Friday, September 17, 2010

I looooove me some snuggles

With school coming up pretty soon (6 days!!) I know that I will have very little free time. I feel super guilty about it and because of that, I've been giving Aden lots of extra snuggles the past few weeks. It always seems like my phone is always buzzing or i'm looking up something on the computer or playing around with iMovie and photoshop... so I take "technology breaks" and turn the tv off, shut down the computer completely, and put my phone in another room or on silent on the top shelf. Then I lay on the floor and get out different toys or crayons and paper or a puzzle and play with him.

After awhile I'll say "Aden, why don't you go grab a book, get blankie and come sit on mommy's lap?" And guess what? He does. He picks up 1 of 6 books : I love you Through and Through, The Sleepy Little Alphabet, On the Night you Were Born, Pete the Cat, How I became a Pirate, or 100 first words. If he cant reach one of the books, he will point to the top shelf and say "moooooooom! moooooom!" He then picks up the book, gets his blankie, and literally dives into my lap. We will end up reading ALL of the 6 books and probably a few other random ones. It's a lot of reading. But he loves it.

And I do too.

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