Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What up eminem?

Aden got his haircut today! It was his first one since Daddy shaved it so I can officially say that I forgive him now! haha.

He was NOT happy about the lady using the clippers on his head... until she popped in yo gabba gabba and gave him a sucker. Then he was in heaven. Okay, I know nothing about the length of boys hair sizes. What is up with the 1,2,3,4 and 5 things? We cut Aden's to a 5, which is a good length but I wouldn't have minded going a bit shorter, down to a 4. The cut was great but then she kind of cut his bangs straight across.. now he looks like eminem. I fixed that by getting some pomade and giving him a faux-hawk. So if you see that style a lot in upcoming pictures.. that's why. Because my son has an eminem haircut.

- let me pause for a second to tell you that my entire cup of hot chocolate spilled everywhere. Do you want to guess how happy I am about that?-

Anyways, every time we go get his hair cut or get pictures taken, the same questions ALWAYS comes up. either "What color is his hair?" or "what color do you think his hair will be!?" And every single time I reply with "Well it used to be darker red. and then he lost his hair. and then it grew back white in the back and red on top. So we don't really know anymore."

So if you were wondering what color his hair is.... there ya go.

Aden was also being Mr. Super Adorable today in the tub. SO adorable that I recorded it to show you all how goofy this child is.

Also today, Aden was going up and down and up and down on the rocks. Every single time he'd wait for me to say "1,2,3 go!" I love the way his little toddler body runs. It cracks me up every time!

Okay, off to make more flashcards. I'm exhausted!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bye Summer!!

Since school has started again I haven't had much time to blog. Well, actually that's a lie I just feel guilty blogging because I could be taking notes or doing flashcards during that time period.

So for the first great news:
Turns out I already took Humanities. Apparently I never sent my Winter '09 OSU grades to CSCC. I was looking online at the course (and dreading it) and realized that I had most definitely taken Western Civilization at OSU when I was pregnant. And no WAY was I taking it again. SO that means I get to take 3 classes this quarter and I am so glad. It's not that these classes are hard, they are just a lot of work. On top of the classes I spend an extra hour of my own time with the animals down at the program and then 2 hours on the weekends with them once a month.

I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday because I hadn't had any library days yet (remember how I go to the library twice a week and sit there for hours on end studying while Ryan has Aden?). This quarter my library days are Tuesday 11-3 and Thursday 11-4:45 with class following at 5-5:50. Anyways, today I finished EVERYTHING. 5 homework assignments, a quiz (which I got 100% on.. thank you very much), lecture notes on animal restraint, and a video lecture. I even went to get my swipe card- it's an ID so I can enter the vet tech building whenever- and applied to work at the polls.

Okay- I've worked at the polls for 2 elections. Yes, It is miserable. 5:30am till 8pm? Miserable. However, seeing as I have no income right now, an extra $150 wouldn't hurt. And since I've worked twice and been trained twice, I could be the leader. Plus it's less exhausting than being a mom. And it's one day- I will survive. Oh and p.s- if you want to babysit for me, totally go for it. Probably from about 7:30 or 8am till 11am when Ryan gets here.

Aden has come down with a little bit of a sickness- his first EVER (besides two little colds, one when he was 6 weeks old and one when he was a few months). No fever yet.. just a lot of stuffiness and he seems to be extra tired. I'm definitely not complaining because he is sleeping through the night still... so he must not be feeling THAT bad. I just hope it doesn't get worse!

It's become much cooler here. Last week it was in the 90's and this week its in the 50s and 60s. I don't mind TOO much because I get to pull out Aden's fall wardrobe! wahoo! I'm seriously going to take a picture of all of it because it's just so darn cute. Pippa hooked us up with the most adorable sweaters/shirts/jeans/hoodies/hats ever.

I KNOW that there is stuff i'm forgetting to write about Aden. He's doing lots of new stuff. He "reads" through his animal book and can just about say "tiger" and then he roars along with it. If you show him a pig, he oinks. If you say pig, he oinks. Also, apparently if you say guinea pig... he oinks. Umm close right?

One of his new fave books his "No, David". It's about a freaky looking kid with pointy teeth named David, whose mom says no david all day. Aden likes it because he can read along and say "No, no no!".

AJ has also become an expert trash thrower awayer. (it's a word, don't worry about it) He takes all of my trash, all of his trash, and even things that aren't trash that he thinks should be (metal spoons, his fake play food milk carton, my socks) and throws it in the trash can.

Speaking of his play food.. he looooooves it. He feeds it to me and mak
es me delicious "sandwiches". I think his favorite thing is putting the fake lettuce on my head and then wearing the fake onion rings as earrings.

