably not as exciting as the poop-on-the-airplane story, but you never know. I'm going to TRY to take lots of pictures, but things get distracting so I can't promise anything...

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  1. I guess I'd chalk it up to boys will be boys. Hope no one is seriously hurt and nothing important is ever broken during one of Aden's shows of weaponry skill. LOVE the pic though. He is freaking adorable!