Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singing Toddlers

Sometimes, Aden and I have jam sessions in the car.

He really likes dancing (I'm his mom- of course this kid is going to like to dance) and in the car he is restricted to head banging and fist pumping. Since he can't do anything else, he goes extra hard and it is absolutely hysterical. Now it's getting even better because he can kind of sing along. We had a sweet duet to "I'll Never Break Your Heart". He couldn't quite get the words but when I sang "I'll never maaaaake yooooouuuu cry" he would fake cry. Also, I don't know if I'm embarrassed about this or proud (maybe both) but Aden can sing Friday. You know, that awful Rebecca Black song? Aden comes up to me today and says "mommy. Friday. Friday". I honestly had no idea what he was talking about so he continued on, " fun fun fun fun ". By this time I got what he was trying to say and did the "PARTYING PARTYING!" and he would reply "YEAH!"... Ryan seriously wants to hurt me. I find it hilarious.

My kid will be going to school singing backstreet boys and fist pumping. At this rate, he may even be able to walk it out and move it like bernie. He is either going to turn out to be the coolest person ever or the biggest tool bag.

We're still working on the hitting. I swear, the second I say no he starts swinging his arms in circles trying to hit anything around him. It's like a walking windmill of destruction.

He also enjoys making fake sandwiches and putting them in random places. I found one in his potty (which at the moment is nicely positioned in front of the tv in my room. Classy.) I found another in my drawer. And another one on Ted. Ted was not impressed:

He has taken an interest in playing with my hair. I don't know if he is just jeal that I have long hair and he doesn't, or if he just likes hair. Either way, daily head massages are happening and I am not complaining. (told you he was a metrosexual)

School is fine. I'm really really sick of not seeing Aden as much as I'm used to (holla to ryan for taking him while im at class mon, half of tues, and weds. Steppin up his game!) but it makes the time we do hang out way better. It's really cute when every time he leaves a room for 30 seconds he comes back and says "HI MOMMY!!" Sometimes he calls me pretty too. And everyone likes to be called pretty.

The other day I was putting him down for a nap- Aden is the nap champ of the world, making him 5,000 times cooler- and I said "Aden, do you love your mommy and daddy?" and he replied "Yaaaaaah! Mommy!!! Daddy!!!"

His new fave thing to do is go outside, grab a clump of dirt, bring it inside, stomp on it, spreading the dirt everywhere, and sweeping it up. And then cry if he doesn't clean it up well enough. He also enjoys knocking over the statues of various saints we have located in our backyard. Today was the Virgin Mary. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that is sacrilegious... especially this close to Easter.

**If you have noticed, a lot of the pics I have been taking are me holding Aden in the exact same spot. I'm trying to take one of us once or twice a week. It's fun to see him change!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mom's have feelings too

I like myself. I like the direction I am heading. I'm happy. But I'm also stressed out and occasionally lonely.

I thought about how I viewed "moms" before I became one. Strict, frumpy, lands-end wearing, middle-aged women who had their s*!@ together. People will tell me they respect me for being a mother or for being so responsible but i'm 99% sure that in their head they are thinking "wow i'm really glad that's not me". Which I understand. I mean, let's be honest, what college kid in their right mind wants to be responsible for something other than themselves.

It wouldn't matter if I was the coolest girl in the world, I would still be classified as a mom. One time, about a year ago, I was hanging out with a guy friend and I heard him talking with his friends in the other room and making fun of the fact that I'm a mom and he was hanging out with me. That wasn't only hurtful, but it was embarrassing. I always feel like I have to defend myself and say that I was on birth control, yadda yadda yadda, but I shouldn't. How do people not realize that if they have sex, this could be their situation?

Pippa told me a story a few weeks back about how someone asked "Why is she even out? Isn't she a mom?" First off, I didn't know that moms weren't allowed to go out in public with their friends. No one thinks that a mom's life should involve anything other than her children-- well here is a reality check. Moms need breaks. We need friends. If I didn't have my friends or the ability to go out childless once in awhile, I would probably go crazy. I've learned that I don't need to get rid of my social life and my fun to be a good mom.

