Sunday, May 22, 2011

Single Parenting Together

Adens baptism May '09

Being a single parent is really hard. The more you work with the other parent, the easier it is.

Ryan and I try really hard to work together as parents. We don't want to just be civil, we want to be friends. We try to do family things, we talk on the phone, tell each other our problems, comfort the other, motivate the other, etc. Don't get me wrong, we argue and disagree on some things, but overall I think we are doing well, especially for being so young. No one knows what our situation is like so having that common ground and being able to talk to each other about it really helps.

Aden loves both of us, equally. I don't want him to grow up and hear me saying nasty things about his dad or his dad saying things about me. It's not his fault that we aren't together and it wouldn't be fair to him if we raised him in such a hostile environment when he had no choice in the matter.

Ryan is one of the funniest people I know, by far. He has the greatest personality and being his friend is awesome. I don't think this text was supposed to be funny, but the other day he got halfway down his street on his way to class before he realized he didn't have a shirt on. He frantically told me "I DONT EVEN HAVE TIME TO GET DRESSED!" Sad? yes. True? yes. Still hilarious? Of course. And who else gives drive by compliments?! Drive by compliments are just like they sound- when someone drives by or you drive by someone, give em a compliment. Like, "Hey! I LIKE YOUR SHIRT!"... try it. Dare you.

I'm not saying we have an ideal parenting relationship. Because we don't. But the thing that is most important to both of us is Aden. We would do anything for him. We want to show Aden that we ARE a family, just a different kind. We get along, we hang out, we are friends.

One thing though: Ryan. If you tell Aden that mommy has big poops again... I will destroy your votto jersey.

Payback time.

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