That's about it on the updating. Besides these adorable pictures in his first fall outfit.

And no, it really wasn't THAT cold he just liked the hat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Blues

The end of summer has become especially hard since finding out I was pregnant in July '08. It's not that I don't want to go back to school, I love school and it keeps me more motivated. It's seeing everyone else leave and go back to school and doing what I thought I'd be doing.

In some ways I definitely think I isolate myself from people my age, partly because it annoys me that I have this huge responsibility and am trying to make my perfect little baby grow into a responsible, respectful, smart little man and they are trying to wake themselves up before noon. The other reason is because I wanted that to be me. Carefree and only
worried about finals and where I was going out that night.

I don't go out as much as I could but honestly, I don't feel like being judged all the time. Take for example, last wednesday. Pippa and I went out again (last time we could before school starts and our lives are over) and Ryan had told me that a bunch of his friends happened to be going where we were going. Okay, great, fine. All nice people. I literally spent an hour trying to look good because I knew they would think one of two things. They would either think 1. She looks pretty good for being a mom! or 2. Wow she went downhill!!!

And you KNOW when you tell people you're a mom they just automatically assume since you are out then that you go out all the time.

It's literally annoying being judged EVERYWHERE you go. I look pretty young... I think it's the freckles? So I get some looks at grocery stores, the pool, on walks. I get "are you the babysitter?" or "you're the nanny right?". Those are fun. No one would guess that I have a weird obsession with rear-facing car seats and bury myself into how-to toddler books. (If you are wondering about the rear facing car seat... Aden is legally allowed to be forward facing in a car. The limit is 1 year and 20 pounds. Aden is 18 months and 26 pounds and we still rear face. I read all about rear facing when Aden was an infant and got a convertible car seat that can be rear facing until he is 35 pounds. Chicka Chicka yeeeeeeah)

Once again Pip and I have a fun story from Wednesday. Some kid (I say kid because he looked about 15 and was fairly short) was creepily talking to us.. telling us all about his
fantastic allergy problem... so to get him to go back with his friends we pulled the mom card. He literally would not believe that we were moms. Pip pulled out her phone and he laughs and goes "HAHA yeah right, that kid is like, 2".... wow way to make things more awkward dude. Finally he walks away and we walk past him as I hear him say to his 2 friends "dude... those girls are moms!!!"

That is what we call a Class A jerk. Maybe I should've leaned over to Pip and been like "DUDE THAT GUY HAD NASTY PHLEGM-Y ALLERGIES".

Thank goodness school is starting and I can stay in my room all night and do homework.

And here's my little ravioli monster...

I looooove me some snuggles

With school coming up pretty soon (6 days!!) I know that I will have very little free time. I feel super guilty about it and because of that, I've been giving Aden lots of extra snuggles the past few weeks. It always seems like my phone is always buzzing or i'm looking up something on the computer or playing around with iMovie and photoshop... so I take "technology breaks" and turn the tv off, shut down the computer completely, and put my phone in another room or on silent on the top shelf. Then I lay on the floor and get out different toys or crayons and paper or a puzzle and play with him.

After awhile I'll say "Aden, why don't you go grab a book, get blankie and come sit on mommy's lap?" And guess what? He does. He picks up 1 of 6 books : I love you Through and Through, The Sleepy Little Alphabet, On the Night you Were Born, Pete the Cat, How I became a Pirate, or 100 first words. If he cant reach one of the books, he will point to the top shelf and say "moooooooom! moooooom!" He then picks up the book, gets his blankie, and literally dives into my lap. We will end up reading ALL of the 6 books and probably a few other random ones. It's a lot of reading. But he loves it.

And I do too.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bedtime Routine

Every night, Aden eats dinner between 5:30 and 6. After cleaning up, we go upstairs and take a bath and then have our "upstairs time", or downtime. For most kids that means reading books, snuggling, listening to lullaby's... not for Aden though.

For Aden it means this:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Red

Okay, I'll admit it- I really wasn't the cute pregnant lady I had always dreamed of being. I was tired all day everyday, I was on my feet all day working anywhere from 8 to 12 hour shifts, and I had recently cut and dyed my hair dark brown. Here's a tip- DON'T change your hair right before pregnancy. Then you have to deal with getting fat and hating your new hair. I think I decided to go back to blonde (brown isn't my natural hair color... at all) like 2 months later. It took 8 months to get it back to normal.

Anyways, I owned 3 pairs of maternity jeans and about a handful of tops and then a few sweaters. Mostly, I just wore sweatpants and sweatshirts. I stopped working at about 30 weeks due to my excessive swelling so I really didn't have anything TO get dressed for.

