Sunday, May 22, 2011

Single Parenting Together

Adens baptism May '09

Being a single parent is really hard. The more you work with the other parent, the easier it is.

Ryan and I try really hard to work together as parents. We don't want to just be civil, we want to be friends. We try to do family things, we talk on the phone, tell each other our problems, comfort the other, motivate the other, etc. Don't get me wrong, we argue and disagree on some things, but overall I think we are doing well, especially for being so young. No one knows what our situation is like so having that common ground and being able to talk to each other about it really helps.

Aden loves both of us, equally. I don't want him to grow up and hear me saying nasty things about his dad or his dad saying things about me. It's not his fault that we aren't together and it wouldn't be fair to him if we raised him in such a hostile environment when he had no choice in the matter.

Ryan is one of the funniest people I know, by far. He has the greatest personality and being his friend is awesome. I don't think this text was supposed to be funny, but the other day he got halfway down his street on his way to class before he realized he didn't have a shirt on. He frantically told me "I DONT EVEN HAVE TIME TO GET DRESSED!" Sad? yes. True? yes. Still hilarious? Of course. And who else gives drive by compliments?! Drive by compliments are just like they sound- when someone drives by or you drive by someone, give em a compliment. Like, "Hey! I LIKE YOUR SHIRT!"... try it. Dare you.

I'm not saying we have an ideal parenting relationship. Because we don't. But the thing that is most important to both of us is Aden. We would do anything for him. We want to show Aden that we ARE a family, just a different kind. We get along, we hang out, we are friends.

One thing though: Ryan. If you tell Aden that mommy has big poops again... I will destroy your votto jersey.

Payback time.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nasal Conchae and More Fun Adventures

This week has been UH- mazing. I didn't have class Monday (so Aden was with me all day) and Ryan went out of town for his sister's graduation so Aden is with me all weekend too!

This week Aden learned where his nasal conchae, pupil, patella, and umbilicus are. You don't even want to know the weird looks people gave me at the grocery store when my son was leaning over the side pointing up his nose screaming "CONCHAEEEE! CONCHAEEE!"

Saturday we sat outside at Kaylas with a baby pool (that took seriously an hour for me to blow up) and Aden was in heaven. I'm pretty sure he thought it was the best day of his life. There were dogs everywhere, kitties, water, a watering can, play fishes, and shu. We were there from noon until 4:30. He didn't have a nap before so within minutes of putting him in the car, he was passed out pete.****

He slept from 5 to 7... worst nap time ever. I thought for sure he wasn't going to go to bed until midnight. He had some taquitos, blueberries, and carrots, watched a little bit of toy story 3, then went up for bed. He was out by 8:30.

****that is the shortened happy version of the story. Here is the unabridged "kill me now" version. We were supposed to go to the pool with Kayla at her apartment complex. She called and made sure it was open and had seen people swimming there so we went. We get the 5,000 bags necessary to take a toddler swimming and entertain him for a long period of time, get to the outside of the gate and see the "no swimming, layout only". Wow. Really?! I try to pull Aden aside to a lawn chair but it's too late. He saw the pool. He throws himself down on the ground and screams "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" (water) and EVERYONE looks over and sees my kid thrashing around on the cement sobbing his eyes out. Keep in mind this is full of girls ages 18-24 probably wanting to relax but instead being distracted by a red headed 2 year old screaming like a banshee.

We immediately pack back up and leave and go get a baby pool at the store. Here, Aden decides he wants a ball. I decide he may not have a ball. Tantrum begins. Aden has this talent of going completely limp and unlocking his shoulders so it's impossible for my weak little rubber band arms to pick him up. A man watched me mouth "I hate my life" (totally jokingly) to Kayla. I wanted to cry. Walk away from Aden who is sitting on the ground crying. He follows. with a ball. I put the ball back, put my purse down (he knows that when moms purse goes down, he is screwed) sling him over my shoulder, pay for the baby pool at the register (where he continues to ask for a pack of m&ms) and leave. It was so embarrassing. His tantrums have been absolutely out of this world lately and it is plain frustrating. I'm 21. I'm typically a patient person but when you get the same thing every freaking day it gets just irritating.

You cannot be mad at this face for more than 5 minutes though....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom is a jungle gym

Aden has decided that the most fun thing to climb and jump on is his mom. Today I got proof. Physical abuse by a 2 year old.

