Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop Talking.

In the days leading up to Aden's 2nd birthday, I'm going to be posting some videos! The first one I'm going to post is a lesson to all men when their girlfriend/wife is in labor. Just. Stop. Talking.

At this point when Ryan claims I am "tired", my epidural had stopped working and I was on my way into full active labor. I could feel everything. I was focusing on breathing and not punching anyone in the face. When Ryan says that the video is blurry because of the lighting, I remember thinking "God if you turn on that light I am going to slap you in the face". This was 2 hours before Aden was born so you KNOW things were happening.

Also, I love it how Ryan says he is tired. Not only is it only 10:30 at night, but he had gotten a good sleep at home the night before. I had been in the hospital since Wednesday with an IV stuck in my arm the entire time (including while sleeping), peeing into a jug, getting my blood drawn 2-3 times a day, and then having contractions the entire day but no Ry, you must be EXHAUSTED.*

Another thing to NOT do. There is a machine next to the bed that shows the intensity and duration of each contraction. It shows up on the paper right before the woman feels it. DO NOT stand by the bed and state "WHOA that was a big one!" THANK YOU. I did not know that I was in crippling pain. I need you to point out how painful they are while you stand happily and not in pain next to me.

For real.

Probably the best thing to do is not to try and comfort her or tell her to breathe. I remember my mom goes "it's okay, just breathe" and in the nastiest tone I could I yelled "THANKS MOM!"... she almost left the room. My bad, mom. Love you! The best thing to do is cheer her on and tell her how great she is doing and that she can do it! Or in my case, that Wendy's is open until 2am.

So this is what labor looks like when your epidural starts to not work. Be happy that I don't have one when I could feel everything. There was some screaming. And maybe some snapping at nurses.

*I mean this in a joking way. I have told Ryan this like 300 times. Don't think i'm hatin on him.

**Also, when he said I was 6cm. I was 8.

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