Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter 2011

It's weird to think that this was Aden's 3rd Easter. I remember the very first easter with Aden when he was only a few weeks old and I just stared at him the entire mass. I also remember squeezing on too-small white pants and my sisters too-tight purple sweater--One of my many post-pregnancy fashion faux pas.

Aden and I made it to mass with my parents and my sister at 8:30 am. Aden did really well. It's hard to keep 2 year old boys quiet for an entire hour but he did well. He mostly just crawled around on the ground and walked across pews. I heard someone behind me tell their mom "I think we are going to start trying for a baby"..... Really? Are you not seeing the sweat roll down my face as I try and keep my kid quiet and busy? Or my ears turn bright red because he doesn't know how to talk in an inside voice? I'm just thankful that when the bells rang he didn't scream out "HO!!!!!!!!!!". Aden did however, fist bump the lady behind us after the "peace be with you" part. She was thoroughly confused as to why my two year old child didn't know how to shake hands, only how to fist bump. It's 2011 lady. Fist bumpin' peace is where its at.

Aden's easter basket was pretty boring. He got chalk, bubbles, some cars, a chocolate bunny (that was for me) and we did a mini easter egg hunt in the family room for those plastic easter eggs that were filled with jelly beans. That was great until he learned how to open the plastic eggs and started shoveling 9 jelly beans in his mouth at a time while I tried to pick them up before he could get to them. Jelly beans have now been banned from our house.

He also got a golf set. He goes nuts with that thing. He can hit the golf ball better than I can. It turns into a weapon (of course) after 5 minutes of golfing but still. For that 5 minutes he tears the green up! (the green being the living room floor. don't judge.)

Ryan came over easter day to hang out with us for a little. I didn't have aj for 3 sundays in a row so that is why Aden spent easter sunday at my house instead of in lancaster with Ryan.

Here is the very tired family on Easter:

And here is my boy coloring easter eggs like a champ:

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