Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aden's bed

Aden still sleeps in a crib. He can't get out of it yet, it keeps him in his room, and i think he feels really cozy in it. His crib, however, is filled with a bunch of crap. (ok, not when he is in there, my baby is not 'crap')

He has a pillow. The pillow started happening about 2 months ago.. it's not necessary in any way but I have definitely noticed he likes sleeping on it more than just the mattress. He has 3 blankets. There is Shu, his main blankie that he takes everywhere with him. There is a hand-knitted big blanket from a friend, and there is Ryan's blankie. When I was pregnant, Ryan insisted on putting his blankie in the drawer under the crib, along with his naked pooh bear (apparently ryan wanted to play 1130 no shirty with his stuffed animals) in his crib. Pooh has been moved to the toy box but the other day, Aden randomly walked over to the crib drawer, pulled out Ry's blanket and started walking around the house with him. I really didn't think we needed 2 blankets to take everywhere with us so I put it in his crib. So special. Finally, Aden has "I Love You Through and Through".
I read this book every time he is in his crib and then he "reads" it after me. Sometimes Rupert gets in there, sometimes he gets thrown under the crib.

Here's my aj in his bed:

Oh also, did I tell you what we did for cinco de mayo? Since we are Norwegian (and Aden is German. Remember how he's related to the von trapp's?) we celebrated the best way us vikings know how to celebrate a hispanic holiday... burrito bar!!!

For lunch we made our own burritos and then had fake fried ice cream. Instead of corn flakes around the ice cream we had crushed up Nilla wafers. Still legitimate right?

Aden LOVED it!

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