I don't know if people think we don't hear them talking or if they don't care, but I hope one day they become parents and realize that they are still their normal selves. Having a child doesn't make you a different person.

Because of all the judgment I get and the time a relationship takes, at this moment, I can't see myself ever falling in love or marrying anyone, and oddly, I'm okay with that. I always thought that to be happy in life you needed a partner, and now I realize that though it may be lonely at times, it's better than settling for someone who doesn't make you as happy as you deserve to be.

This post sounds way more depressing than it was meant to be.

here's a little note : Girls without kids who talk to single dads probably hate me. Because I probably come off as mean. I don't mean to, but I cannot help but think they are selfish. What girl would knowingly want to take a kids time from their dad away? Every time I would be on a date with a single dad I would feel guilty because I would know that he could be spending this time with his kid. Or the money that he is paying for dinner with on his kid. But that's just a single mom's opinion.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What? You've never seen a baby in a trash can before?

Oh man it's been a lonnnng day.

This morning went great. Until Aden whacked his head against my jaw when I was trying to pin him down for a diaper change. Then the bleeding started. I so wanted to lay in the fetal position on the floor and cry but figured that I would just be trampled and hurt even more so I just complained to Ryan and my mom. Complaining helps every situation. Always.

Ryan took Aden at 2 and I took a Toradol and slept for an hour. I woke up, got a milkshake, and went to school. You know you look good when the man at DQ asks "what happened to your face?! sumpin' dental?" Yeah. Sumpin' dental.

I feel like there should be a warning, "Do not attempt to look through a microscope for 3 hours for at least a week after surgery". I was getting so dizzy and so hot and the bruise on my face started throbbing. It was when the red blood cells started looking like cartoon characters that I realized I really needed to stop. After class I got into my car and got a call from Kayla who left her lights on and her battery died. Win.

Okay, I have pretty good common sense. But when it comes to cars, I know absolutely nothing. It's not because I'm a spoiled brat.. I just straight up don't care to learn about cars. Kayla knew the basics about where to put the cables but basically it was just me dying laughing while Kayla talked to her dad on the phone. Some engineering student came over and helped us. And for the record... when someone tells you to keep your foot on the brake and rev your engine... use both feet. I think he thought I was an idiot for asking but I almost ruined a car driving with both feet one time... almost.

I came home, made soup, studied, and talked to Caity on the phone about her snake shedding all of its skin at once. I'm not kidding, she has a picture of it on her facebook and it's the coolest/nastiest/creepiest thing ever. It's like 3 feet of snake skin all intact.

This is me talking to Caity and making soup. You wanna know why I wear cute pajamas? Have I mentioned this before? Because for 2 years I only wore my hamburger shirt that said "The Burger With the Grown Up Taste" and got made fun of every morning. HEY! You gain 70 pounds when you are 18 years old and see what you wear. I finally made a promise to myself that I would wear cute pajamas and not make my significant other want to vomit on me when he saw me in the morning.

I am now going to study for radiology and pray that tomorrow I can eat a cheeseburger.

This is Aden pretend sleeping. He better hope is face doesn't get stuck like that. Yowza.

Right after he woke up, stealing my special k protein bar. You can't even tell me he looks anything like me. That face has Ryan Kiger written all over it.

What? You've never seen a baby in a trash can before?

And if you want to see the maniac in action...

P.S.- My mom said I was funny. And said that I got it from her. The Peterson's are so modest. Love you mom!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wisdom teeth and a toddler

I've needed to get my wisdom teeth out for awhile. I mean they have been talking about it since my senior year of high school... but obviously when I got pregnant it had to be put off. With school and a baby I just kind of put it on the backburner. They weren't bothering me at all but I noticed my teeth starting to move so I decided I might as well do it now.

Honestly, I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I got them out not even 2 weeks into the school quarter, with a kid going through the terrible 2's. How did I not think this through?

I like to get things over with. I went for my consultation a few weeks ago and just told them I wanted them out ASAP. So they set the date for April 8th, at 8:30 am.

I let Ryan know a few weeks in advance. He was going to have to take Aden and find a sitter while he was at class on Friday. His mom and grandma watched Aden 7:30am- 5pm and Ryan picked him up and had him until Sunday at noon.

