Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hayshoo Mommy

Aden has been really talking. Like... REALLY talking. It makes me proud but at the same time really creeps me out. In a good way.

This morning, I was making my bed and Aden went downstairs. 3 seconds later I hear him SOBBING. Usually I can tell when something is seriously wrong so I sped downstairs thinking he got his finger stuck in the vent or the dvd player (yeah that happens about 3 times a day). No. He is standing at the bottom of the stairs with dog poop on his foot (apparently one of the dogs felt the need to defecate in the middle of the foyer) just having a breakdown screaming "DUHT! DUHT" (dirt) in between his sobs. I take him over to the sink and wash everything off, the whole time Aden is saying "ewww. Dog duht. ewww"

After I finish cleaning his foot, I put him down and go get a wet paper towel to clean up the rest of the fecal matter that is now smushed into the wood floor. I go to pick it up and I see Aden with the broom sweeping where it was. He then lifts up the rug and sweeps the poop under it, turns to me and says "WhurTeeDoh?" (where'd it go). Gee, aden... I dont know. Possibly in the place you just hid it.

As I'm cleaning he says "eww Dog Duht. WhateeDoo?" (what are we gonna do) and then says Hayshoo mommy (thank you) when I'm done. Best conversation I have ever had.

About the Hayshoo mommy. Having Aden around is like having a fan club that follows you around all day and praises you for everything. I'll be emptying the dishwasher and Aden will come up behind me and pat me on the butt and go "hey. hayshoo mommy". The other day in the store he wanted to hold a box and when I let him he said "hayshoo mommy" about 5o times. Of course I replied "you're welcome" to every single one. Manners go both ways. If I don't show him my manners, he doesn't show me his.

Oh, also today he comes up behind me and smacks me as hard as he could. It was a full body hit. There was a wind up i'm pretty sure. I whip around real fast with that horrible mom look and Aden puts his hand down, looks around and goes "WHEREDEEGO!?" (Where'd he go). Yeah Aden, like a mysterious little man follows me around and hits me and then runs away and blames you. Nice try.

Speaking of hitting. Terrible two's are living up to their name, for real. I think we had 3 time outs today. He gets mad and his way of showing it, is hitting. It's an automatic reflex for him, which worries me. My mom was holding him today when he was crying today and I said "No, Aden, we are staying inside right now" and he hauls off and hits MY MOM. Oh hellllll no. He KNEW what he did was wrong and immediately starting crying, but he still had to get into some trouble. He also screams. Really really really really loudly. And throws himself on the ground. And makes his body go limp. There is a lot of dragging him from room to room going on. If you need a diaper change, you need a diaper change. Get dragged (literally) around or learn to pee in the potty. Flopping around is not a choice. Neither is kicking.

I mean HONESTLY, he has had his diaper changed for over 2 years now. Multiple times a day. and he still cries every time. If you still aren't aware that you are peeing, you can deal with a diaper. He ran around for less than 5 minutes naked yesterday and peed on the corner of my bed. In 5 minutes. WHO DOES THAT?!

Basically that is all that is going on over here. OH and I'm on spring break!! I can't believe I made it through this quarter. It was killer. All I will say is that I hate business communications. I really thought I was going to have to drop that class. My spring break doesn't consist of going to Panama or Mexico or even Indiana. It involves a tanning bed, box tickets at a lil wayne concert with my sister, A "Now that's what I call music" party (where all songs on all NOW cd's are compiled and made into one bad ass soundtrack), and hanging out with my boy Aden. Sounds like a perfect time to me.

P.S. I really am sorry that all my stories are about fecal matter/def

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