Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat Success!

We did it! We made it through Trick-or-treat without one single meltdown! And guess what else? He kept his costume on. You know what his costume was?

drumroll please....


Duh, that's like the only thing he knows how to say. Thank goodness that thing had a ton of warm padding in it because it was freezing. I was wearing a sweater, a northface jacket, jeans and ugg boots and I was STILL cold. Ryan dressed for the arctic though so he was nice and cozy:

Are they not the best looking guys you have ever seen?!

Aden was kind of in a grump mood all day so right when we got a piece of candy we let him do his thang with it. He chose an 100 grand (looove those) and took one bite and then held onto it with a death grip. At the next house he put his melted candy bar in someone's candy basket and picked a new one. Nice trade Aden. He didn't say trick or treat and any time someone looked at him he would turn his head away really fast. Someone wasn't feeling very social.

We were out for maybe 25 minutes before we all got too cold and went back to Pippa's. Ryan had to go back to school (seriously, college and babies do not mix) so AJ and I just hung out with Pippa, Adriana and Preston for awhile. Our kids looked absolutely adorable.. Adriana was a chick and said "peep peep peep" when you asked her to.

We let the kids have a few pieces of candy.. one being a sucker. They both got big tootsie pop suckers and Aden was so excited to eat it that he ate 1/2 of the wrapper be
fore I could even unwrap it. ew.

One HUGE thing is that Aden wasn't scared of Adriana! Usually he runs screaming to me and hides from her when she tries to kiss/hug/play with him but this time he actually played WITH her! It was like a toddler version of tag.. I only got a few seconds of it before my camera died

Overall, trick-or-treat was a huge success (even though Ryan ate all of the fizzy skittles) and i'm bummed its over. Now we move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Remember how we had 3 thanksgivings and 5 christmases last year? Dear Jesus help us all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tricks, Treats, and Tantrums.

Man, i'm bad at posting during the school year. This october has definitely been a lot busier than last october. Ryan and I are both full blown into our programs... did you know he is majoring in engineering? Talk about a smart guy. Anywho, while going over our schedules for this Winter, we realized that we are going to be busier than ever. Know what that means? Bye bye library day...hello staying up until 2-3am. I actually cried because I have class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. from either 5-6pm or 5-8. Not bad right? Well then you have to spend at least an hour a week with the dogs walking them, caring for them etc. And not to mention the grooming and general parameters you have to do once a week as well. I am also taking an online class. How is it that I have 3 classes, only 2 vet ones, and will be busier than ever? If Ryan wants a guys night with Aden, that'll mean I only get to put him to bed 2 times a week. TWO. I told you I cried. Ryan has class every single day. If anyone is interested in babysitting PLEASE let me know when you can. I think i'm going to start looking for a "regular" babysitter or two so I can start introducing them to Aden and getting him used to new people. Seriously, please write me an inbox message.

You know what doesn't help? Knowing that it won't get better for a year and a half. I have
school the next two summers. No vacations, no nothing. Sometimes growing up really stinks.

On the other hand, Trick or Treat is tonight!! How awesome is that? Last year Ryan and I felt weird going up to people's doors with our 7 month old asking for candy so we just walked around. This year... even though aden can't say trick or treat and even though he has never really had candy (besides some chocolate I sneak him every once in awhile) we are totally going. And you know what? I'm gonna eat the candy.

It starts at 6 and guess who has class 5 to 5:50 tonight? Oh yeah, that's me. So if you see a mad driver on 71 north tonight, that'll be me trying to get home in time to dress Aden up and then drive back down to Upper Arlington to trick or treat with my fam and Pippa,Preston, and Adriana. (I would call them the Black Family... Adriana black, preston black... but that kind of sounds racist soooo i'm not gonna go that route)

Aden is the most tantrummy little guy ever. For example, my mom was eating her breakfast this morning and Aden wanted the cereal. I went to get him some of his own instead of him trying to mooch of my mom's plate, and he swung around screaming and threw his grocery cart on the ground. Ugh. The worst times are morning time (no matter what, this kid doesn't wake up happy) and 5pm. Punishing doesn't even work... just ignoring. He gets seriously offended when people don't watch or pay attention to him. He's become a master of getting out of your arms when you hold him and also at pinching. I don't know what happened to my sweet little newborn baby but I did NOT sign up for this. I guess when I was pregnant I just was thinking of the new baby stage and then going straight into the school age. Stupid terrible two's.
After a long day of tantrums, I make it a point to read to him every single night, no matter how bad the day was or how scream-y he is being. It not only helps him relax, but it lets him know that I love him to pieces... and best of all, it calms me down. My favorite mommy-calm-down-book is On The Night You Were Born. It brings me back to Friday night (technically saturday morning) on March 7 at 12:28 when AJ was born. I STILL can't believe he didn't cry when he was being held. I guess we're getting payback now.