Okay rewind to Friday morning at 6:30am. The one morning Aden decides not to wake up at 6:30. I set my alarm and started packing his things for his stay at Ryans- Again, don't ask me why I didn't pack the night before. I seriously dropped the ball on that one.

We got out the door on time and made it to my 830 appointment. After the nurse ran into the door, hit her head on the light, and dropped part of the IV equipment, I started getting a little nervous. I mean seriously- you work in that office every day, you're about to put me to sleep, and you ran into an overhead light. Things are looking good.

The doctor put my iv in (THANK GOD) and I have got to give him props on that. It was quick and painless and he didn't poke around like my nurses Kitty and Candy at OSU. I remember my throat burning and I remember him saying "this is pretty fast acting...." and then I was out.

The nurse was not impressed with my knowledge of Diazepam and Ketamine (the drugs laying next to me), which totally disappointed me. I was really looking forward to discussing the off-setting effects from the balanced anesthesia. I think she just thought I wanted to be like her. I HAVE SCRUBS TOO MA'AM. I OWN A STETHOSCOPE.

I'm not going to lie I have not felt that refreshed for a LONG time. I woke up with gauze in my mouth and my mom next to me. I don't know how I got into a different room, but I did. I may have walked? I'm pretty sure they don't just sling you over their shoulder and lay you down in a room. I asked my mom for my phone and was typing how I felt. She was convinced I wouldn't remember, but I did. I even typed incoherent. Correctly.

My body isn't used to sleeping a lot, so I only napped for about an hour. I wasn't actually that swollen, just on the right bottom side. (Both bottom teeth were impacted. My mom heard a chisel.) I took the gauze out a few hours later but refused to take any medicine. I even straightened my hair and did make up and went to Polaris with my mom.
Right after I took the gauze out

Friday night- still med-free - I went to Mongolian bbq with Daryn and Kayla. I had a few bites of eggroll, soup, a virgin strawberry daiquiri, and cheesecake. I'm pretty sure the waitress felt bad for me because she kept taking things off of my bill. Then we had a movie night. I got home at about 11:30 and took two advil.

After one of my baths before I went to eat with Daryn and Kayla

Saturday morning I was a little more swollen, still mostly on the right side, but I was still feeling okay. It wasn't actually my mouth that hurt, it was my muscles. Random muscles. Like, my back and my arms and my neck. I took a toradol, which is basically like a stronger version of advil.. an NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory drug- thank you anesthesia) and I felt great. I went to Panera, got soup, went shopping, and then went tanning. (P.S. I'm sorry for whoever was in the tanning bed next to me. It hurt to open the bed so I just let out a big moan and flailed around a little. Didn't mean to disturb you) I got home at 330, took another toradol and took an hour nap. When I woke up... I literally looked exactly like John Goodman. The swelling had gotten worse on both sides and I was definitely starting to feel it. It was Charla Rae's birthday dinner at 5:30 so I got dressed and went. I left right after I ate, I really did too much that day. I took a bath, took an advil, and went to bed.

I bet you thought I was kidding about that John Goodman comment. I wasn't.

Today I woke up and still looked liked John Goodman. I took another bath (don't ask me why but they made me feel 10,000 times better. I think I took like 20 over the course of two days). I told Ryan I would just come get AJ because I missed him a lot and I knew Ryan wanted to go golfing. Aden really didnt react when he saw me... that was nice.

We went to Panera for lunch (their mac n cheese is what i've been living off of) and Aden ate half a bowl of soup, mac n cheese, yogurt, chips, and graham crackers. It was after he inhaled all of his food that he realized that his moms face looked really f-ed up. He looked at me confused for awhile, but eventually got used to the fatness.
Aden and I relaxing before bed.

We spent the rest of the day outside- 80 degrees!!! And then took a bath and I read 7 books. He was realllly worked up so I turned on our "faith, hope, and lullabies" CD and rocked him. I missed him.