I'm in a leg headlock by my 2 year old. You have got to be kidding me.

But then he makes it up by being super cute and watching 2 minutes of backyardigans before trying to break my neck again:

And then he makes faces because he can see himself.

Sometimes, Aden will start crying and walk over to the mirror just to watch himself cry. Definitely voting him for most conceded 2 year old boy. "Hey mom! Come and see how good I look!"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aden's bed

Aden still sleeps in a crib. He can't get out of it yet, it keeps him in his room, and i think he feels really cozy in it. His crib, however, is filled with a bunch of crap. (ok, not when he is in there, my baby is not 'crap')

He has a pillow. The pillow started happening about 2 months ago.. it's not necessary in any way but I have definitely noticed he likes sleeping on it more than just the mattress. He has 3 blankets. There is Shu, his main blankie that he takes everywhere with him. There is a hand-knitted big blanket from a friend, and there is Ryan's blankie. When I was pregnant, Ryan insisted on putting his blankie in the drawer under the crib, along with his naked pooh bear (apparently ryan wanted to play 1130 no shirty with his stuffed animals) in his crib. Pooh has been moved to the toy box but the other day, Aden randomly walked over to the crib drawer, pulled out Ry's blanket and started walking around the house with him. I really didn't think we needed 2 blankets to take everywhere with us so I put it in his crib. So special. Finally, Aden has "I Love You Through and Through".
I read this book every time he is in his crib and then he "reads" it after me. Sometimes Rupert gets in there, sometimes he gets thrown under the crib.

Here's my aj in his bed:

Oh also, did I tell you what we did for cinco de mayo? Since we are Norwegian (and Aden is German. Remember how he's related to the von trapp's?) we celebrated the best way us vikings know how to celebrate a hispanic holiday... burrito bar!!!

For lunch we made our own burritos and then had fake fried ice cream. Instead of corn flakes around the ice cream we had crushed up Nilla wafers. Still legitimate right?

Aden LOVED it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Knee Huwts

No one likes to see their child get hurt... including me. Aden gets the most pitiful look on his face when he gets a scrape. I have never known anyone who can perfect an upside down smile until this kid. Every bath time has become a big ordeal because once he gets his scraped-up knees (he scrapes them every single day. curse those shorts!) underwater, he starts yelling "mommy. huwt. knee huwt. aid. aid. (band aid)" and crying. Poor guy. And of course he has to have band aids on both knees, not just the one that is scraped. Hey, if I were him i'd want toy story band aids too.

Aden has also learned the dreaded "mine". He'll walk around with a toy or his blankie and say "this mine! this mine! this mine!". Awesome babe, keep that up. See how many ladies you get.

You know how I always say my boy is the coolest kid in the world? Here's some more insight on his degree of coolness...

AJ knows when he is tired. He knows when he is grumpy and when he needs to take a nap. The other night he was just straight up exhausted and while I was changing him into pj's he said, "mommy, bed. bed" Dude. He straight up asked me if he could go to bed. at 7:10pm. Say whaaaaat? I guess all that sleep training and re-sleep training paid off. He's one of the best sleepers I know. 7:30pm to 6:30am with a morning nap 8:30am to 11:00am. Unless someone (g0d forbid) interrupts nap. You wouldnt believe the things that mothers do to keep their children from being woken up early from nap time. I don't care if I'm naked, if I hear the doorbell ring or ted or frank start to make a noise I will sprint downstairs and make the noise stop. Yes, the dry cleaner has seen me in a sports bra. Yes, the ups delivery man has seen a blur of me in a towel sprinting across the living room. You gotta do what you gotta do.

We had to make meal time rules because he has a problem with sitting down and eating. He likes to carry around a bowl with snacks in it the ENTIRE day just to get ted to hang out with him. It got ridiculous so we are now breaking the habit. Talk about a pain in the butt. He cried for 45 minutes yesterday because I wouldn't put teddy grahams in a bowl.

I was thinking the other day about the weird looks I get from people when I'm out with Aden... I think it's because of the way I talk to him. I don't baby him. If you heard my side of the conversation, you would have no idea that i'm talking to a 2 year old. I can't help it, it's just my personality. In a lot of conversations you'll hear me say "Aden, seriously? that's ridiculous." I'm not trying to make him grow up too fast or anything, but i'm not going to sit there and say "mommy says NO NO!" ... not my thing and i'm pretty sure aden knows belittling when he hears it. So if you see me racing Aden and me calling him a cheater because he goes before I say "go"... don't give me that horrified look. I'm joking. halfway.