New words are still being learned; chip, bird, bread, banana... just randoms. He really isn't as interested in using real words as he is with blabbering whatever sound he can make. I'm not too worried because I just remember how it was with walking. I wanted him to walk SO bad (he didn't even crawl until 11 months and he didn't stand until 12.5 months) and then he started walking and now, well... here we are in toddler hell. I figure it'll be about the same with talking. I'm guessing with Aden it'll be more screaming/animal sounds like it was when his dad was little. Maybe someday i'll have a little Vivianne that'll follow in MY footsteps and be a quiet, shy, blonde girl attached to her mommy. But knowing me I'll probably end up with 6 boys. Because God loves me like that.

So to continue with the halloween festivities- did you know I have only been to one halloween party in my life? and that was in 5th grade when I looked like cinderella on crack. So Pippa (again, she really is my only friend) and Ryan and I are going to Xavier to do some halloweening with him! Wait till you see pics.

Okay, off to study more for midterms. Did you know that general parameters involves sticking a thermometer up a cat/dogs rear end? Did you know that Shaggy- one of the dogs we work with- humped me while I was sitting on the ground playing with him... he is a big dog. Did you know Billy Bob got loose in an empty classroom and I couldn't catch him? Did you know I love what i'm doing?

No. Because I never have time to blog. grrr

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Wow it's been awhile! School is really getting intense now and requires a lot of studying. Well, that and Aden has turned into even MORE of a mad man than he was before. Who would have thought that was possible??

So let's start with an update of AJ!

He knows SO many words... let's count shall we?

Ball, Stick (which comes out dick), Doggie, Teddy, Mommy, Daddy, Papa, More (along with the sign!), Book, Goat, Kitty, Sounds that a cow, bear, kitty, pig make, Bubble, Tree, Bus, Baby, No, Football, GO BUCKS, 1,2,3 GO,

He can understand a lot of what you say. For example, "let's change your diaper!" - which I don't even say anymore because he immediately stops what he is doing, stands up and runs away from me. Speaking of diaper changes....what the heck. I dread changes because he screams bloody murder every single time. He twists and turns and kicks and scratches an
d pinches. Then after you get the new diaper on, he is fine... Until you try to put his pants on. Then the flailing begins again. He's absolutely nowhere close being ready to even start talking about potty training. I don't expect him to be but man, this kid could walk around in the same diaper for 3 days and not care. Such a boy.

Bath time is every night. Every single night. Partly because he loves it and partly because he is just a stinky grimy sticky messy toddler boy. Every night he leads me into the bathroom and stands next to me while I turn the water on and fill the tub. He hands me the bubbles to pour into the tub along with his shampoo and proceeds to put every single toy in his tub. I let him play in the tub for awhile and it usually ends with me covered in water and Aden even more worked up than he was before. Aren't baths supposed to be relaxing?

The sleeping schedule has improved tremendously within the last week. The past few weeks he was waking up at 2:30 (yes, a.m) and then between 5 and 5:45. If I was lucky he would take a nap, but he went 2 or 3 days straight when there was just no nap involved at all. No naps = unhappy mommy. That means I would go from being up at 2:30 and 5:30 and be a mom all day with a no-nap child and then go directly to class at 5 until 8. Thankfully, I think that is over with for now. I swear, we have to sleep train Aden every other week.