I'm feeling pretty good right now!! I'm definitely getting a big bruise on the right side of my chin, but it'll get better. I'm proud of myself for just getting it over with. Hopefully I don't have to go through any more medical procedures for awhile.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A post of pictures

Well. Aden learned how to take a picture using photobooth. I position the pointer and he clicks- well more like bangs- and takes the picture. Guess what we did all day? Aden took the first 4 of these pictures... there were like 100 more that I didn't post. It got ridiculous.

Yeah how do you like that bruise under my eye? I covered it up pretty well with make up but in this pic its really visible. At school one of the dogs got a little out of man and went for my face. Let me tell you, it felt fantastic.

I'm pretty sure Aden is 100% Ryan and 0% me...

I promise this was not staged.

My face says it all. A look of desperation and exhaustion.

Wtf? Is this the hand jive?

He is wearing a shirt with the NesQuik bunny that says "Some bunny loves me" and boat shoes. We keep it classy.

I'm pretty sure this child doesn't know how to smile.

People must think Aden cries all the time. Seriously, look at these pictures..
Notice the "I'm ignoring this" face. I'm getting pretty good at tuning out the pterodactyl screaming, even when it's an inch from my ear.
"Seriously Aden?" This is the stage when I stop ignoring and just stare at him. You know how you can feel someone staring at you and it gets really awkward? Yeah he feels it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wings 'n Wrastlin

This week was definitely not easy. I was away from Aden for a lot of it and I'm pretty sure we both missed each other like crazy. Unfortunately, this week will be much of the same with my wisdom teeth ordeal but after that it should get better.I picked Aden up at Ryan's house (we meet on campus since Ryan is going back there any ways and hilliard is a stupid drive) and since it was so nice outside, AJ and I took a walk! We walked to Buffalo Wild Wings and went had a Mom and Sonday (look how clever that is) and ate wings. I wonder if people think it's weird that I go out to dinner with just my 2 year old? I mean, it's not lonely or anything for me... but I think people think that it is. It's not like we have a really stimulating conversation, but we do chat. Which i'm sure looks hilarious when I'm talking in a normal voice to a toddler acting like he understands and replying in jibberish.

So, heads up- if you see me out to dinner with just aden, I'm not lonely. I chose to go alone with Aden to dinner and chances are, we are having a good time.

Before we started walking, I asked Ryan if there were any big sports events going on- it's on campus and I knew if anything was going on it would be packed and noisy aka, we wouldn't be going there- but Ryan assured me that it was okay and a fine place for kids. Little did either of us know that Wrestlemania is going on. I'm not familiar with wrestling. What I do know, I learned from south park. I don't know the people and I don't know why everyone is so angry and sweaty all the time.

By the time we got there, the place was already filled with wrastlin' fans. My favorite was the man with face paint and a leather jacket on. He went H.A.M. on his outfit. And then he had the audacity to look at me when Aden started yelling "ROCK!" (the rock was saying something about being back and I pointed him out to Aden and Aden really liked his name.) Yeah dude, you are a middle aged man dressed up as your favorite wrastlin guy. Please judge me.

It got loud fast and Aden wanted to go finish our walk, so we left pretty quickly. Aden was great until he collapsed and laid down in the middle of the crosswalk because he didn't want to hold my hand crossing the street. That was great.

On our walk down high st, a man in a wife beater with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth leaned out his window and yelled across the street "looking good mommy!!" If I had been closer to him I probably would have yelled "Thank you sir. I was looking for a way to show my 2 year old son how to objectify women so he can start early. I'm really glad you helped me out." but I just gave him a nasty look and kept walking.

I don't really have anything exciting planned for this week.. i'm just hoping the weather gets nicer so we can spend more time outside. If not I have a few crafts we could do. Not anything cool like fruit loop rosary's (this will happen.) but still something to do.

When we got home, I figured Aden would be tired from all of the walking and excitement, but who am I kidding? It's Aden Kiger. Welcome to my life: (warning, place volume on low. really really low.)

Okay take a look at the size comparison here. I cannot carry this kid much longer, my back is going to give out! Why does my kid have the same size torso as I do?

Aden and his amazing godparents, Charla Rae and Bill Bartelt. They had us over for brunch... best french toast I have ever had. It was fantastic.

Aden is a serious goofball.