Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Wow I am way behind on posting!

Good news, Aden has passed his fussy stage! Seriously, that lasted like 3 months. What a frustrating stage! Waking up at 5am, screaming all day, not showing any affection towards me, refusing to eat, jealousy... phew.

The not showing affection thing was the worst. I mean the tantrums are 50 times worse if you don't get any kind of kiss, hug, or cuddle time too. The eating thing I just kind of ignored. I wasn't going to force food down his throat and I wasn't going to make him sit at the table and scream until he ate. We really don't make a big deal out of eating his veggies or eating everything on his plate... and it really works for us. He LOVES veggies and fruits and is a great eater, and I think a lot of that is because we just don't pressure. Sure, I'll comment on what a great eater he is or ask him to take one more bite now and again, but the bottom line is... he isn't going to starve himself. He will eat what is put on his plate if he is hungry. I refuse to let him snack throughout the day and eat graham crackers for dinner... not happening buster.
So now, Aden wakes up at 6:30 or 7 in a great mood which makes me in a great mood!

Thanksgiving was fantastic. This year Ryan and I switched roles. Last year I was so anxious and worried about switching Aden's schedule and going somewhere for Thanksgiving (I never have left the house on thanksgiving) that it made my day a little tougher. This year, Ryan was the one making comments about Aden's schedule. We did Thanksgiving at my house first, then we went to Lancaster and went to his Grandma Kiger's for pumpkin pie and then the Kilbargers for Thanksgiving Dinner and then back the the Kiger's to spend the night. The next day we made cookies with the Kigers (best family tradition ever, everyone brings a bunch of their favorite recipes and you make tons and tons and tons of cookies) and then went home at about 3.
Oh and guess what else? It's almost winter break! I've been done with all of my assignments and quizzes for awhile. In two of my classes, the only grades left I have are the actual final. In the other one we have a quiz today, and then the final next monday. I feel really confident in my grades (I have to get a 62% to get an A in my Vet 101 class and I have to get a 69% to get an A in my Vet 114 class) and will spend this Tuesday and Thursday doing nothing but studying at the library! My Vet 101 final is available on Friday so I'm really hoping I can find a sitter so I can take it that very day and have the weekend to study for my other two. I have PACT again this Sunday at 8am and I swear, if I get stuck scrubbing the feces encrusted dog cages I'm not gonna be happy. I don't mind doing it once a quarter but totally not cool if I have to do it twice.

Okay. End post. I'm boring, I know.

P.S.- I just almost titled my post Thanksgiving 2011... getting a bit ahead of myself I guess.

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