Monday, March 28, 2011

And So It Begins...

Spring break was NOT long enough. My brain needed a week to recover from the hell that was last quarter. Because of that, I didn't do much of anything. Except sleep. Usually I would be super excited because this is the last quarter before summer, but sadly, I don't get a summer vacation this year. I think 2 weeks at the beginning and 2 weeks at the end. Something like that. Oh well, Welcome to real life, right?

This is my schedule this week:

Monday- Class 6-9
Tuesday- Class 5-7:30, PACT after
Wednesday- PACT before, Class 6-9
Thursday- Class 5- 6:30
Friday- Ryan's night with Aden
Saturday- Weekend PACT 8am- 11am
Sunday- Weekend PACT 8am-11am, Aden with Ryan in the afternoon

And then of course I'll be up until 1am or later doing all of my homework/lecture notes for the week.

You know what is going to be really awesome? I get my wisdom teeth out April 8th (Friday). Luckily, Ryan is taking Aden Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I get THREE DAYS recovery time. I don't even care about the pain, I haven't had that many days off in a row... ever. P.S. Ryan needs a sitter for aj that friday while he is in class so if you can do it, hit him up.

On top of those 3 days in April (which i'm guessing wont be fun at all), I am going out of town for Memorial Day weekend. My friend, Daryn, is having her bachelorette party... in Nashville!!! There are 5 of us going and I could NOT be more excited. Ryan will have Aden friday-monday... male bonding time. Aden needs it. He loves hair gel and finger nail trims and "cool guy" jeans. I have never met a more metrosexual 2 year old.

Oh, remember my post about inappropriate songs I sing to Aden? Here's a few more to add to the list.

- Rich Boy, "Throw some D's"- the song goes "throw some d's on that b****, just bought a cadillac" but we just sing it when we are cooking and change the words to "throw some cheese on that dish". By "we" I mean me with Aden saying "cheese" over and over again.

- Nicki Minaj, "Check It Out"- Aden seriously loves this song. He sings along with it and goes "oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh"

Aden is talking more than ever and usually talks 2-4 words at a time. Today at lunch he said "non, pop, daddy. Where dee go?" He's also obsessed with counting. He likes to point to things and have my count to 5 over and over again. He's so awesome.

Jumping is new favorite. He has been able to jump for awhile but now he likes to jump on beds and jump off of things. There is nothing cuter than a jumping toddler. And I will prove that with these pictures:

That is one handsome redhead.

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