Friday, November 12, 2010

The life of a Sherpa

So HOW fun were those pics!? You can actually see the stages of not only Aden's life, but the stages of getting dressed. Remember how I didn't really get dressed until November? Then I started taking better care of myself in January. Good times good times.

Anyways, I am finally starting the see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have 2 lectures in Vet 102 left, I think 4 lectures left in Vet 114- but no more homework, I finished it all! and 2 more assignments in Vet 101 plus all 3 finals. Right now I'm working on an assignment due Nov 30 that consists of 20 modules along with a quiz at the end of each one. I have finished 12. How exciting is that?! My first quarter of Vet Tech school completed! Oh, and I totally found out what I got on my other midterm...94!!! so 93 on one and 94 on the other!

The tantrums are gradually decreasing. He knows where we keep the cookies (he sees my mom eat them and watches her) and literally stands by the freezer and whines for them. Totally not going to happen.

You know what bugs me? That people think I feed him sugar on a daily basis. Really, he doesn't even get juice more than two times a month. Water and milk only. We eat fake chicken nuggets because I don't think it's okay to feed people liquid chicken. (I'm so not kidding, if you want the link I'll give it to you) Fruits and veggies are fed (and eaten) at every single meal and every single snack. His favorite cereal is oatmeal squares. He didn't have any sugar until his 1st birthday when he had his cake- and he didn't even like it. I let him have 2 pieces of candy on halloween and 1 piece after lunch/snack for a few days. Sugar is fine in moderation. I'm not going to deprive him of treats and snacks. It's not like i'm putting coke in a bottle or letting him eat mcdonalds every day. I feel like if I teach him that sugar every once in awhile is an okay thing, he won't binge eat it when he gets the chance to. My mom was pretty relaxed on what I
ate (besides the no caffeine till I was like,15) compared to my siblings and I was the one who grew up loving vegetables. So really, if you don't want to feed your kid sugar ever, that's fine..
good for you. But don't try to tell me that I'm doing something wrong by teaching my child moderation or giving him treats. I mean for pete's sake we are having grilled talapia, red and orange peppers, and grapes and peaches for lunch.

On a lighter note...

Aden and his word's are hilarious. Every time I get him out of the car seat he says "cold!" no matter what temperature it is! This morning he said "ba!", pointed to a bear stuffed animal, and then growled. He pulls out the video "Babe" (never watch that before easter ham by the way) and oinks like a pig. He will argue about whether something is a truck, car, or bus with you. He will beg you to read him the book with the "kitty" on it. He finds it so funny if you replace the word "David" in the book "No, David" with the word "teddy" or "mommy" or "aden". He will answer no to almost every question. If he wants something, he'll put his head down, his hands behind his back, and smile. He will always fist bump/ hit the rock when you ask him to. He has the best aim I have ever seen a 20 month old have. He can stuff half a banana into his mouth. He has amazing conversations on the telephone.

I have proof on the last 3:

Do you like how he threw Scout right at my face? It hit me... if you can't tell by the "OW!" And see that weird tiptoe thing? He does that ALL the time. He thinks it's the greatest thing since gerber puffs. Yesterday, when the phone rang, he went to pick it up, pressed a button, and started talking. I think they hung up (telemarketers.. ugh!) but omg it was mega adorable.

Oh have I told you about the Rescue Fleet? I think I've mentioned them- the firetruck, ambulance, tow truck, and helicopter that all make noise and that I have to carry
EVERYWHERE. Up and down stairs, in the car, outside... everywhere. Apparently to Aden, I'm just a sherpa. I do nothing but carry his crap around while he walks up and down the stairs. Here's the rescue fleet hangin out:

See?? They are rather large. And not easy to carry. The other day I brought out his new little people nativity set (I decided I should give it to him before christmas so a)we can have it set up and b) I could see if he likes little people... which thankfully he did.. seeing as he is getting a lot of sets of LP for christmas. They have an airport. I totally want the airport. Anyways, he was in a rotten mood after his afternoon nap so just sat there and sobbed. Until I brought in the rescue fleet. I had different voices for all of the LP.. it was great. We (I) set it up so there was a fire and the rescue fleet had to come rescue baby jesus and life flight him outta there. Aden interrupted Jesus' life flight and threw him across the room, but it's okay, he's good.

I can't even imagine what is going to happen when the LP cavemen, school bus, and barn get in on this action.

Aden throwing a grocery cart at me.


  1. I found your blog through Loretta K's, and I really enjoy reading it. You seem like a very realistic and down-to-earth mom!

  2. Ahhh I just saw this comment!! Thank's so much Krista!!!