Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

My Joseph Kiger is 18 months old today!!!

Fun things:
- The sleeping has gotten better. Still randomly wakes up at 2 or 3am and cries for about an hour but then it's all good.
- He is SO "talkative". He jabbers but the infliction in his voice makes it sound like he actually knows what he is talking about.
- He looooooooves to play rough. Especially with daddy. I'm a little more careful with him, probably because I still see him as my wittle baby... but Ryan just goes all out throwing h
im up in the air, shaking him upside down, spinning him around.... and Aden loves it. I have to be the no-fun debbie downer at night when it's 8:30 and Aden is running around screaming with Ryan right behind him.
- He can go down the stairs all by himself! He scoots down on his toosh and every time he lands he says "OOF!"
-He loves the vacuum. What the heck kind of 18 month old loves a vacuum? Isn't it supposed to be loud and scary?
-He loves to sit at the big table instead of his highchair. I think he is a 10 year old in a 18 month old's body.
-The new game of the week is playing "ceiling fan". He stares at the ceiling fan and then spins in circles.. then falls down. Then does it over again.

Not-so-fun things:
- He loves the play rough. Totally fun when you are in the mood for it but when he comes over, takes your blackberry, and then chucks it at your forehead when you aren't looking... Guess how fun that is? Answer: not very.
- He poops. and poops. and poops. and poops. Seriously, someone switched his bowels from the "off" mode to the "all day, everyday, grossest thing you've ever seen" mode. I swear the smell just lingers in my nose. Gah-Ross.
- He's such a boy. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. But lord, I grew up with my 2 sisters... my brother is 13 years older than I am and was out of the house (lucky for him) before things REALLY got girly. I grew up with babydolls, dollhouses, pink, lace.. all of that fun stuff. I'm not used to the 2 inches of mud that accumulates on his feet, the scrapes and bruises,
the need to hit everything all the time and use everything as a weapon, the sweat, the energy... none of that. I mean he already picks his nose. Sure, I did that but in the privacy of my own room. Have some decency AJ! If I gave him a bucket of dirt, he would not only play with it, he would climb in the bucket and bathe in it. Bath time really should happen twice a day. At least.
-He gets bored easily. When he gets bored, things are not good. This is usually when the banging things against mommy's head comes in.

One of the saddest things is that Aden just isn't a baby anymore. I mean, I remember so clearly the day he was born, when they handed him to me wrapped up in all of his blankets. He didn't cry. He just stared at me with his dark blue-gray newborn eyes just taking in everythin
g around him. I remember smiling so big on my way up to postpartum (despite the fact that I thought my bladder was going to burst) and being so proud. I remember leaving the hospital when I was so out of it that I tried to put Aden in the car seat while he was still swaddled and had no idea what I was doing. I cried.

How is it even possible that I have been a mom for 18 months? In some ways, I feel like I just graduated high school. Like I'm still the same person I was in May 2008. But I know I'm not. I have grown so much from then. When I took AJ to the St.Michael's festival I saw the freshman in high school standing in circles, gossiping about who likes who and who's popular and why their life is so hard because their parents totally grounded them. Sometimes I think getting older really sucks. BUT on the other hand. I can now eat ice cream at 10am.

Happy Year and a Half my beautiful Aden.

Love you forever,


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