One thing that I owned was a maternity coat. It was a red maternity mid length coat. I thought it was just SO cute. Until one day when Ryan said "You kinda look like the kool-aid man in that coat."

From then on, whenever I walked into the room, Ryan would say "OOOOOOOH YEAHH!"... the worst part is, it caught on and soon, even my family was doing it. I eventually just stopped wearing it and instead squeezed my northface around my big belly.

We have NO pictures of big red, just this one video on Christmas 2008.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Fun Times!

It's honestly a miracle that Ryan and I still get along so well. Relationships are hard but get ten times harder when you add a surprise pregnancy to the mix. We have a LOT of those times that you just want to strangle each other and in our house, we call them "happy fun times". I thought I'd share just a few "happy fun times" that we have had so far... enjoy.

Happy Fun Time #1
When I was pregnant, Ryan and I decided to take a childbirth class. It was nothing fancy, just some breathing techniques and information that I probably didn't need to know. One of the things we did in the class was watch a video about a woman giving birth. It showed her getting an epidural, having the baby come out, being happy, etc. and at the end of the movie Ryan looks over at me and goes "That didn't look that bad."

Okay, I wanted to SHOOT him. To this day he says he meant that "getting the epidural didn't look that bad" but either way, the timing of that statement was horrible.

Happy Fun Time #2
I gave birth on Saturday morning at 12:28 am. I had been at the hospital since Wednesday. I wouldn't be discharged until Monday afternoon. Well, every year, Watterson has a senior retreat. Seniors are divided up into groups and you go to this place an hour away on Sunday at noon and talk about high and low points of your life and cry a lot and connect with classmates. You come back Monday afternoon. It is required to graduate. See where I'm going with this?

Ryan's happened to be scheduled March 8th and March 9th. It was the last available trip so he couldn't switch it. I told him to swap earlier in the year but we were both pretty sure I wouldn't have Aden that early (he was due on March 28 remember) so he just kept it.

So yes, Ryan had to leave his baby mama and baby to go on this senior retreat. My sister came that night to the hospital to spend the night with me. That morning I had a breakdown. I was literally pacing around the room snapping at everyone.. including the darn nurses who kept telling me I had to have this shot and this shot and this shot before I could leave. With all the other hormones going on I just cried and cried and cried.

Happy Fun Time #3
Last summer, Ryan and I had to go way out in Amish country, Ohio for his family reunion. I thought we had timed it perfectly so that Aden wouldn't be hungry until we got there... and I did... until we got lost.

We were literally in the middle of nowhere trying to find hot water to heat a bottle up (another downside of bottle feeding... Darn you Aden for never latching!) We had a cup and a bottle of water so I tried to pour the tepid water into the cup. Guess what? It didn't work. With Aden SCREAMING in the backseat, Ryan driving us to lord knows where, and being lost... things were bad. I finally got the great idea to blast the heat (during the hottest of summer days) and hold the cup up to the hot vent. Guess what else didn't work? That.

We arrived 20 minutes later. The bottle was still cold. Aden was still crying, and both Ryan and I wanted to shoot each other.

Happy Fun Time #4

Last year, in late July, we drove to Georgia. The trip down was fantastic! It seemed to go really fast and Aden was a happy camper. The way back however, was a different story.

The trip was 9 hours and I wasn't worried at all, considering Aden did so fantastic on the way down. Apparently after spending 5 days in a 2 bedroom cabin with 14 people, Aden wasn't too excited. We were using a different kind of water for his bottles (at home we just used tap water but couldn't in Georgia because of the quality- we had to use Nursery Water) and for some reason that upset his stomach. On top of that, Aden hadn't slept well the entire time just because there were so many people and there was no AC.

An hour into the trip, Aden started screaming. And he didn't stop. He took a few naps but still cried and whined the rest of the way. I didn't get to drive because Ryan sucks. Just kidding... it's because we had a rental car and Ryan probably wasn't even supposed to be driving. And he was convinced that the second I started driving a giant semi would run into us and everyone would be arrested. Anyways, do you KNOW how quiet it was up front? You couldn't even hear him crying if you sat up there. I had to be stuck in the back with him the ENTIRE time. By the time we got to cincinnati I had a meltdown. Crossing the Ohio bridge I yelled "STOP THE CAR I CAN'T DO THIS! GET ME OUT THE CAR! PULL OVER NOW!" Seriously, I was crying. Poor Ryan kept calmly saying "Ellyn, I can't pull over right now. We are crossing a bridge". After 15 minutes of me being hysterical, Aden calmed down and fell asleep. And then... we hit traffic. 5pm traffic plus a crash. Ryan kept yelling about all those "DAMN RUBBERNECKERS!" Aden woke up with 30 minutes left to go and cried the entire way home.

