Friday, September 3, 2010

Mom's Night Out

Pippa and I try to plan to go out together at least once a month but usually it's not even that often. It's hard to get both of us to be not tired, not stressed, and have a babysitter at the same time. Plus since we are under 21 there aren't many places for us to go.
We went out to Cantina on Wednesday night and actually had a lot of fun! Probably one of the highlights was when Ryan's classmate told me HE reads my blog! It absolutely made my night!

I think we make it a point to tell EVERYONE that we are moms. I mean we pull out our phones and show pictures, go into detailed stories... it's probably all unnecessary and I'm sure everyone thinks we are crazy.. but come on, how can you not show off those adorable faces!

The reactions are the best. Sometimes they blink and do the awkward head nod saying "oh that's cool".. then find an excuse to walk away. Apparently people don't use college night at Cantina to go pick up mom's. I'm pretty sure I saw someone who I used to go to school with but was a couple years older and he stayed FAR away from me.. I think he thought I had the plague or something. It's really okay, saying "hi" to me isn't going to make me pop out a baby. Seriously.
I think the best reaction we had that night was when we were fist pumping on the dancefloor and we yell "WOO you are hangin with moms right now!" and the person goes "YEAHHHHH! WOOOO! YOU JUST WENT FROM HERE...TO HERE!!!" moving his hand up on his invisible "cool" meter.

It's also cool because if girls give you some dirty look just for being you, we just say "no, it's okay, we are moms" (that line works a lot). And they smile like "oh my god I feel so bad for you". I mean you really wouldn't believe what some people say. They look at our x's on our hands and go "moms?! aren't you a little young to be moms?!" and then laugh hysterically. So glad we could entertain you... jerk. Being an 18 yr old with a 1 week old is a bigger deal then being a 20 year old with an 18 month old... People never do the math and don't take into account that yeah, I WAS a teen mom. Cheers to that!

Believe it or not, even out at places like that we still get the SAME question every time. And it still bugs me EVERY time. "Why did you decide to have them?"... I'm not kidding. That is the #1 most asked question. By far. It's like people think we have something wrong with us because we chose a different route. And every single time it's asked, I get embarrassed. It's kind of goes along with asking "why are you catholic?".. you just don't ask that to people you don't know.

I absolutely love love love talking about Aden. My pregnancy, the day he was born, all of the funny things he does... even the poop stories that no one really wants to hear. But that is one thing that makes me uncomfortable if I don't know you well. I'm blessed to have had an awesome pregnancy, uncomplicated birth, a perfectly healthy child, and an amazing supportive family. and never in my life would I want to take the chance for someone to be an amazing human being away from them.

I don't look down on ANYONE for their personal choices.. not at all. I just don't want to be questioned by random people why I chose my personal choice... It always turns into some heated debate and I feel cornered and kind of attacked. I'm just answering their question as to why I didn't choose that path... not whether or not other people should.

So Please, ask me anything about my perfect 17.5 month old... anything. But if you see me out trying to have a good time. Please Please Please, don't ask me why I chose my child to live.

^Because that's why^

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