Friday, February 4, 2011

Rollin' with the Punches

Oh. My. God. The past 3 days have just been one giant ball of sucking.
We got hit with this giant ice storm on Tuesday evening. Well, Tuesday night at about 11pm, right after I had started chugging an energy drink in attempt to study for my parasitology exam, the power went out. I always forget that power out = internet out = no studying. I figure, whatever it will come on by morning. I do some complaintexting to caity and go to bed at 1ish. Guess what? The power doesn't come on.

Aden wakes up at 5:30. Do you KNOW how dark it is at 5:30? Really dark. We make our way downstairs and immediately Aden starts screaming for waffles. How in the world do you explain to a 22 month old that the power is out? I started making an attempt but then neither of us could figure out what I was talking about so I just gave up and offered yogurt. He was content. Until he found out he couldn't listen to the Elf soundtrack or watch backyardigans. That's when the tears came.

It was about 7 by this time and I had enough power left in my computer to put in a dvd of Barney. The house was dropping in temperature so we snuggled in my bed and watched it, then took a nap. Aden woke up at 1030ish and my mom suggested we go over to Charla's. By this time Aden's nose was running from the cold (even though he had on cotton jammies with fleece footy pajamas on top) and it was going to be lunchtime pretty soon. We packed some things up- diapers, milk, toys, switched the car seat to my mom's car because mine had a thick sheet of ice over it, and headed over to charla's (aden's godmother). Immediately Aden started destroying the place- as two year old boys often do. You know, riding animals, putting fake fruit into plants, closing all the doors... just the norm. At 3:30, our power still wasn't on and I needed to go back home to get my scrubs and apparently some pajamas for Aden. Ryan's dad and stepmom were going to allow us to stay at there house since they already have a crib, diapers,
milk, etc. At our house, I had a letter from my doctor about the ultrasound results, giving me some not-so-pleasant news (which I will post later about when I know more) and reminding me to go get more bloodwork done. Faaaaaantastic.

On my way to class, I try to call my doctor to get more information about my thyroid and they tell me she will call right back. Then my phone dies. Great. I go to class and afterwards realize that I don't have my car seat! I drive back to Charla's to get it from my mom, only to find out that she had given it to Ryan to give to me when he had picked up Aden to take him to his dad's. I call Ryan from my mom's phone to make sure he left the car seat and oops- he forgot. I
drive BACK to where I just came from, pick up the car seat, and drive alllll the way to Hilliard. It's now 9pm on Wednesday. I get situated at Ryan's house, do some homework, and realize that my computer charger stopped working. Perfect. I do what I can before my computer dies, and go to sleep. Ryan's dad was AWESOME and woke up with Aden on Thursday morning so I could get some sleep. I woke up at 8:30 and immediately started packing things up. My sister's school had closed so she agreed to help me run some errands. At 9:15, I reinstall the car seat in my car, pack everything up, and go pick Lizzie up.

We go to the place for the blood draw (or what I thought was the place) and I run in to get it done. Turns out it was a doctor's office and they had no idea what I was talking about. Go me. She tells me to try next door at the Moorehouse. We pull into this HUGE building- it's like a mini hospital- and attempt to find a place to park.. I choose the parking garage. First of all, there are so many dang pillars in that garage that I could not get a good parking spot. I finally backed in and had about 3 inches of room to squeeze out the door. We called my doctor's office to make SURE this was where we were supposed to go (seriously, it was huge) a
nd after waiting on the line for 10 minutes, they confirmed that yes, this was indeed where I was supposed to be.

Aden wakes up from sleeping in the car so we get out the giant stroller and put him in. I forgot to mention, the parking garage had a thick layer of ice all over it as well. Imagine skating and pushing a stroller. Not an easy task.

We probably should have noticed the signs that said "elevators located on 1a, 2b, a
nd 3b before we parked... we parked on 3a. This required us to carry the stroller down a flight of stairs to get to the elevator. There was an audience of course. We get to the reception area and after not-so-nicely calling my name to register (There was no line and I signed my name in. The lady did not approve) they asked for a photo ID. NO problem, I just had it out when we were at the wrong place. Turns out it WAS a problem and I started looking frantically for my license. It wasn't anywhere. Luckily the lady hated her job enough to not even care anymore and just put in my date of birth and my doctor and sent me over to the lab (which I again got lost walking to).

At the lab, she starts digging around in my vein trying to get the blood to come out. She finally gets it and afterwards goes "Yeah, you're probably going to have a little bruise there, sorry about that! The vein kept running away!" Again, perfect. By this time, it's 11am and I haven't had one thing to eat yet. We make our way to the car, Lizzie is carrying Aden and I'm pushing the stroller (much easier that way). It's kind of difficult to get Aden in his car seat since my car is so small, so I always do it and Lizzie puts away the stroller. She goes to hand him to me, almost falls, but catches herself. For some reason, I found her facial expression to be hilarious and could NOT stop laughing. Between that, being weak, and my right arm not being able to bend all the way from the bandage she put on, I couldn't get Aden into his seat. At one point his face was pointed towards the back of his car seat and he was wedged in the middle of the seats. Mother of the year, I know. Lizzie stepped in and lifted him in and I buckled him, still
while laughing hysterically. I really hope a security camera captured this on video because it would definitely make a hit youtube video.

We go to our house (still no power) get MORE clothes for both of us, a pack n play, more toys, some books, bath wash, and other essentials. We then stop at Wendy's (my addiction for the past week) and get Aden some chicken nuggets. Definitely not what I like my child to have for lunch but a)we were on the go and there was NO power at my house, let alone anything to eat b) we had more errands to run and c) it was on our way and had a drive thru.

We go to the mall and I get my computer charger. Nothing else exciting happens at the mall besides Aden having to be carried out of the mall kicking and screaming because he wanted to walk up and down the food court and we needed to go. After the mall we stop at Krogers to pick up baby wipes, milk, and sippy cups. Then we go back to Lizzie's house, where we stayed the night.

We actually got power around 6pm on Thursday night but the house still wasn't going to be warm enough for us to sleep there, and I really didn't feel like lugging everything I had just brought over, back to our house. Aden woke up at 6am. By 9:15am I had Aden fed, dressed, and out the door, everything packed up and in the car, done dishes, and we were on our way home. By 9:45am I had thrown out everything that went bad in the fridge and freezer, started laundry, put back all the luggage we brought, gave Aden a snack, cleaned Aden's room and my room, and put Aden down for a nap.

This is my 3rd trip upstairs with some of our luggage and the empty hamper. No make up, tired eyes, pajama's... the works.

These 3 days have been some of the hardest days since he was born. It's really hard to be traveling around by yourself so much with a 2 year old, not knowing when your power will be back on, and relying on other people to keep you warm. These are the times that make me wish that I wasn't a single mom and had someone on the other end helping me out. But these are also the times that make me stronger, that are empowering, that make me a better person, a better woman, and a better mom. Thank you SO much to the Kigers, to the Bartelts and especially to my sister Lizzie for helping us out.

I'm going to go take a lonnng hot bath and thank God for what I have.

P.S.- congratulations if you made it this far... this was a looooong post

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  1. On your ultrasound look for hypoechoic areas(nodules)1 cm and larger; these may require biopsy. Good luck!