I believe if we had had a sharp object it would have been stabbed into somebody's neck.

Happy Fun Time #5
Pretty much all holidays are intense for us.. besides the minor ones like Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter, Columbus Day. It's different for me because we don't have grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins in Ohio. Ours are in California, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, New York, Minnesota, and Texas. We've always just stayed home and celebrated with our immediate family.

If you know Ryan, you know that he has a LARGE family. He only has one sister and 2 step sisters, but alllllllllll of his family lives less than an hour away in Lancaster, Ohio. With my family, his dads side of the family, and his moms side of the family, we have AT LEAST 3 celebrations for each holiday. On christmas, we had 5.

It all turned out super fun and dandy, starting out on the 23rd and ending on the 25th, but with my brother (who has never met Aden before), nephew, and sister all coming for christmas, things are going to get messy. Stay tuned for THIS happy fun time story.

I will add more happy fun times as I think of them. I'm sure Ryan can come up with quite a few...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

My Joseph Kiger is 18 months old today!!!

Fun things:
- The sleeping has gotten better. Still randomly wakes up at 2 or 3am and cries for about an hour but then it's all good.
- He is SO "talkative". He jabbers but the infliction in his voice makes it sound like he actually knows what he is talking about.
- He looooooooves to play rough. Especially with daddy. I'm a little more careful with him, probably because I still see him as my wittle baby... but Ryan just goes all out throwing h
im up in the air, shaking him upside down, spinning him around.... and Aden loves it. I have to be the no-fun debbie downer at night when it's 8:30 and Aden is running around screaming with Ryan right behind him.
- He can go down the stairs all by himself! He scoots down on his toosh and every time he lands he says "OOF!"
-He loves the vacuum. What the heck kind of 18 month old loves a vacuum? Isn't it supposed to be loud and scary?
-He loves to sit at the big table instead of his highchair. I think he is a 10 year old in a 18 month old's body.
-The new game of the week is playing "ceiling fan". He stares at the ceiling fan and then spins in circles.. then falls down. Then does it over again.

Not-so-fun things:
- He loves the play rough. Totally fun when you are in the mood for it but when he comes over, takes your blackberry, and then chucks it at your forehead when you aren't looking... Guess how fun that is? Answer: not very.
- He poops. and poops. and poops. and poops. Seriously, someone switched his bowels from the "off" mode to the "all day, everyday, grossest thing you've ever seen" mode. I swear the smell just lingers in my nose. Gah-Ross.
- He's such a boy. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. But lord, I grew up with my 2 sisters... my brother is 13 years older than I am and was out of the house (lucky for him) before things REALLY got girly. I grew up with babydolls, dollhouses, pink, lace.. all of that fun stuff. I'm not used to the 2 inches of mud that accumulates on his feet, the scrapes and bruises,
the need to hit everything all the time and use everything as a weapon, the sweat, the energy... none of that. I mean he already picks his nose. Sure, I did that but in the privacy of my own room. Have some decency AJ! If I gave him a bucket of dirt, he would not only play with it, he would climb in the bucket and bathe in it. Bath time really should happen twice a day. At least.
-He gets bored easily. When he gets bored, things are not good. This is usually when the banging things against mommy's head comes in.

One of the saddest things is that Aden just isn't a baby anymore. I mean, I remember so clearly the day he was born, when they handed him to me wrapped up in all of his blankets. He didn't cry. He just stared at me with his dark blue-gray newborn eyes just taking in everythin
g around him. I remember smiling so big on my way up to postpartum (despite the fact that I thought my bladder was going to burst) and being so proud. I remember leaving the hospital when I was so out of it that I tried to put Aden in the car seat while he was still swaddled and had no idea what I was doing. I cried.

How is it even possible that I have been a mom for 18 months? In some ways, I feel like I just graduated high school. Like I'm still the same person I was in May 2008. But I know I'm not. I have grown so much from then. When I took AJ to the St.Michael's festival I saw the freshman in high school standing in circles, gossiping about who likes who and who's popular and why their life is so hard because their parents totally grounded them. Sometimes I think getting older really sucks. BUT on the other hand. I can now eat ice cream at 10am.

Happy Year and a Half my beautiful Aden.

