Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nasal Conchae and More Fun Adventures

This week has been UH- mazing. I didn't have class Monday (so Aden was with me all day) and Ryan went out of town for his sister's graduation so Aden is with me all weekend too!

This week Aden learned where his nasal conchae, pupil, patella, and umbilicus are. You don't even want to know the weird looks people gave me at the grocery store when my son was leaning over the side pointing up his nose screaming "CONCHAEEEE! CONCHAEEE!"

Saturday we sat outside at Kaylas with a baby pool (that took seriously an hour for me to blow up) and Aden was in heaven. I'm pretty sure he thought it was the best day of his life. There were dogs everywhere, kitties, water, a watering can, play fishes, and shu. We were there from noon until 4:30. He didn't have a nap before so within minutes of putting him in the car, he was passed out pete.****

He slept from 5 to 7... worst nap time ever. I thought for sure he wasn't going to go to bed until midnight. He had some taquitos, blueberries, and carrots, watched a little bit of toy story 3, then went up for bed. He was out by 8:30.

****that is the shortened happy version of the story. Here is the unabridged "kill me now" version. We were supposed to go to the pool with Kayla at her apartment complex. She called and made sure it was open and had seen people swimming there so we went. We get the 5,000 bags necessary to take a toddler swimming and entertain him for a long period of time, get to the outside of the gate and see the "no swimming, layout only". Wow. Really?! I try to pull Aden aside to a lawn chair but it's too late. He saw the pool. He throws himself down on the ground and screams "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" (water) and EVERYONE looks over and sees my kid thrashing around on the cement sobbing his eyes out. Keep in mind this is full of girls ages 18-24 probably wanting to relax but instead being distracted by a red headed 2 year old screaming like a banshee.

We immediately pack back up and leave and go get a baby pool at the store. Here, Aden decides he wants a ball. I decide he may not have a ball. Tantrum begins. Aden has this talent of going completely limp and unlocking his shoulders so it's impossible for my weak little rubber band arms to pick him up. A man watched me mouth "I hate my life" (totally jokingly) to Kayla. I wanted to cry. Walk away from Aden who is sitting on the ground crying. He follows. with a ball. I put the ball back, put my purse down (he knows that when moms purse goes down, he is screwed) sling him over my shoulder, pay for the baby pool at the register (where he continues to ask for a pack of m&ms) and leave. It was so embarrassing. His tantrums have been absolutely out of this world lately and it is plain frustrating. I'm 21. I'm typically a patient person but when you get the same thing every freaking day it gets just irritating.

You cannot be mad at this face for more than 5 minutes though....

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