Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Is it just me or has this week been ridiculously busy already? It's only Wednesday and I'm about dead.

Monday I took my midterm for Vet 114 (93% thank you very much) and with the 40 minutes leftover I did some of my required weekly work with one of the dogs, Shaggy (you know, the one that humps me every single time). Then I had Vet 102 from 6-8pm when we worked with mice, rats, and guinea pigs. By worked, I mean handled. Actually, the rats were my favorite. We just had to check out their teeth (ew.) and look at their eyes and ears. I could NOT get the hang of handling the guinea pigs (I swear mine hated me and kept trying to get away from me. I WAS SCOOPING DR.OLIVE! I PROMISE!) so I will definitely be going in and working one-on-one. It's not required, I just want to do my best and actually feel confident before I go stickin' a needle in them.

Anyways, after vet 102, I went to Ryan's and had some Hungry Howie's pizza and watched some football, went home, changed my sheets, and went to bed. Tuesday I had a midterm during the day- I still don't know my grade on that- and then came home, made aden dinner and gave him a bath, and then rushed off to do general parameters on Tasha (who really didn't mind getting a thermometer stuck all up in her business) and bathed/groomed Shaggy. Went to Ryan's for my leftover hungry howies, went home, started laundry, went to bed. Today Aden didn't wake up till 8-- don't get too excited, he was up for 2/3 hours last night-- we had breakfast, did laundry, had lunch, went to the library, went to the grocery store, had a snack finished laundry, played outside, ate dinner, had a bath, read, and went to bed. There was a 45 minute nap in there somewhere.

Ryan asked us to go to dinner with his fam for his uncle's birthday but Aden had an absolute meltdown after his nap at 4 and he didn't stop crying until bathtime.

His new words are "UH-OH!" and "boat". every step he walks down he goes "uh-OH" and everything that drops,spills, or makes any kind of noise is "UH-oh". I have absolutely no idea where he learned it. It started on Monday morning randomly.

He is also going through a growth spurt. He's been sleeping 12-13 hours a night (not really consecutively) and he's been eating like a starving man. For dinner the other day he had 4 chicken nuggets (fake meat), a CAN of mandarin oranges- seriously an entire can, probably about 8 cherry tomatoes, and a handful of pasta with broccoli carrots and corn. He ate so well that I gave him 2 pieces of candy corn for an after dinner treat. This morning he had an entire cup of yogurt, a waffle, oatmeal squares, milk, and a banana. I'm expecting him to grow 2 feet overnight.

"Bye" is also a new favorite word. Whenever he gets off a bed, a chair, or just leaves the room he says "by-eee" It makes it that much harder to leave him 4 (that's right, 4) nights a week.

Since it's taken me 2 days to write this post, I'll stop now. Huzzah!

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