The jeep is finally getting some use from someone other than myself. Aden is getting really good at pressing the gas pedal. however, steering isn't in the picture yet. Someone probably needs to videotape what happens when he gets behind the wheel. It's basically me almost getting run over and chasing a moving vehicle running into bushes and weaving all over the sidewalk. Probably the funniest thing was when my dad got into the jeep and started driving it down the sidewalk with his leg hanging out the side. Our neighbors must think we have some serious issues.

Sometime soon i'll find my camera charger and take more pictures. I'm for real slacking.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beat Boxing Baby

I haven't been posting much lately, mostly due to the fact that my life isn't all THAT exciting. Yeah, Aden does funny stuff everyday but that might start to get boring if that was the only thing I posted.

Aden has become such the snuggler. He finally actually asks to be held and doesnt stick his arms and legs straight out when you try to pick him up. He clings onto my leg hardcore in new situations (he warms up to people fast but initially acts like a leech and digs his little claws into my leg).

I just taught him how to put his dukes up, how to say "hi dude", "sup dude", "excuse me" and "bye dude". You can't even tell me that isn't cool.

Aden has an obsession with the park, like any child should. Ryan takes Aden to the park literally every time they are together. Because of this, whenever Ryan's name is mentioned, aden says "park? wee? park? daddy?" They talk on the phone everyday and the only thing Aden ever says is "park!!!! park!!!! weeee!!!!" Ryan does not find this entertaining but I think it's awesome.

On a different note, last Tuesday was my 21st birthday. I have never been a real big party girl. I had never had a fake ID. I had never been into a 21+ bar. And can I just say, that waiting was the best choice I have ever made. It made my week so much more exciting because I honestly didn't know what a big kid bar was like (obviously not that great but still). This birthday was the best I have ever had thanks to all of my wonderful family and friends (especially daryn and kayla who have put up and witnessed a LOT this week) and I am proud to finally say that I can legally order a drink. Now I can put myself in more awkward situations. Huzzah!

On to the videos. In the first one, Aden does the new dance craze "move it like bernie" with my help. We have fun. In the second one, Aden shows off his beat boxing skills he learned from yo gabba gabba.

Easter 2011

It's weird to think that this was Aden's 3rd Easter. I remember the very first easter with Aden when he was only a few weeks old and I just stared at him the entire mass. I also remember squeezing on too-small white pants and my sisters too-tight purple sweater--One of my many post-pregnancy fashion faux pas.

Aden and I made it to mass with my parents and my sister at 8:30 am. Aden did really well. It's hard to keep 2 year old boys quiet for an entire hour but he did well. He mostly just crawled around on the ground and walked across pews. I heard someone behind me tell their mom "I think we are going to start trying for a baby"..... Really? Are you not seeing the sweat roll down my face as I try and keep my kid quiet and busy? Or my ears turn bright red because he doesn't know how to talk in an inside voice? I'm just thankful that when the bells rang he didn't scream out "HO!!!!!!!!!!". Aden did however, fist bump the lady behind us after the "peace be with you" part. She was thoroughly confused as to why my two year old child didn't know how to shake hands, only how to fist bump. It's 2011 lady. Fist bumpin' peace is where its at.

Aden's easter basket was pretty boring. He got chalk, bubbles, some cars, a chocolate bunny (that was for me) and we did a mini easter egg hunt in the family room for those plastic easter eggs that were filled with jelly beans. That was great until he learned how to open the plastic eggs and started shoveling 9 jelly beans in his mouth at a time while I tried to pick them up before he could get to them. Jelly beans have now been banned from our house.

He also got a golf set. He goes nuts with that thing. He can hit the golf ball better than I can. It turns into a weapon (of course) after 5 minutes of golfing but still. For that 5 minutes he tears the green up! (the green being the living room floor. don't judge.)

Ryan came over easter day to hang out with us for a little. I didn't have aj for 3 sundays in a row so that is why Aden spent easter sunday at my house instead of in lancaster with Ryan.

Here is the very tired family on Easter:

And here is my boy coloring easter eggs like a champ: