Thursday, March 10, 2011


For the love of God, Aden... please stop calling a chip a "teet".

In the past few weeks, Aden has started repeating EVERYTHING anyone says and coming up with more and more words. Today he started saying "thank you mommy", which really comes out as "hee shu mommy"... but is still so cute. Hitting and temper tantrums are becoming more of a problem. He now thinks that whenever he doesn't get his way, he can hit. Which is a lot.

I'm not a spanking kinda gal, just because I think that if he hits me, and I hit him back, that is just showing him that hitting is okay. And it's not. Plus he will be bigger than me pretty soon and I really don't want to be smacked around by my own child. I'm the HBIC. *

On Monday (Aden's 2nd birthday!), Aden had his 2 year check up. He weighed 28 pounds and was 33.5 (maybe it was 31. Something like that) inches tall. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and almost the 50th for height (dude I am so sorry for giving you my short genes AJ). He didn't have to get ANY shots and got a happy meal after it for being such a great guy. I know right? A happy meal. With chicken nuggets and apples. I'm a babykiller.

Anyways, these videos from today made me melt a little bit. He is too cute to handle sometimes.

*Head Bitch in Charge. Didn't you ever watch I Love New York?

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