Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ride it

Aden has this really weird habit of riding me like a horse. **

Disturbing image right?

Get your minds out of the gutter. I mean throwing himself on my back and jumping up and down and going "doo doo doo" like he is a jockey in a horse race. It's realllly really funny but at the same time painful. It usually turns into him stepping on my back and jumping off. And then into him throwing his entire body as hard as he can onto me.

Today I took pictures of this.

And then he decided to lay on the ground and flail himself back and forth.
The past couple of days with him have been SO awesome, another reason i've been so emotional. He knows how to say "ryan" now, which I think is just awesome. I like that my name is impossible for young children to say. That way, Aden will never learn my name and will have to call me mom (or money I guess) forever. HA. Anyways, it's been a lot less whining. Possibly the most annoying sound ever is him going "eh eh eh eh eh" pointing to something. We are learning to USE WORDS, especially please. Some new favorite words are "bread" and "run!"

By far, the cutest thing he has done this week is "singing" his "ABC's". His version is swaying back and forth with his hands behind his back going "c c c c eeeee c c". Omg. Hello awesomeness. I'm in the process of getting a video. Relax.

**I could have changed the wording. But I didn't. Because it's HILARIOUS. Also, I swear I don't take pictures of Aden and I all day. I tried to take one good one but they came out so fantastic.

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