Love you forever,


Friday, September 3, 2010

Mom's Night Out

Pippa and I try to plan to go out together at least once a month but usually it's not even that often. It's hard to get both of us to be not tired, not stressed, and have a babysitter at the same time. Plus since we are under 21 there aren't many places for us to go.
We went out to Cantina on Wednesday night and actually had a lot of fun! Probably one of the highlights was when Ryan's classmate told me HE reads my blog! It absolutely made my night!

I think we make it a point to tell EVERYONE that we are moms. I mean we pull out our phones and show pictures, go into detailed stories... it's probably all unnecessary and I'm sure everyone thinks we are crazy.. but come on, how can you not show off those adorable faces!

The reactions are the best. Sometimes they blink and do the awkward head nod saying "oh that's cool".. then find an excuse to walk away. Apparently people don't use college night at Cantina to go pick up mom's. I'm pretty sure I saw someone who I used to go to school with but was a couple years older and he stayed FAR away from me.. I think he thought I had the plague or something. It's really okay, saying "hi" to me isn't going to make me pop out a baby. Seriously.
I think the best reaction we had that night was when we were fist pumping on the dancefloor and we yell "WOO you are hangin with moms right now!" and the person goes "YEAHHHHH! WOOOO! YOU JUST WENT FROM HERE...TO HERE!!!" moving his hand up on his invisible "cool" meter.

It's also cool because if girls give you some dirty look just for being you, we just say "no, it's okay, we are moms" (that line works a lot). And they smile like "oh my god I feel so bad for you". I mean you really wouldn't believe what some people say. They look at our x's on our hands and go "moms?! aren't you a little young to be moms?!" and then laugh hysterically. So glad we could entertain you... jerk. Being an 18 yr old with a 1 week old is a bigger deal then being a 20 year old with an 18 month old... People never do the math and don't take into account that yeah, I WAS a teen mom. Cheers to that!

Believe it or not, even out at places like that we still get the SAME question every time. And it still bugs me EVERY time. "Why did you decide to have them?"... I'm not kidding. That is the #1 most asked question. By far. It's like people think we have something wrong with us because we chose a different route. And every single time it's asked, I get embarrassed. It's kind of goes along with asking "why are you catholic?".. you just don't ask that to people you don't know.

I absolutely love love love talking about Aden. My pregnancy, the day he was born, all of the funny things he does... even the poop stories that no one really wants to hear. But that is one thing that makes me uncomfortable if I don't know you well. I'm blessed to have had an awesome pregnancy, uncomplicated birth, a perfectly healthy child, and an amazing supportive family. and never in my life would I want to take the chance for someone to be an amazing human being away from them.

I don't look down on ANYONE for their personal choices.. not at all. I just don't want to be questioned by random people why I chose my personal choice... It always turns into some heated debate and I feel cornered and kind of attacked. I'm just answering their question as to why I didn't choose that path... not whether or not other people should.

So Please, ask me anything about my perfect 17.5 month old... anything. But if you see me out trying to have a good time. Please Please Please, don't ask me why I chose my child to live.

^Because that's why^


A couple of days ago, during one of our errands, I remembered that I needed scrubs for school! The life uniform store was right next door so I took AJ over in the stroller (with snacks of course) to get a few pairs for my classes.

Okay first of all, i've never shopped for such things in my life. Second of all, who are they making these scrubs for? boxes? I can honestly say that no one I know is shaped like a square. Third of all, since they are just for school... we have no guidelines. No specific color/print/style/material... nothing. Great. Totally what I needed.

After standing "looking" at different brands and styles ( I say "looking" because you know how it is when you have no idea what you are doing but just want to look like something is actually processing in your brain? Totally what was happening) the nice lady working came over to help me. She brought over a pair of scrubs that were not as boxy and even felt kind of nice. The lady shopping next to me told me that these were the most comfy and the best scrubs she had ever owned and that I had to at least get one pair! The brand? Grey's Anatomy.

Okay- I have never watched one episode of grey's, I don't know anything about it... all I know is THEY MAKE THE BEST SCRUBS EVER! I didn't try them on in the store because the smallest size was an XS. If that didn't fit then what else was I gonna do? I kinda just hoped for the best. I got 2 pairs to start off with, dark gray and navy. Oh my gosh. I want to wear these everyday... which I guess I will be soon! They are just amazing! The pants are long but easily rolled and totally fit around the hips (thanks Aden) and the top is just perfect! I totally look like I belong
on Grey's Anatomy. Completely.

Of course right when I got home I put them on, along with my handy purple stethoscope. Yeah, I'm totally a dork.. but woo! It made me so excited to start school again on the 22nd! Too bad looking cute isn't factored into our grade. Boo.
I hope you weren't too excited- I mean they are scrubs, not jeggings.