Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seben. Seben. Nine. Seben.

I keep thinking of all these really great posts I could do. And then I forget them. So it turns into a whole bunch of random stories that really don't make sense because I can't tell a story to save me life. And that's what this post is going to be. A bunch of random things that really have no point.

First off, Aden learned the word please. Which comes out as "peeeeeees".. Probably one of the cutest things ever. Right now I have him convinced that if I say please, he has to do it. Example : "aden can mommy have a kiss?" "Noooo" "please?" and then he kisses me. Works every time. Hopefully that'll keep up for the next, eh 20 years or so? me:"aden can you not do drugs?" aj:"meh" me: "please?"... see where i'm going with this?

Aden is also learning so many new words. And they aren't really "normal" words either. He knows the basics- Mommy, Daddy, Dog, Cat, Book, Milk.. all of that. But he knows what a porcupine says too. (it's a long story but basically it's like a hissing sound of a cat when the quills stand up. Go with it.) He knows cheese, pizza, snack, blue, jelly (that one comes out alllll messed up. like eye- eej), socks, shoes, smoothie (me), yogurt.. just random stuff. Today I heard him repeating his toy that counts 1 to 10. Seven was his favorite number so he kept repeating "seben. seben. seben. niiiiiiiieeeene. seben." Hey bud, whatever gets you there.

He likes everyone to go everywhere at all times. If we go down to the basement, the whole family comes. One person gets the honor of carrying blankie, another gets the honor of carrying him, and whoever is left gets to parade sadly behind everyone feeling rejected by a toddler. (usually me.)

He calls his blanket Shoe-y. He calls the slide the "wee". He calls my mom nonny. When he REALLY wants something, he just yells "MOM" no matter who is watching him. So polite. Am I the only one that can't believe he is almost two?! What happened!?

I feel bad because school is really difficult right now and I feel like i'm half-assing being a mom. I wish I had the time and energy to do everything I want to do with Aden but I just can't. I had an exam last week, an exam Tuesday, and an exam Thursday. Imagine how sad I was when Aden started screaming and crying when I handed him off to Ryan. He just wanted mom time (as crazy and independent as he acts he still loves mom-time. He is a closet mama's boy). Luckily this week I don't have any tests and get Aden tonight until next Saturday night.

I forgot half of the things I was going to put in this post. Dang it.

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