Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Fun Times!

It's honestly a miracle that Ryan and I still get along so well. Relationships are hard but get ten times harder when you add a surprise pregnancy to the mix. We have a LOT of those times that you just want to strangle each other and in our house, we call them "happy fun times". I thought I'd share just a few "happy fun times" that we have had so far... enjoy.

Happy Fun Time #1
When I was pregnant, Ryan and I decided to take a childbirth class. It was nothing fancy, just some breathing techniques and information that I probably didn't need to know. One of the things we did in the class was watch a video about a woman giving birth. It showed her getting an epidural, having the baby come out, being happy, etc. and at the end of the movie Ryan looks over at me and goes "That didn't look that bad."

Okay, I wanted to SHOOT him. To this day he says he meant that "getting the epidural didn't look that bad" but either way, the timing of that statement was horrible.

Happy Fun Time #2
I gave birth on Saturday morning at 12:28 am. I had been at the hospital since Wednesday. I wouldn't be discharged until Monday afternoon. Well, every year, Watterson has a senior retreat. Seniors are divided up into groups and you go to this place an hour away on Sunday at noon and talk about high and low points of your life and cry a lot and connect with classmates. You come back Monday afternoon. It is required to graduate. See where I'm going with this?

Ryan's happened to be scheduled March 8th and March 9th. It was the last available trip so he couldn't switch it. I told him to swap earlier in the year but we were both pretty sure I wouldn't have Aden that early (he was due on March 28 remember) so he just kept it.

So yes, Ryan had to leave his baby mama and baby to go on this senior retreat. My sister came that night to the hospital to spend the night with me. That morning I had a breakdown. I was literally pacing around the room snapping at everyone.. including the darn nurses who kept telling me I had to have this shot and this shot and this shot before I could leave. With all the other hormones going on I just cried and cried and cried.

Happy Fun Time #3
Last summer, Ryan and I had to go way out in Amish country, Ohio for his family reunion. I thought we had timed it perfectly so that Aden wouldn't be hungry until we got there... and I did... until we got lost.

We were literally in the middle of nowhere trying to find hot water to heat a bottle up (another downside of bottle feeding... Darn you Aden for never latching!) We had a cup and a bottle of water so I tried to pour the tepid water into the cup. Guess what? It didn't work. With Aden SCREAMING in the backseat, Ryan driving us to lord knows where, and being lost... things were bad. I finally got the great idea to blast the heat (during the hottest of summer days) and hold the cup up to the hot vent. Guess what else didn't work? That.

We arrived 20 minutes later. The bottle was still cold. Aden was still crying, and both Ryan and I wanted to shoot each other.

Happy Fun Time #4

Last year, in late July, we drove to Georgia. The trip down was fantastic! It seemed to go really fast and Aden was a happy camper. The way back however, was a different story.

The trip was 9 hours and I wasn't worried at all, considering Aden did so fantastic on the way down. Apparently after spending 5 days in a 2 bedroom cabin with 14 people, Aden wasn't too excited. We were using a different kind of water for his bottles (at home we just used tap water but couldn't in Georgia because of the quality- we had to use Nursery Water) and for some reason that upset his stomach. On top of that, Aden hadn't slept well the entire time just because there were so many people and there was no AC.

An hour into the trip, Aden started screaming. And he didn't stop. He took a few naps but still cried and whined the rest of the way. I didn't get to drive because Ryan sucks. Just kidding... it's because we had a rental car and Ryan probably wasn't even supposed to be driving. And he was convinced that the second I started driving a giant semi would run into us and everyone would be arrested. Anyways, do you KNOW how quiet it was up front? You couldn't even hear him crying if you sat up there. I had to be stuck in the back with him the ENTIRE time. By the time we got to cincinnati I had a meltdown. Crossing the Ohio bridge I yelled "STOP THE CAR I CAN'T DO THIS! GET ME OUT THE CAR! PULL OVER NOW!" Seriously, I was crying. Poor Ryan kept calmly saying "Ellyn, I can't pull over right now. We are crossing a bridge". After 15 minutes of me being hysterical, Aden calmed down and fell asleep. And then... we hit traffic. 5pm traffic plus a crash. Ryan kept yelling about all those "DAMN RUBBERNECKERS!" Aden woke up with 30 minutes left to go and cried the entire way home.

I believe if we had had a sharp object it would have been stabbed into somebody's neck.

Happy Fun Time #5
Pretty much all holidays are intense for us.. besides the minor ones like Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter, Columbus Day. It's different for me because we don't have grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins in Ohio. Ours are in California, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, New York, Minnesota, and Texas. We've always just stayed home and celebrated with our immediate family.

If you know Ryan, you know that he has a LARGE family. He only has one sister and 2 step sisters, but alllllllllll of his family lives less than an hour away in Lancaster, Ohio. With my family, his dads side of the family, and his moms side of the family, we have AT LEAST 3 celebrations for each holiday. On christmas, we had 5.

It all turned out super fun and dandy, starting out on the 23rd and ending on the 25th, but with my brother (who has never met Aden before), nephew, and sister all coming for christmas, things are going to get messy. Stay tuned for THIS happy fun time story.

I will add more happy fun times as I think of them. I'm sure Ryan can come up with quite a few...

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