Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shit happens

This morning, a man from the gas company came to the front door. While I was talking to him, Ted (our dog) got so scared that he decided to make a giant BM. I heard Aden going "UH OH UH OH! OH NO!" but was still trying to have a conversation with this stranger. After he tells me to go unlock the side gate, I come inside. Aden has started to walk around with a bowl on his head and throw the fecal matter. Because you know, he was raised in a barn. I start washing Aden's hands and then Frank (our other dog) starts EATING it. So I have a scared shitless dog, a dog with foreign poop in his stomach, and a child with it all over his hands. And the man from the gas company witnessed everything.

Lord Jesus I am too young for this.

In other news, here's another video. Ryan thought I deleted it. He is fergalicious.

P.S. Aden heard me say "meathead" and proceeded to put a fake hamburger on his head. He knows what's up.

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