Since Aden is such a high energy kid, we have to provide a lot of entertainment. He typically wakes up at 6 a.m and then I let him watch a show (backyardigans) in bed with me. I know, not good parenting but come on. I am up until at least 11:30-- usually later between 12-1am -- doing homework or having my alone time. We then get up and do breakfast and play with our indoor toys and read books until about 9. 9 is naptime. If I try to push nap any later, he won't take one. So 9 is the magic number. Nap lasts until 10:30 or 11. During that time I usually don't do schoolwork because I need rest and quiet. My brain needs to just hang out for a little bit. Then we get up and have lunch and that's when the crazy begins. Don't get me wrong, Aden is a nutso in the morning (this morning he was screaming just for fun) but I think it's easier to handle because you know he'll be going down for a nap in a little bit.

Crazy time lasts from after lunch until bedtime (7:30-8). He needs constant entertainment and toys just don't cut it. He doesn't even like to play with toys other than the ball popper. He just likes to throw them everywhere and then roll in them. Seriously, the other day he emptied all the fake food out of his grocery cart, put it in a pile, and then rolled in it. Laid down, and rolled in it. We have been playing outside a LOT. Going to different parks, making playdates, running errands. Basically just keeping him entertained and helping his little brain grow.

This past weekend, Ryan, Pippa, Preston, Adriana, Aden, and I all went to Leed's farm. It was about 30 minutes away and had an awesome petting zoo that the kids adored. We were only there for 2 hours but oh my gosh we were exhausted. Aden was in love with the goats. He was kissing them (ew), letting them lick his hands, touching their horns... it was so cute. He would see one and yell GOAT! GOOOOOOAT! GOOOOOOAT! Then he resorted to rock throwing. After he nearly hit some child with a rock, he was escorted out of the petting zoo by mom. I know, I ruin all the fun.

That's pretty much all that's been going on over here. It's been exhausting. Being a mom to a baby is one thing, being a mom to a toddler is another. I think I was an excellent mom to Aden as a baby, now I'm pretty sure I suck. So to all expecting mothers/ mothers of babies : when your kid starts walking... Run away.

P.S.- Heck yeah I taught Aden to say Go Buckss, don't judge.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Aden can only say a couple words. Instead of saying things like "milk" and "no", he says things like "TEDDY!" (our dogs name), "pirate", "go bucks!" and the new one he said today pointing at Winnie the Pooh..."Titty Pooh"

He jib jabs a LOT and really wants to be having a conversation but the noises just don't make words. I think he uses the sound "ba" for 20 words. Roll with it AJ!

Sorry for the short, awful video from my phone!

What is super duper cute is a 18 month older whispering.

And what is cuter than that? An 18 month old throwing his yogurt container (and spoon..oops!) in the trash can. All by himself.

Okay okay, enough with the movies! Guess who is gonna be 19 months old tomorrow? Hint: it's not me. I can't wait to post pictures of this fall and last fall!

I cried.. yes, cried.. because I thought I would have PACT 6-8 on Thursday... during trick or treat. Not that Aden even really knows what is going on... but Pippa and I were going to take the kids together. Anyways, I found out on Monday that I can choose any day I want! WOO! Talk about excited. Oh, by the way- PACT is when we go in and take care of the dogs and cats at school. Obviously someone has to take care of them!

Not much else has been happening lately. There's a lot of school going on! We are taking advantage of these nice fall days and going outside as much as we can. I really am going to be upset when it takes 20 minutes to put on a snowsuit, a snow coat, snow boots, hat, and mittens and then freeze my butt off for 20 minutes outside, then come inside and have to take all the wet clothes off of Aden and myself. Remember last winter when he couldn't move? good times, good times.

For christmas Ryan and I have picked out a lot of things we can play with INSIDE to get us through the cold months. Not just toys..but creative stuff too. Santa's got a game plan.

Enough with the winter talk! We are in the process of planning a trip with Pippa (Can you tell we don't have many friends?) to a pumpkin patch! We're trying to plan a time when both Preston (adriana's dad) and Ryan can go but we will see what happens. I just got some apple cider mix and some caramel dip for our honeycrisp apples. The most perfect fall snack in the world.

Seeing as i'm just rambling now, I guess i'll go do something productive. Enjoy the videos of Aden!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gianna Jessen

If you have 10 minutes, you need to watch this woman, Gianna Jessen. During the last few months of pregnancy, her mother decided to get a saline abortion. This is when a saline solution is injected into the mother's womb and the developing baby breaths it in and proceeds to die. The baby is then delivered dead. Gianna was born alive.

I even went on to watch part 2... the whole thing is about 15 minutes long. It's amazing.