Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hide and Go Poop

They say the first step towards potty training (no worries, we still aren't even close to that) is hiding while making a BM. Well, AJ just started hiding.

He won't go to a designated area, just close enough so he can peek around the corner to make sure you know the situation. Even if you couldn't see him you surely would know what's going on. I have never heard a person be such a vocal pooper in my life. I hope that doesn't continue because I really don't want people coming into my house and thinking I am hiding some ki
nd of animal in my bathroom (literally, he sounds like a gorilla).

I don't know if there is a nice/proper way to ask someone if they can make fecal matter any quieter....

Making his way back behind the chair with scout and blankie

Look at him with a book.. he is such a guy.

Feeling refreshed.

Of course this new quirk is called "hide and go poop"

P.S.-If you are offended by the talk of poop, the word poop, or the description of poop, you probably shouldn't be reading a mom's blog.

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