Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Aftermath

This is Aden's kitchen! I took a picture of all the drawers just because I have OCD and really enjoyed finding a place for all of his fake food.
This is pre-organization. Aden moves things from the cupboard, to the basket, to the fridge, to the oven over and over again just stacking canned goods and other non-perishable items

Aden is in Little People Heaven. He has the bus, the barn, the Noah's ark, the wheelies rampway, and the airplane. I haven't figured out a good set up yet so for now this will work.

He looooves the magnets. We haven't tried painting with the easel or anything... I can just imagine how well that will go.

Aden also loooooves his new slide. LOVES it. He will put his feet off to the side and go "noooooo" and then move them back to the middle and slide down. Can't wait for the day when he decides jumping off the side of the slide and land on the cement basement floor.

This is the bracelet that I wanted SO bad and was convinced I wasn't getting. It's a pandora charm bracelet from Ryan along with Aden's birthstone. My sister's surprised me with the heart charm too!

This is what the entry to the basement looks like after christmas. Too bad it is FREEZING down there and layers are a must.

Those are the Melissa and Doug blocks. Aden is getting more and more interested in them.

And here are Mom and Dad, goofing off with all the toys

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